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The world is a jumbled mess of black and white
I hold on tight with whatever I might
But that just isn't enough to stop the pain
Of a never-ending mental strain

My eyes are closed to the waging war
If I don't see it, will it be no more?
Wishful thinking, I must digress
This bleeding ache of mindless stress

The girl in the corner glances at me
Do I believe that? Can it be?
The one I see through broken glass
Stares awkwardly from across the class...

Think her a monster, says I must
Only if my hemorrhaged heart does bust
Think her a traitor, says I do
Only one wrong here, is you.

Feeling so down, feeling real low
"Kick me down harder, please, then go."
All she says ends up as this
How can I return your eternal bliss?

Say you belong in the cold depths of Hell
The fallen angel of love, just enter my cell
Say you belong in the circle of Nine
In you, my dear, I see only divine

The dark damp place I once had in my soul
Had been lit up bright, wasn't that your goal?
Shatters once more, causing Belligerent hate
It matters not, I'm closing the gate

The gate to my heart, which one holds the key
The only real way of getting to me
Turn back the time, turn back the clock
Back to a time, before all these mock
Feelings of doubt

Just turn back the clock and I'll see
That you were always there waiting for me.
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