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Behind the Dumpster Diving

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And then, there were three.

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“So, Gerard said as he watched me play with the zipper on my hoodie as we walked down the street. “What did you think of the new song?”

“Hated it.” I tried to hide the smile that was dying to get to my lips.

“Liar.” He smirked.

“Gerard!” I exclaimed. “Can’t you just stop being a vampire for two seconds and go along with me?”

“Okay, I will, but not right now.” He said. “Really , did you like it?”

“It was amazing, just like the others you have written.” I told him.

“Really?” He looked at me with wide eyes.

“No, I’m lying.” I rolled my eyes.

“So, you really liked it?” He asked.

“Yeah, Gee. It was great.” I told him. “Trust me.”

“Aright.” He cast me a skeptical look. He stopped for a second then looked around. “Uh-oh.”

“Gerard?” I took his hand.

“Quiet. We may be able to get away.” he took off running down an alley way. He moved a dumpster a few more inches from the wall than it already was. It was like he was moving a bag of groceries. “Get back there. She is here.” He told me.

With that, he turned away and leaned against the wall beside me. I looked out to see a woman standing in front of him.

“Gerard.” She crossed her arms.

“Nelly.” He snarled.

Nelly, from what I could tell, had brown hair and brown eyes. Her build was average and she looked to be as tall as Gerard. She glanced in my direction, then looked away quickly. She looked like she could beat someone’s ass in three seconds or less. She looked so tough.

“So, how are-” She was cut off.

“Stop the small talk, Nelly.” He growled. “I know that you’re working with Cole now. You traitor.”

“You’re smarter than you look.’ She flashed a smile at him.

“Yeah, I am.”

“Gerard, why do you have to be so difficult.” She sighed. “Just fork over everything we want, and we’ll leave you and your little friends alone.”

“Why don’t you just leave us all alone.” He asked. “Yes, that includes Hazel, and my brother.” He read her mine.

“Hey, I’m on strict orders here.” She told him. “Just get Hazel to me now. I know that she is here with you. We won’t have any problems until later.”

“Go tell Cole that he can fuck himself. He’s not getting anything out of me.”

“Oh, he’ll get his hands on what he wants.” Nelly laughed. “Whether you are there, or not. You should know that by now.” She laughed again and then launched herself on the roof of the building.

Gerard walked over and pulled me up. “She is gone.”

“And that was…”

“Nelly.” Gerard finished for me. “It looks like she is Cole’s new right hand woman. Maybe lover, even.”

“Uh-oh.” I sighed.

“Yeah, uh-oh is right. Now we have to watch out twice as much.” He cupped my head in his hands and kissed me.

“Will things ever be safe again?” I asked him.

“I am going to do everything in my power to make it that way. I don’t care who gets in our path. I will be there for you.” He smiled. “You trust me, right?” He said, caressing my cheek.

“Of course, I promise.”

“Good,” He pulled me into a longer kiss. “Now, let’s get back so we can tell everyone else of our discovery.”

I jumped on his back and he piggy-backed me to his house, singing songs as he went and spinning around like a maniac.

We went inside and told everyone what was going on. Violet got confused about the whole thing.

“You blab out about half of us being vampires…” Emma glared at Ray. “But, you forget to say ‘Oh yeah, new love interest, I forgot to mention that you may be eaten soon.’ Really Ray?”

Ray shrugged and grinned sheepishly as Gerard sighed and started to explain.

“So what are we going to do?” Frank asked.

“Everyone is to be in pairs most of the time. I don’t want anyone alone. Ever. Got it?”

Ainsley raised her hand slowly.

“What Ainsley?” Gerard sighed once again.

“…Do we have to shower together?” She asked him. “I mean I like Hazel and everything. She’s a good friend to me. But, uh, I won’t do it. Nope, you can’t make me.”

“You’re a retard.” He told her. “Come on I’ll walk the two of you home.”
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