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Twisted Minds

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After a long day, everyone is just wanting to relax. Well, you know, except the beings that really don't need to sleep.

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“How does it feel to know that you may die.” Ainsely asked when we were inside her room.

“Life threatening.” I sighed as I laid down in the cot. First work, then being shoved behind a dumpster, then having Gerard swing me around like a maniac on the way home. I was so tired.

“That’s all I get?” She whine. “No in depth description of what it’s like to have vampires wanting to eat your liver?”

“No.” I stated. “Do you have a problem with it?”

Yes!” She glared at me.

“Well, you can suck it up or sue me.” I told her.

“Do I get to be the judge?”


“Oh, come on! I’ll let you be the bailiff!”


“Fine, I’ll suck it up. She frowned.

“Good,” I said, before the room was filled with silence. I was almost asleep, until…

“Hazel.” Ainsely called.

“Hm?” I sighed.

“Were you asleep?”

“Kind of.”

“Oh, she sighed, “it’s kind of weird.”

“What’s weird?”

“That our boyfriends are vampires.” She said.

“ I like the fact that mine is a vampire.” I told her, wanting to go to sleep.

“Oh, I do too! But, just think what if our mom’s were to find out.” She laughed.

“My mom doesn’t care about me.” I told her. “I could be dating a fucking sea monster and she wouldn’t care about me.”

“Oh, right.” She said, quietly.

“I’m going to sleep.” I told her. “Good night.”

“Night.” She said, turning on her television.

I opened my eyes and felt them go wide. I screamed, only to have it muffled by Cole’s hand.

“Sh, darling.” He whispered. “We don’t want Gerard finding you.” I jerked away from him and sprang up, only to find I didn’t know where I was at. I’d been kidnapped.

“Where the fuck am I?” I glared at him.

“That’s not important.” A smirk came onto his face. “What’s important, is that it’s just you and me here, without any interruptions.”

I looked around for a door and found it. “Well, I’m sorry about your luck.” I picked up a knife that was resting on a table and launched it at him. Then, I took off out the door.

I was in a long, dimly lit corridor. I started to run, hoping I would find my way out.

“Get back here!” Cole’s voice filled the corridor.

“Shit.” I mumbled. Then started towards a window I saw.

A hand grabbed me from behind and lifted me off of the ground.

“Help!” I screamed as I started moving faster towards the window against my will. The window flew open.

“Hazel? What are you doing?” Ainsley’s voice appeared out of nowhere.

“Ainsley, help!” I called for her.

I was placed onto the windowsill and nudged to jump.

“Hazel!” She screamed.

I looked down as rain mixed in with my view of the ground below.

“Jesus, Hazel! Get the fuck back here.” Ainsley screamed. “Gerard! Gerard, help!”

My eye lids flew open, and I was looking out the window of Ainsley’s second story. I felt something shove me and then I was falling out the window.

I hit something that broke my fall, then I was on the ground. As I struggled to untangle myself with whatever had tried to catch me. It was freezing out and pouring rain. Ainsley started yelling from the second story window.

“Oh! Gerard, thank God!”

“Hazel.” He mumbled as he helped me up and started dragging me toward the front door. “What the hell…”

“Oh my God.” Ainsley swung open her front door and her arms were around my neck. “Hazel you scared the shit out of me. Never do that again.”

We all walked into the living room and Gerard helped me onto the couch.

“Ainsley, would you please go get some towels?” He asked her.

“Alright.” She scrambled off towards the bathroom.

“Hazel, what happened?” Gerard cooed to me.

“I-I…” I couldn’t seem to find my voice.

“Here” Ainsley strolled back into the room, throwing some towels at him.

“Thank you.” He put one over my shoulders and started drying me off with the other. “What were you going to say, Hazel?”

“It was…uh…”

“Ainsley, what happened?” Gerard asked her.

“I don’t know.” She sighed. “But I would like to. All I know is that she started screaming, then she flung herself out the window.”

“Oh, jeez.” He sighed and sat down beside me. “Hazel, what happened?” He started to run his hand through my hair.

“A nightmare.” I told him, quietly.

“A nightmare?” He asked, sounding confused. “What happened in it?”

“Well…” I did my best to remember what all had happened. “Cole-”

“Cole?” He asked, sounding outraged. “No… NO!” He slammed his fist down onto the cushion of the couch.

“What is it?” Ainsley asked.

“How long have you been having these nightmares?” He kept his attention focused on me.

“A few weeks.” I mumbled.

“Damn it!” He exclaimed.

“Would you just fucking tell me what is going on?” Ainsley yelled at him.

“He is starting to get into her head. He is forcing nightmares into her head that can actually cause her… or anyone else around her harm.” Gerard growled, I cast a worried look at him. “Ainsley, you need to be careful too.”

“What are we going to do?” I asked him.

“Well, number one, you are so fucking lucky that my mom is on midnights right now.” Ainsley scowled.

“The two of you are going to have to be on guard. Cole is able to tamper with even the strongest vampire’s mind. He is capable of doing dark, dark things to anyone.” Gerard told us. “I need the two of you to be extra careful. If you need anything, call for me. Got it?”

Ainsley and I both nodded. Gerard kissed my forehead, then walked out the front door without saying another word.
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