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Mikey is Stupid

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Mikey just had to have the car put in the shop...

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A/N: Have you all listned to SING yet? How about Zero Percent? Let me know what you think of them. :)

“What happened last night?” Mikey asked as we hung up clothes art work.

“What do you mean?” I threw a bunch of hangers on the ground because they were not cooperating me.

“Well, Gerard left the house in a hurry and Emma kept saying ‘Shit, shit, something’s wrong.’ So what happened?” He was leaning against the counter now, watching me do the dirty work.

“Hang these up and I’ll tell you. I bribed, smirking.

“Fine.” He sighed, jerking the boxes of hangers and clothes away from me.

“Woo!” I cheered, as I climbed up on the counter and let my feet dangle over the side.

“Are you going to start now?” He asked, slightly annoyed.

“Oh, yeah.” I let out a small laugh, then started my story,

“So, ” He began once I had finished, eyes wide. “Cole is trying to kill you in your sleep?”

“Yeah, I guess.” I sighed. “It’s been happening for a while now.”

“Hey.” I turned at the sound of Gerard’s voice.

“Hey, Gee” I grinned as he walked over and gave me a hug.

“You watching out for her little bro?” He asked, turning to face Mikey.

“Like a hawk,” Mikey reassured him.

“How are you getting home?” Gerard questioned.

“What do you mean?” Mikey asked him, looking confused.

“The car’s in the shop, isn’t it?”

“Oh…yeah…” Mikey grinned slightly. “We’re walking, I suppose.”

“Mikey…” Gerard sighed.

“It’s okay, Gerard. I’ll make sure nothing happens.” He said. “And if something goes wrong, we’ll call.”


“No, I’m lying.” Mikey rolled his eyes.

“Just please be careful.” Gerard said. “I don’t want anything to happen to either of you. You two are the most important things I’ve got. Got it?”

“Got it.” We both told him.

“Okay,” he planted a kiss on my lips and then head toward the door. “Remember call for me if you need anything”

“We will.” Mikey sighed.

After two and a half more hours of work, Mikey and I started to walk to his house.

“Too,” I said as I pulled the hood to my zip up hoodie over my head. “Cold!”

“Stupid car.” Mikey sighed as he kicked a rock.

“Stupid Mikey.” I hugged myself.

“Stupid Mikey?” He looked at me. “Why stupid Mikey?”

“Stupid Mikey owns the stupid car.” I smirked as he glared at me.

“That’s not nice.” He frowned.

“Well, I’m not a very nice person.” I laughed as looked down at the ground.

We walked in silence for a few minutes. Then, Mikey’s arm hit me hard in the stomach, causing me to stop.

“What the hell?” I looked up at him, then to what he was staring at. “Cole.” I mumbled.

“Get behind me.” Mikey ordered, tone serious. I didn’t hesitate.

Gerard. I thought. Help, It’s Cole! I hoped it would work.

Then I was tapped on my shoulder. I turned to see Nelly standing there.

“M-Mikey!” I backed up and rand smack into him, nearly causing both of us to fall.

“Now, now.” I heard Cole say, as I gripped Mikey’s arm. “Hazel, just come with us, and we don’t need to kill your friend.”

“She’s not going anywhere with you” .Mikey snapped

“Why must you all be so difficult?” Nelly scowled. “We’re going to leave you alone, if you just fork her over.”

“She’s not going anywhere with you two.” Mikey growled.

Nelly took a step closer to me. I backed up against Mikey even more, if that was possible. She bared her fangs.

“Hazel, get away from here.” He whispered to me.

“Mikey, I won’t leave you here.” I told him.

“Why do all of you mortals always have to do things the hard way?” Nelly sighed and rolled her eyes. “Put up a fight with a vampire. Yeah that’s smart.”

“No!” Mikey yelled in pain. Then, I was being knocked into the air.

“Gerard!” I screamed as I was suddenly being lifted toward the dark sky by my foot. I looked up to se Cole, his perfect smile grinning.
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