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Three Choices

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When things seem to look up, they just get worse.

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Cole was flying. I didn’t know vampires could fly. I mean, they can in the movies, but Gerard had never mentioned anything about it.

“Drop her now, Cole! Do it now” I heard Nelly call from down believe.

Tears formed into my eyes. Partially because if the cold wind in my face, an because of the fear that was slowly filling my body. They rolled down in to my hair line from where I was hanging upside down. He tightened his grip on my leg. The pressure made it feel like it was going to snap. I could feel the blood rushing to my head.

“Your Gerard can’t save you now!” He cackled and I cringed. “No on can save you!” He leg go of ,my leg and I was falling toward the ground.

“No!” Mikey screamed.

“This was my fate. I was gong to be splattered on the road, like road kill. Dream come true.

Something broke my fall. I was startled, but I wasn’t about to complain. I opened my eyes to see hazel eyes looking down at me.

“Gerard!” I cried, wrapping my arms around his neck. I buried my face into his shoulder as he flew across the sky.

“I know that I should have picked you guys up.” He mumble, tightening his grip around me.

“Bravo, Way!” Cole’s voice caused me to jump. Gerard stopped and glared at him. “Now, if you would, hand over your little girlfriend. Or, we will be forced to take… drastic measures.”

“Never.” Gerard growled, then I felt us moving. The wind rushed through my hair and before I knew it we had stopped.


“Sh!” Gerard’s finger touched my lips in the dim light, I could see his eyes darting.

“Where’s Mikey?” I asked him as quietly as I could.

“I don’t know!” His voice was shaking. I could tell he was scared for poor Mikey.

“What are we gonna do?”

“I don’t know!” He hissed in a rather harsh voice. “But, I do know that I’m keeping you and Mikey safe.” I love you.”

Then, the light went out and I felt panicked. Someone pout their hands on me. Someone other than Gerard. I tried to scream, but a hand was on my mouth before I could do anything.

Gerard's POV
The street light in the alleyway I had pulled Hazel into went out. I did my best to tighten my grip around her. In the blink of an eye, she was gone.

“Hazel!” I called, but on one answered. “Hazel!”

“Relax!” I flinched at the sound of Cole’s voice.

“Where the fuck are they?” I snapped, looking around for any sign of them.

The light in the alley came back on and I saw the assholes standing there.

Nelly had Hazel, her hand was over her mouth. I looked at Hazel’s pretty blue eyes. They were wide with few and tears were rolling out of them.

Then, I turned to face Cole, he gripped Mikey in his hands. Mikey’s expression was identical to Hazel’s.

“You let them go!” I ordered, glaring at them. “Right now!”

“I have some options for you.” Cole ignored me. “You will probably not like them. But, they are all you have to choose from.”

“Let. Them. Go.” I snarled.

“My first option is that we get the girl, without a fight, and your brother gets to breathe another day.” He smirked. “My second option is that you get the girl, and your brother gets a slow painful death, and we will drink his blood.”

“No,” I mumbled. I looked at the two people that I loved the most in this world. They were everything to me.

“My third, and final option.” He grinned. “Is that you put up a fight and we let both of them have slow painful deaths, and you will be forced to watch them happen.”

“So, which on is it going to be?” Nelly sneered, her expression nearly the same was Cole’s.

“He chooses the first one.” A small voice spoke out. I turned to see that Hazel had wriggled out of Nelly’s hand.

“What?” I yelled, glaring at her.

“There are other girls out there, Gerard. You can always get a new girlfriend, but you can’t replace your brother.”

'Plus,' Her voice entered my mind. 'They didn’t say that they were killing me right away. You’ll have time.'

“Is that your choice?” Cole asked, grinning.

“Y-Yeah,” I told him, not looking away from Hazel.

“Alright.” He looked over at Nelly and nodded.

She slammed her elbow against, Hazel’s temple. Hazel fell to the ground, limp.

Then, Cole did something so low, I couldn’t believe it. It shocked me.

He sunk his fangs into Mikey’s neck and sucked.

“Cole!” I yelled, as Mikey let out a cry of pain. I couldn’t move as I watched my brother grab his neck and fell to the ground. I couldn’t remember how to use my feet.

“Nelly, the girl.” Cole ordered, before I could get my feet to work.

Nelly grabbed Hazel off the ground and shoved her into his wretched arms. He carelessly flung her over his shoulder.

“No!” I screamed as I remembered how to use my feet. Nelly and Cole had both launched themselves into the air and they were gone within seconds.

Hot tears of anger formed in my eyes as I watched them go. I fell to my knees beside Mikey. I rolled him over and examined his neck. He was bloody and barely conscious.

They were going to pay for this. For what they did to my only brother. For what they were planning on doing to Hazel.

“I’ll get you guys!” I cried into the night sky. “If it’s the last thing that I ever fucking do!”
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