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chapter 1

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Drunken times......

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another chapter :D hope you like it

It was now 8:30pm and we had all had a little too much alochole, "so I was walking along the footpath today to see a lil doggiee and his owner and i went and petted the doggie Gerard was called, oh I can't remeber" he slurred Gerard was very very very drunk and was saying the weirdest things, "I have an idea lets play a game!" Frank suddenly got very excited I assumed he like this game... "kay Frankie what is the game?" I asked with no intrest what. so. ever., "TRUTH OR DARE" he shouted bouncing up and down like a little kid, "ahh Frank don't you think we are a little old to be playing truth or dare, "Ray asked drinking so more beer, "come on guys it will be fun!" Frank was still boucing up and down "right okay if it will shut you up" Bob was starting to get pissed off and that was not something I really wanted to see. "right okay I'll go first!" Frank was narrowing his eyes trying to pick someone, "emmmmm RAY!" poor Ray jumped about a meter in the air when Frank shouted his name, "truth or dare?" Ray pondered for a few seconds "emm truth" hmmmmm Frank was thinking and pretending to stroke a beard which made me giggle, "is it true.... you have a crush on Christa, Ray went totally red "emmm yeah okay guys I do" he said sheepishly "AWWWWWWWWWWW" we all shouted togehter, "right okay okay okay my turn" Ray said still as red as ever, "Eva" I suddenly felt very nervous "truth or dare?" I hated telling everyone my life story the only person I told serects to was Mikey I thought for a few seconds... "Dare" I dropped my head in my hands knowing this wasn't going to be pretty, "okay kiss Mikey" ah this was going to be easy I always kissed Mikey on the cheek "fully make out on the lips!" Ray shouted he seemed very excited, this wasn't going to be as easy as I thought, I didn't want to do this and when I quickly glanced at Mikey neither did he, what if it ruined our friendship, what if.. but what if Mikey is a really good kisser oh my god shut up don't be stupid Mikey is your best Friend but he sorta cute, NO! this can't be happening I cannot have a crush on my best friend no way I can't have a crush on Mikey. "Jesus women hurry the hell up!" Frank was giggling, "right kay I'll do it but only if Mikey agrees" "ahahahah nope its your dare not Mikeys you HAVE to do it or else!" Bob told me, I took a deep breath I didn't want to do this, or did I? moved closer and closer and closer to Mikey and finally our lips met I put my hands round his neck and he placed his on my hips, he was a good kisser I have to say, the kiss lasted about 7 seconds then we broke away, we stared into eachother eys for a short second, god that was good, I though stop crushing on Mikey I mentally kicked myself for this! "well guys I'm getting pretty tired emm I'm going to sleep, "I'll come with you I'm tired to," this was very awkward for me and Mikey I wanted to get out of there and by the looks of things so did Mikey, "use protection now!" Frankie screamed from Gerard's room they all burst into laughter, Mikey turned around and gave Frank the most evil look I've ever seen him give, he could serousily beat Mrs. Williams evil looks, "okay okay sorry" Frank must have got the hint. Mikey shut the door and we made our way up to the his room I always slept in his bed but tonight it was going to be very awkward. "em listen about in there, it was a dare Mikey I swear" I sounded so desperate "It's okay I understand" he looked up from this feet and smiled at me then he looked back down at his feet again. He looked so adorable when he was embarssed, it just made me feel EVA GET A HOLD OF YOURSELF! this is Mikey your best friend forever you can't crush on him, but I can't run away from my feelings either, maybe I was just drunk and it would all calm down in the morning, next thing I new I was watching Mikey sleep he looked so content and peacfull. This has to stop soon!

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