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Chapter 17

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Can Mikey get through to his older brother? [One of my favorite chapters.] 1 more chapter.

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Mikey made his way to his room, struggling under Gerard’s weight. Gerard’s beer breath wafted to Mikey’s nostrils as he giggled.

“You’re so sk-skinny, but you’re s-” A small hiccup escaped from Gerard before he finished his sentence. “So strong!”

He burst into another fit of laughter making Mikey stumble as he opened the door. Mikey told himself that the tears were just because of his brother’s breath and not because his brother ruined his homecoming party. He unhooked Gerard’s arm from his shoulder and let him drop on the bed. Gerard sat down on the bed, the mattress creaking underneath him.

“What’s wrong Mikey-boo? You look down.” Mikey glared at Gerard as he tried to focus his eyes.

“What the hell is wrong with you?” Mikey hissed at his brother, anger filling him up.

Gerard lightly touched his head as if that would stop the dizziness. “What are you talking about Mikey-boo?” He felt a headache coming on.

“Don’t call me that. Look at yourself Gerard.”

Mikey motioned to him, his eyes on Gerard’s expression. He seemed lost and confused. “You look horrible. How do you feel?”

Gerard peeked up at him through his ink black hair. “Horrible.” His voiced was pained as the headache pounded against his head.

“If you feel horrible, why do you keep drinking?” Mikey sure he was loud enough to see Gerard wince. “Better yet, why would you come to a small party to celebrate me being clean and start to drink!?”

“Oh yeah, how was re-” Gerard gave out a small hiccup. “hab?”

“It was fine. You should check it out sometime.”

Gerard shook his head. “Nah, rehab turns you into a nark.”

Mikey stared at his brother. Did he really just say nark?

“Because this is so much better.”

Gerard narrowed his eyes at Mikey’s sarcasm. He was beginning to sober up since Frank snatched the whiskey bottle from him over an hour and 30 minutes ago.

“Where is everyone?” Gee asked, lying back in Mikey’s bed.

“They all left.” Mikey’s voice was lined with poison, giving his brother a dirty look.

He walked around the edge of the bed, staring at Gerard. He kicked the bed frame making Gerard sit up.

“Mikey.” Gee warned, clutching his head.

“They all left because of you.”

“What are you talking about?”

“People don’t like it when drunk people hang on their shoulder, trying to stand. They don’t like it when they can smell your own vomit on you. They don’t like it when you pick fights with them because they were just simply looking at you.” Mikey stopped rambling to see if he was listening.

“I don’t remember all of that." Gerard said quietly, trying hard to remember but was getting a headache instead.

“I wonder why?” Mikey sat down beside Gerard on the bed. “Gee, look at yourself. You don’t even know what you’re doing anymore.”

Gerard was looking at Mikey, noticing how different he looked in those 4 months. Mikey had a small frown on his face like the one that wiped away the smile he had when he saw Gerard drinking that night. His chest was getting tight as he remembers the disappointed and disapproving faces he received when he accidentally broke the lamp. And the photo frame. And when he loudly tried to hit on a girl (and failed) in the party.

Was that really him? Did he actually behave like that when he was drunk? No wonder they tried so hard to make him listen. He opened his mouth slightly, taking in deep breaths of air so his chest could stop burning.


Mikey stared at his brother, standing up and over him out of panic. Gerard clutched at his black shirt, which was underneath his favorite leather jacket, wanting his heart to stop hurting.

“Are you okay?”

Mikey was starting to visibly panic, running in place and looking desperately around the room for something that might help. Gerard let out a deep breath when the pains started to dull.

“I’m okay.” He breathed, his hand still over his beating heart.

“Damn it Gerard!” Mikey exclaimed moving away from his brother. “Don’t you see what I’m saying? That could have been the last time that happened. If you keep doing what you’re doing, you’re heart’s going to stop and I’m going to lose you.”

The elder brother looked up from the floor boards to look up at Mikey. Tears were already dotting his face. He looked back at the floor. He looked back at the immediately after. He felt the weight of the bed shift and felt Mikey’s arms around his waist and his head on his shoulder. Gerard carefully rested his head on his brothers’, thinking how this reminded him of how they were when they were kids.

“The band doesn’t want to lose you.” Mikey said low. “I don’t want to lose you.”

The tears rolling down Gerard cheeks had fallen off his chin and into Mikey’s golden brown hair. Mikey noticed but didn’t care.

“You have to call Brian and tell him.” Mikey said, knowing now that Gerard will listen.

“I know. I’ll call him tomorrow.”

“Are you sure?”

Gerard nodded against his head. “Yes.”

“I can’t wait to have the old Gerard back.” Mikey muttered into the leather jacket. Gerard sighed deeply.

“Neither can I.”
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