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Chapter 18 [End]

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The end! Thank you for reading this story I've wrote over a year ago and giving it great reviews! ♥

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Gerard stared at the half full page of lyrics, tapping his pen against it for any inspirations. The doorbell had rung and Gerard hesitantly rose from his chair and stalked over to his front door. He pulled his door open and was greeted by “Gerard! How’s it going?!”

Frank entered the house wrapping his arms around Gerard for 2 brief seconds.

“Frankie! Guys! What are you doing here?”

Gerard widened the door when he saw the rest of his band mates on his front step.

“We just heard you were back from Donna. How come you didn’t tell us?” Ray informed, the next in line to give him a hug.

“I wasn’t sure if you guys would want to see me yet.”

Bob followed Ray in, stopping of course to give his friend a hug. “I think the stay over there messed with your head.”

Gerard chuckled at Bob’s joke. Mikey was the last to enter the house, taking most of his time on the front step looking at his brother.

“Nice to have you back Gerard.” He smiled.

Gerard retuned his smile. “It’s good to be back.”

Mikey wrapped his arms around Gerard and hugged him longer than the previous members. Mikey walked into the house, Gerard right on his heel. Frank, Ray, and Bob were sitting on the couch, already making themselves at home.

“Why did you wait one whole month to tell anyone you were here?” Bob asked as the owner of the house sat down. .

“Once I got out I felt, I don’t know,” Gerard started to explain while looking at his friends. “I felt ashamed of who I was; how I disappointed you guys. I wanted to have some time to do something to make it up to you guys proud to be seen with me.”

His fingers were fidgeting with strands of his hair as he nervously confessed to his friends.

“We will never be ashamed of you.” Ray defended. “I’m offended that you even thought that.”

There was a small smile on Ray’s lips to show that he was kidding.

“You guys were never ashamed of me? Really?”

Bob shook his head taking his turn to speak now. “We were never ashamed of you. We were just hurt that you couldn’t come to us first.”

“I know.”

“What were you working on?” Mikey asked remembering that Gerard had taken more time away from them then necessary.

“Wait here, I’ll go get them.”

Gerard stood up from his place from the couch and sprinted to his bedroom. He grabbed the stack of thin papers off of his desk and rushed back to his friends.

“Here.” He handed the stack of papers to Ray and sat down watching.

“I’ve written four songs already and writing the fifth one now.” Ray thumbed through the sheets of paper taking his time reading each one. He passed them to Frank who passed to Bob when he finished and it eventually got to Mikey.

“So?” Gerard asked, waiting anxiously for their thoughts. He took the one that was unfinished into his hands.

“These are amazing.” Frank lit up, looking up from the lyric sheet. Gerard gave him a small grin.

“Thanks. In rehab, I had time to think so new experiences and past experiences led to new songs.”

He turned his head toward his brother who was staring intently at his paper.

“Mikey?” Gerard called him, noticing that he was the only one that didn’t comment. Mikey’s hazel eyes slowly tearing away from the heavily inked paper.

“This one’s for Elena?” Mikey met his brothers’ eyes before Gerard nodded. “I love it. Grandma would have been proud.” His voice was low, remembering the passing of his beloved grandmother, but also filled with pride because Gerard had finally dealt with it.

“I think she would have.” Both brothers shared a wide tooth smiled.

“You were already working on the new material for My Chem while you were in there?”

Frank asked again. He was just blown away at how fast Gerard had written these wonderful lyrics and how fast he progressed.

“Yep.” Gerard replied. “I just really wanted to make up for being a prick. This was the only way how because I am cheap.”

Laughs echoed around him and he couldn’t help but join in. It truly felt good to be back.
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