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A weapons list of useful items.

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We learn about weapons. And KND Havoc heads off to save the day!

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“That is not good” Lincoln said when Cadel turned the final page.
“No kidding. Cadel! Map!” Numbuh 59 commanded.
Cadel laid out the color coded map of Havoc on the floor.
Numbuh one noticed a new section. “Was that there before?” he asked.
“Probably not. The thing about this map is that it shows what’s going on in each district. It’s kind of like the Marauder’s Map in Harry Potter” Cadel explained.
“What is that district anyway?” Malcolm leaned forward.
“The Menagerie is back in town, by the looks of things” Ingrid said, stretching out on the floor.
“What is this “Menagerie”?” Numbuh five asked, using finger quotes.
“It’s like a circus. Kind of sort of maybe not really. Yeah, it’s a bad place to end up, but it’s better than the Shock Box, or the Printworks, or the Tunnels” Lincoln said.
“The tunnels is where we found the key to the Printworks. They run under the city. They’ve been there forevah” Numbuh 59 said.
“Focus, people. So they’re in the Menagerie, probably. What time are we rolling out?” Cadel asked. “One hour. Do you guys want to come?” Numbuh 59 turned and looked at Numbuhs One and Five.
“Wait wait wait wait. What was that? They haven’t even gone through training yet! Nigel’s only been here an hour, at most, but you’re letting him go!? They could die, Holly! What are you thinking, I’d genuinely like to know”
Lincoln shouted, and he stood up.
Numbuh 59 stood up too. She was shorter than Lincoln, but it didn’t seem to matter.
“We could all die, Lincoln. I could, you could, at any toime out there! Nobody’s invincible, Lincoln, not even yourself! They’re goin' to be goin' because if they don’t, my cousin will die, Okay? You get it?” Numbuh 59 screamed.
“Got it” Lincoln muttered, glaring at Numbuh one and Numbuh five.
“Good. Now take Nigel and Abby to get equipment. Meeting adjourned!” Numbuh 59 announced and left the room.

Lincoln sulked while taking Numbuh one and Numbuh five to the weapons room.
“Lincoln, man, look...” Numbuh five started.
Lincoln whirled around and grabbed Numbuh five by her collar, lifting her off the floor. “Listen, Kiddo. If you screw up and die tonight, guess who takes heat for it? Not Holly. ME. So do me a favour, both of you. DO. NOT. SCREW. UP.” Lincoln snarled and dropped Numbuh five. She landed on her feet, and pulled down her pink hat. “What’s up, Link? You’re never this cranky, even after that time you shot yourself in the foot with a blaster. Spill it” Numbuh five leaned against the wall. Lincoln half-sighed, half-laughed. “I grew up in the menagerie, Abby. Bad memories, trust me. But I can navigate the place blind, or in my case, half-blind” Lincoln said, pointing to his eyepatch. “There are some pretty cool toys there, I must admit” Cadel called from down the hall. “Curse you Cadel Young for ruining the moment!” Lincoln called.
Cadel just laughed.

The Weapons Room looked exactly like one would think a Weapon’s Room would look like, with brushed metal walls, pull-out drawers full of bombs, and thick snowboard-like things lined the walls.
“What’re these?” Numbuh five asked, taking a snowboard down from the wall. “Patience, young cricket. These’re hoverboards, and yes, you do get one” Lincoln said.
Cadel popped up from behind a bench, holding a pair of gloves. “I found them!” he told them triumphantly, pulling them on.
Lincoln groaned. “Cadel Young with super strong punches. May God have mercy on our souls” Lincoln said, rolling his eyes.
“Whatever. I can punch through a tank with these things. Who wants Black Paint?” Cadel asked. “I do I do I do!” Malcolm called from the other side of the Weapons Room. “Heads up!” Cadel called, throwing the can to Malcolm.

“Listen up, Nigel. This is how Hoverboards work. You get bracelets and a belt to let the Hoverboard track where you and your centre of gravity is” Ingrid explained, Tossing him a hoverboard and bracelets and a belt. Ingrid pulled a Hoverboard off the wall for herself. She pulled on her bracelets and her belt and got on. Her hoverboard rose a foot off the floor.
“Stick your hand out to the left side for Cherry Bombs, Right for Tabasco Bombs, and put your hand behind you for F bombs. Any questions?” Ingrid hovered off the floor, shifting her weight from side to side.
“What do the bombs do?” Numbuh one asked.
“I’m glad you asked. Cherry bombs are regular bombs, y’know, throw them, they smoke and go boom. Tabasco Bombs melt whatever they come in contact with. F bombs can deafen you opponents or yourself, if you don’t cover your ears” Ingrid did an almost horizontal flip on her board with a small yelp.
“Yeah. They’re called Sonic Boom bombs until Lincoln renamed them to F bombs” Cadel called.
“Do you still get the gloves that can punch through anything, Cadel?” Malcolm called. “Yes. Quit asking, because you’re never getting them. Never ever ever ever Ever!” Cadel jeered.
“Whatever. Okay, Nigel, on a hoverboard, you shift your weight to your back foot to stop, Shift your weight forward to go faster, and if you have to go over something, raise your knees into your chest. Got that?” Ingrid pulled her spiky bat off the shelf.
Numbuh one’s head was spinning with everything he was supposed to remember, but he managed to squeak out a “Yes?”
“Relax. Clamps go over your shoes if you go fast, and if you do fall off, then the hoverboard will fly really quick to catch you” Numbuh 59 said, walking into the Weapon’s room.
Holly grabbed a sword, some armor from the corner, and a hoverboard and started to leave. “C’mon, you guys. I’m leaving in an hour with or without you” she said back over her shoulder.

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