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Chapter 3

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Mikeys side of the story....

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Hey y'all new chapter but this time its in Mikeys point of view hope you like it...

Eva had left and so had the rest of the guys me and Gerard were sat in the livingroom watching some cartoon on the T.V all I could think about was Eva I never had felt like this before. "Gerard can I ask you something?" "Yeah bro fire away" his eyes lifted from the screen and looked at me, "Have you ever liked someone alot.... and em afraid that liking them too much could ruin your friendship?" "ahhh mikey my little baby brother" he put his arm around me and I had a feeling what was coming next, "Mikey imagin you are a lion you are the alpha male! You my brother must run after the female lion and get her knocked up before.." "emm Gerard I really don't need you lion talk again, I got it from you when I lost my geography homework book, when you took the last chocolate bar so I really don't need it anymore thanks" Gerard gave me a shocked look and sat down. "Mikey just tell Eva how you feel beofore its too late" "hold on how did you know this was about Eva?"I asked her name made me all warm inside "Oh Mikey is so obvious you follow her round like a little puppy I'm surprised she hasn't noticed yet and me and Frank think she likes you." Woww likes me I thought to myself, Gerards eyes went back onto the T.V screen I decided I needed to clear my head "I'm going for a walk" I walked out the door before anyone could respond.

Ahh man this is ridiculous she would never like a geeky little kid like me. She was beautiful I have to admitte that she had long black hair with a choppy side fringe and electiric blue hightlights, she was really thin and was very small for her age her eyes were massive and were bright green and her lips were just perfect when she smiled it was just amazing. Oh.My.God I did not just say all those things about my bestfriend its like having a crush on your sister, okay well not as bad as that but maybe I should talk to her get my feelings out there but what is she doesn't feel the same way then what do I do crawl up in a coner and die? or do I just walk away and pretend it didn't happen? AHHHHH I HATE BEING A MESSED UP TEENAGER! I have made my mind up.... I'm not going to tell her it will ruin everything I need to hide from my feelings, pretend they don't excist. Hold on why am I here? why am I at Eva's house, "Oh Hi Mikey wasn't expecting you come on in you can help me tidy my room." Ahh man I have just got myself into very very very dip shit.

So sorry guys its really short its just a filler I promise the next chapter will be a big dramatic one as soon as I think of it! Please review so I can write some more!! x
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