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Canadian Beacon

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Robyn learns some nasty news that she had suspected something all along.

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Canadian Beacon:

I hate what this is coming down for me. I've been getting sick lately. I know it's not work related. (I don't really care about Queen Bitch coming to see us. Big deal, it's a stupid award. We're going to do fine anyway. I've got more important things to worry about.) This illness had been going on for the past few weeks. I don't think it's food poisoning or that I'm coming down with anything. I don't know what to think at first. Then, I began throwing up. It was a little bit at first. Then, it kept getting worse and worse. I didn't know why at first. Then, I began to suspect the worst.

If I'm pregnant by that idiot, I'm going to kill him! As much as I didn't want that, it started to look like that. Well, there was only one way to figure that out. So this morning, I went out to the nearest twenty-four hour drug store. I didn't even care about waking up Greg with my going and coming. (He's mostly at his child girlfriend's house! Yes, I called Morgan a child! She's too young for him! I'm surprised Katherine quit trying to break them up. But, forget about him.)

I made it back into my apartment without skipping a beat. I raced all the way to my bathroom. I opened the test and read the instructions.

"Pee on the strip and wait for three minutes," I read. Easy enough. So I did it and waited for the whole time. Three minutes is long enough for people to think. My life is not fit for a kid. I don't even like kids. I'm so going to kill him for this. But, I'm going to keep this child if is positive. Might as well. I don't want to hear everyone going on and on about how it's murder and blah, blah, blah! I'm just going to do it!

Three minutes is over. Time to look. I picked up the pregnancy test and took a good look. My eyes grew big like balloons. It's a plus.

"SHIT, SON OF A BITCH!!!" I screamed. I'm pregnant. I'm pregnant! I AM PREGNANT!!!

"Robyn," I heard someone said. "What's the matter?" I looked up to see a tired Greg looking back at me. He had just gotten out of bed. I looked at him with burns in my eyes.

"Just leave me alone, okay?!?" I snapped. I took the pregnancy test with me and stormed out of the bathroom. Greg looked at me as I walked past him. Don't mess with me man! Not in the mood for your crap today! I've got bigger problems to deal with and not you! I have my answer. Now what the hell am I supposed to do? One thing I do know is that I'm so going to kill Patrick Stump the next time I see him!

I've Got a Bike!
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