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For All the Girls

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Thoughts from all of the girls in the story.

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For All the Girls:


These pills are great! I find myself not so stressed and I get work done so much faster. That lawyer must be an angel or something! I'll be done with Lola's stupid wedding in no time! Things are work have turned out to be a breeze just as well! Even better is that Pete's divorce will be finalized in two weeks. Things are finally starting to look up for me. Just get through QB's arrival, the wedding, and the divorce hearing and everything will be grand! Yes!


This is ridiculous. I can't even get any time for my blog! I've only made like, what, two posts this months. Oh, that's something! Right... That's not good enough for my standards. I need to channel my energy back to my blog. My fans are starting to e-mail, asking if I'm still alive. Okay, I'm going to make a new post tonight! Work, dinner, bath, and then post. In that order. Watch me!


Kenji's been worried about me. He hates when Noriko snaps at him. Noriko hates when she snaps at him too. I need to make it up to him somehow. But how? I'm going to be busy tonight. I can't really invite him over to stay with me while I work. He would bored with me just typing on a computer and not talking to him. Plus, I would snap at him again. Sigh Maybe I should just call him.


Dumb Adam! He's going to make the biggest mistake of his life! Carmen will just burn him in the end. But does he listen, uh, no! He's too busy thinking about that skank! I just want to punch or choke him every time he says her name. What's so great about her anyway? Oh, ah, she DJs. Hell, give me a computer and I could come up with some beats of my own. Hell, it's not that hard. Anybody can do that! He is so stupid!


I haven't heard back from Ryan in days. I know I have been busy, but still. I just need...something. I gave up on trying to blackmail Rose months ago. Just doesn't seem fun anymore. But since I stopped that, there is nothing else to fill me time. Maybe I should just call Ryan. No, then I'll seem to desperate. Oh, but I have to do something! I'll just text him and then see what happens.


The family are all under pressure. Both my work and real family are. My employees are too tied up on Ms. Bude coming to observe us. That's crossing over with Morgan because is dating Greg and so it pushes all the way to her. Judy is upset about something else. Nobody wants to talk to me about what's wrong. The only person that keeps me from going crazy is Duncan and his massages. I really need one right now!


I really want a child. But, Mer-Bear keeps dodging the subject. That's not only my problem, however. I keep worrying about how mom's going to take it. She is just now warming up to the idea that I'm gay. How will she take me being gay, in a relationship, and having a child. I should just work on one problem at a time. But who should I with, Mer-Bear or mom? They both seem rather tough...


I miss Greg. I don't know how to get to him. I have tried everything-flirtation, texts, phone calls, e-mails, suggestions. Nothing is working. I just don't know what to do anymore. I'm just stuck! I wish I could have some help.


What is it with Judy-bug and babies lately? She keeps talking about how she wants to have kids with me. I don't know why. Don't get me wrong, kids would be nice. But, not right now. I have so much to deal with at the moment. Mainly school and trying to find a place of our own. Throw in kids and that is just too much. But, I don't know get her mind off of that. I better think of something fast of this will ruin everything for us.


Dumb Adam and Sakura! I don't understand what's wrong with that girl! She's just a bitch. Sakura keeps giving me that "I'm going to kill you look," every time we pass. It's driving me nuts. But, Adam won't do anything about it. Why? Because he's a whimp. If he doesn't fix that bitch, I will! And nobody wants that!


I don't see why everyone is worried for. It's just a stupid interview. Everything's going to be fine. Just wait and see. But, I can't worry about that now. I have a date with William and I can't be late.


I think Garth's up to something again. I came home and found lipstick on his jeans. He's seeing someone without telling me first. I know we have an open marriage, but he's not following our rules. Ha! Two can play at this game! Just you wait Garth, you won't know what hit you!


It feels so strange. Something just has to give and soon. Or else... well, I don't really want to finish that sentence.

Now That You Got it, What'cha You Gonna Do About it?
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