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Chapter 14

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The two of them headed over to the park. And while Ponyboy didn’t say anything, he really didn’t want to be here. That park held dark memories that he didn't want to relive.

Two-Bit ran to the monkey bars and swung up to sit on the top, almost like a professional.

"You come here a lot, don't you?" Pony commented to Two-Bit and grinned. He ran over to the monkey bars and grabbed hold of Two-Bit's leg and started pulling, trying to drag him off. Two-Bit yelled in surprise and clung to the bars before using his other leg to push Pony away.

Pony decided to give up and went over and sat on the roundabout.

As he sat and slowly turned himself around and around, he spotted the fountain. The roundabout came to a stop and he found his eyes scanning the pavement nearby the fountain, looking for the telltale stain.

It should have been right....there! He found it and he was unable to look away as he remembered seeing Bob laying there. A pool of blood surrounding him, his life ebbing away. Just a boy of eighteen.

He remembered Johnny sitting, leaning against the fountain, holding a blooded switchblade, scared and shaking. He'd only been sixteen then. Pony was almost sixteen now, he couldn't imagine what it'd be like to kill someone - to have to live with that on your mind 24/7. Johnny had been broken enough by his parents, Pony couldn't imagine the strength Johnny must have had to be able to have gotten through the next week. He doubted he would have been able to do it.

Suddenly the roundabout swung in to action and Pony found himself spinning around wildly. He frantically grasped for a bar to hold to prevent himself from flying off. As he spun around, he caught a blurred glimpse of Two-Bit and figured he must have been the one to sneak up and spin the roundabout.

Ponyboy couldn't help laughing as he span faster and faster, forgetting his thoughts and memories and just enjoying the here and now.
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