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a good catholic kid

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it all starts when Frank comes back from church, meeting his new neighbours... please commnent guys!

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A goody catholic kid, that’s what people use to say to me. I would go to church every Sunday, confess, and pray when I could. Yes my parents were proud of me; they said that I was a good catholic and that I should always stay like that.
It was Sunday, I was at church with my parents, Father John was reading Mark 1:2-16, I listened intensely to his words, then a pause before we all said “Amen”.
I noticed Amber, she was in deep prayer, my parents said she would be the perfect girlfriend, she is a good catholic like me, but she was more like a friend then someone I could date or be in a relationship with, and of course we would have to be married before we did anything, yes I was a nineteen year old virgin, waiting to be married to some girl and wait until my wedding night, but I wasn’t really interested in girls. My parents said I will be one day, but I mean I’m nineteen now, I should be more attached now but nothing… it was if I was waiting… waiting for the right girl to come along… if there would ever be.
We got home; I stood outside sitting on the grass soaking in the sun, the heat and light shining down on me, on this earth.
I sighed as I suddenly heard a loud bang; I glanced across, noticing some kid looking down at the box that he dropped. His eyes glanced over to me, his hazel eyes that glimmered in the light. His pale white skin made it look like he never stepped out side in the sun, his raven black hair that just almost hit his shoulders. He was wearing a iron maiden t-shirt, black skinny jeans, converses and a black leather jacket.
“Sorry to disturb you,” he said a small smile on his lips.
“It’s okay, I’m guessing you’re the new neighbours,” I said.
“That’s us, I’m Gerard by the way,” he said.
“I’m Frank,” I said.
“Gerard! Can’t you even hold a box without dropping it?” some kid asked him, he was lanky, his small body covered by an anthrax t-shirt, dark blue skinny jeans, converses. His glasses sitting at the crook of his nose covering his hazel eyes, his straightened mousy brown hair.
“I can’t help it, if you can do a better job you carry the boxes,” Gerard said.
“Anyway my moody little brother this is Frank our neighbour,” Gerard added, his eyes slowly looking back over to me with a sweet smile.
Mikey looked over too, he smiled too.
“Hey there,” he said raising his hand but not waving, just letting it quickly fall back to down to his side.
“Hey,” I said.
“Well come on then oh great amazing brother who straightens his hair, lets get these boxes in,” Gerard said with a smirk playing on his lips.
“I might straighten my hair but you put make-up on, you’re like a girl sometimes,” Mikey said.
“We’ll have to meet up sometime Frank,” Gerard said before walking away to the van, disappearing out of my sight as Mikey followed.
I sat there just thinking about how handsome he looked… no cut it out Frank! You’re a good catholic, you are straight, and you don’t think that way towards men… do I?

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