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I managed to get up out of bed, the warmth from my body left me, the cold bitter air hit me, making me just want to dive back into my soft warm bed and skip a day off, but skipping collage, bad grades, not a good future, I don’t think I want to get bad grades just because of a warm bed.
I pulled out some fresh boxers, a white shirt, a black tie, my black skinny jeans and converses. I got dressed quickly, I then plugged in my straighter, my hair looked a complete mess, little flicks of hair sticking out at different places, it needed straightening, I managed to get my hair straight. I put on some eyeliner, just a small amount around my brown chocolate eyes. I tried to look smart but also bring in the punk side in me, I know you’re probably thinking punk and catholic don’t go but I was into that kind of style, but my faith was still strong.
I managed to go downstairs, my mom cooking pancakes, as my dad sat at the dinner table reading the newspaper, taking a sip from his coffee.
I sat across from him; he looked up and then let his eyes fall back to the newspaper.
“Morning Frank,” my mom said.
“Morning,” I said.
“Morning dad,” I said.
He grumbled a greeting. That was the problem with my dad, we weren’t close, we would get on sometimes, sometimes we wouldn’t but most of the time we would just get on with it, just be in each other’s company, not really talking but not ignoring each other.
“Pancakes?” Mom asked.
“Thanks mom,” I answered.
I waited till mom placed a plate of pancakes in front of me, I picked up my knife and folk and started eating.
“These are good mom,” I said before taking another bit of them.
“Glad you like them,” she said before placing dad’s plate down and then sitting down with her toast and coffee.
I finished eating and got up, taking my plate and placing it by the sink.
“Thanks mom,” I said.
“Your welcome, now get off to collage, don’t want you late,” she said placing her coffee down.
I picked up my bag, flung it over my one shoulder and went quickly.

I wasn’t noticed at collage, I just had my friend Zacky and Johnny, we kept ourselves low, not raising our heads to anything that would get us noticed that would get us beaten up and took the piss out of. I was known as a “gay emo catholic kid”, is that all they could come up with? For starters I wasn’t gay, and emo is just stereotyping.
“Frank?” someone asked, I turned around to see Mikey standing there casually.
“Oh hi Mikey,” I said.
“I didn’t know you came here,” he said.
“Yeah, you started today?” I asked.
He nodded.
“You find it okay?” I asked.
“It’s alright I guess, except the stupid name calling but I guess anyone can get use to it,” he said shrugging casually.
I nodded and chuckled.
We carried on talking, he was a nice guy, he was the kind of guy you could talk to and know it would stay a secret. He told me about how he was a bass player, he wanted to be in a band, I always played guitar, my guitar was another part of me, something that I could strum out my life on, it was something that I enjoyed, something that I seemed to just connect to.
“So you want to come over sometime?” he asked shoving his hand deep into his pockets, I noticed he did that when he was nervous.
“Yeah, we could get some movies in and stuff,” I said.
“Cool, how about tonight? If you’re free and stuff,” he said looking down at the floor, kicking his foot out slightly, waiting for my answer.
“Yeah, I’ve got nothing planned, it beats another boring night in with studies,” I said. He laughed slightly.
“Okay then see you later,” he said smiling sweetly at me.
“Okay,” I said.

I waited at the gates for him, just kicking a stone around, then I saw him come out of the doors, rushing slightly, his messenger bag slung on his shoulder, his cheeks holding a slight tint of red on them, probably from running.
“Sorry, I got lost,” he said. I chuckled.
“It’s okay,” I said.
We walked home, talking about what we want to do for the future, the stuff like that.
We got to his, walking up to the house, he took out his key and unlocked the front door.
“Gerard!” he yelled. I looked around, most of the stuff was still in boxes, packed away.
“What?” a voice yelled back, the husky dark voice that couldn’t be mistaken as his, Gerard’s.
“Frank is here!” Mikey yelled.
I heard a thump noise from downstairs, from the basement?
I heard the noise of footsteps coming up the steps and then the door opening up, to show Gerard in full view, he looked good, his hair ruffled and messy, he was wearing a simple black t-shirt, skinny jeans and vans. A slight amount of eyeliner around his hazel eyes, he looked really good, cut it out Frank! A smile appeared on his face, slightly showing his teeth.
“Hey Frank,” he said.
“Hi,” I said nervously.
He chuckled.
“No need to be nervous, I don’t bite,” he said.
“Yeah the vampire doesn’t bite,” Mikey said rolling his eyes.
Gerard smacked the back of Mikey’s head playfully.
“Hey you maybe older but it don’t mean you can hit,” Mikey said crossing his arms and pouting slightly.
“Shut up Mikey, Frank you want a drink?” Gerard asked. I nodded slowly.
“Soda?” he asked.
I nodded again.
“Does he have a tongue?” Gerard asked Mikey.
“Shut up and get drinks,” Mikey said. Gerard smiled and went to the kitchen.
“So what do you want to watch or we can play x-box?” Mikey asked walking over to the T.V.
“X-box!” Gerard yelled from the kitchen.
“I guess x-box,” I said.
He looked over to his large stacks of x-box games, towering over, threatening to just fall anytime soon.
“Mario?” he asked picking up the first one off the pile and showing it me.
I nodded. He turned on the x-box and put on the game. Just as Gerard walked in, he handed me a can of soda and sat down next to me.
“I’m the best at this,” he said.
“Whatever,” Mikey snorted.
He handed me the control and kept the other one to himself as he sat in front of Gerard and I on the sofa, crossing his legs, looking comfortable on the wooden floor.

After ad least fifty games of Mario, four cans of soda and different snacks, we gave up, Mikey spread out on the floor, his eyes closed but he was still talking to us. I was spread out on the sofa with Gerard who just let my feet rest on his lap, his head fallen back on the sofa.
“I-I... what t-time is it?” Mikey said slowly.
“Eleven,” Gerard said.
“I should be getting back home,” I said struggling to get up from the sofa. Gerard helped me up, holding my hand, making me feel an electrical spark...
I grabbed hold of my bag and went out the front door, with a goodbye and thank you for having me.
“Frank,” Gerard’s voice yelled after me, I stood on the front of lawn of the Way’s house, I quickly turned around to face him, he was walking towards me.
“You smoke?” he asked taking out his pack of cigarettes.
“N-No,” I croaked out.
“I see, health boy are we?” he asked with a slight smirk spread on his thin lips as he slipped the cancer stick between them.
“I-I guess,” I said.
He nodded as he lit up his cigarette and took a long drag.
“So what is it?” I asked.
“I like you Frank, you’re cute,” he said after pulling his cigarette out of his lips.
“Umm... thanks?” I asked.
He chuckled.
“You don’t get it do you?” he asked. I looked at him, I was confused by what he meant.
“No,” I said.
A smirk reappeared on his lips playfully.
“You’ll get it soon enough,” he said.
“Soon enough?” I asked.
“Yeah, I mean in time, we need to get time to know each other,” he said.
“I guess,” I said.
“Then I will explain to you,” he said.
I nodded, but I wanted to know now, call me curious but I wanted to know what he means, I mean I liked him because he was becoming a good friend now, I didn’t like him anymore, I mean gay isn’t being a good catholic, and I’m a good catholic, I could never be gay.
He walked away.
“Umm... Bye?” I yelled after him.
“Bye Frank,” he said putting out his cigarette and walking into the house without looking back

A/N: Okay, I don’t want people to think I hate gays or anything, I love them, I don’t mind what anyone is into as long as I get on with them or can get on with them. I am a catholic and I don’t believe in the shit of “gay is wrong” and crap like that, I’m sorry but i don’t, I believe in God in some way but I don’t believe in the rules of it all... but please don’t hate me for it! Anyway comment please! Thank you!
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