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lord help us

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contains violence, sorry it took so long!

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I made it out of the house, seeing Mikey standing causally at the front of our lawn, distracted by his IPod, he hadn't noticed me walking out of my house. I made my way over to him, tapping his shoulder making his jump slightly, he looked at me and smiled, pulling out one of his earphones.

“How loud do you have your music?” I asked, hearing that tinny kind of noise that was blearing out of the small black earphones.

“Very loud in the morning, a good cup of coffee and loud music wakes me up,” he said beaming a sweet smile.

“I thought we could walk together, you know,” he said looking down at his hands nervously, avoiding rejection.

“That sounds good, better than me walking on my own all the time,” I said. He looked up and smiled.

We started walking down the road, talking about different things.

We got into class, it seemed to long.

It was the end, I got out surprisingly early, I saw Gerard at the gate, smoking a cigarette, he hadn't noticed my presence.

“Hello Frank,” he said not even looking at me.

“Hi,” I said, he then faced me.

“Mikey coming out yet?” he asked before taking a drag from his half burnt cigarette.

“I think so,” I said.

He nodded.

“Well Frank, see you around I guess,” he said.

“I guess, s-see you then,” I said.

“Frank?” I asked.

“Yeah?” I asked.

“Do you like me?” he asked.

“Like you?” I asked.

“Yeah… I mean…” he said as he stepped forward, standing closer to him, feeling his cold cigarette breath on my skin, sending a shiver down my spine, I wasn't scared but I didn't know what to do, I was nervous around him, I don't know why, I just was.

“I said I like you, do you like me?” he asked, placing his hand on my cheek, stroking his thumb across my cheek bone, god why did it feel so nice, this was wrong, I shouldn't even be thinking about this, especially since it is a man.

“I-I like you as a friend,” I said shutting my eyes and gulping.

“Why do you close your eyes?” he asked, his sweet husky voice was like music ringing in my eyes, it sounded so seductive, so sexy… Lord help me.

“I-I don't know…” I chocked out.

“Open them,” he growled, his lips brushing against my ear, sending sparks flying threw me.

I opened them slowly, seeing a smirk playing on his pink little lips.

“Don't be nervous, as I said I don't bite,” he said.

I nodded.

“But I'm sure you feel more that friends, I'm sure of that,” he said, he let go of my face, I suddenly wanted that touch again, it felt so amazing against my skin.

I couldn't say anything, he still smirked at me, he walked away leaving me just standing there.

I looked over my shoulder to see him with Mikey by the door talking and laughing. I had to leave, I couldn't face him again, I walked quickly home and ran up to my room, slamming my door shut and pacing up and down in my room. I didn't know what to do.

“Lord, if you can hear me, please just help me,” I said.

I curled up on my bed and slowly fell asleep.

--------------------------------------------Gerard's P.O.V---------------------------------------------

I left Frank, I knew he felt something for me, and I was such a tease.

“Finally you slow coach,” I said to Mikey, his messenger bag slummed over his shoulder, he was carrying his folder and a few other books.

“You know you have a thing called a bag on your shoulder to put your books in,” I said.

“I know, but it's already packed with shit,” he said. I chuckled.

“Hey you seen Frank?” he asked.

“Yeah, he went home, why?” I asked looking over at the spot where Frank and I was, he was gone.

“Oh just wondering if he wanted to come over and play halo, but I guess it can wait,” he said shrugging.

“Hey you have me to play halo with,” I said.

“I know, but I just thought, you know he is my friend,” he said.

“I see, you have no time for your brother now,” I said smirking and crossing my arms.

“I always have time for you, you're my big bro,” he said smiling sweetly at me.

“Hand over your books, I'm not gonna let you struggle down the road with a ton of books,” I said. He gave me a cheeky smile before handing me his books.

We walked home, talking about each other's day our feet softly crunching on the crumpled old autumn leaves that sat on the ground, the different shades of dark or light brown, orange or yellow seemed to make it look nice, everything seemed perfect, then we got home…

“You little bitch, always moving my stuff around, you are no good for nothing!” my dad yelled at my mom who was on the floor holding her head, blood trickling down her forehead, as the tears welled up in her eyes.

“Dad!” I yelled at him. He turned around, sending dagger looks at me, his fist clenched and covered in dry blood.

“What? Come on? What have you got to say you little fag? Why couldn't you be normal? Instead of a little fairy of a son who takes it up the ass from other guys,” he spat.

“Don't you fucking dare, you're the guy that has no fucking back bone, what kind of man beats up women? A pathetic one!” I yelled but then I felt his fist collide with my jaw, knocking me down onto the floor.

“Don't you fucking dare call me that again!” he yelled. I was in pain, went I fell to the ground I fell on broken glass, cutting into my skin.

Suddenly my dad was on the floor, Mikey was holding a pan over his head, his eyes full of fear and shock.

“A-Are y-you okay?” he asked me.

I nodded and slowly got up, glass still sticking inside my skin.

“Mom?” I asked.

She looked up.

“You okay?” I asked.

She got up and hugged me, crying into my shoulder.

“I'm sorry he did this to you,” she sobbed.

“No mom, he has hurt you more that anything, he should be sorry,” I said.

“Come on lets clean up,” she said.

“What about him?” Mikey asked point toward the body on the floor.

“Mikey, call the police okay?” I asked.

He nodded as mom took me into the kitchen, pulling out the first aid kit and tending to my cuts.

“Mom, why do you put up with him?” I asked.

“I love him, I guess, I know he loves me, he just has got worse over the years,” she said.

I nodded.

“Look at you, you got blood all over you face as well,” she said.

She cleaned up my face. I noticed that he had busted my lip too and I had a huge bruise on my face.

“Mom, you accept that I'm gay right?” I asked.

“Of course I do sweetie, I accepted you when you told me, I remember you were sixteen and you were so nervous, I know you dad accepts you too, but he needs to get this sorted,” she said.

“Thanks mom, I know he needs help,” I said.

“The police are here,” Mikey said from the living room. We went into the living room two officers stood.

“Can you please tell us what happened?” said one of the officers.

“Yes, my father, is a wife beater, he has just attacked my brother too,” Mikey said, I didn't expect him to say anything, it was unlike him.

“Why is he lying on the floor?” the office asked.

“Umm…he…” Mikey said but I interrupted.

“He fell, he hit his head and just knocked out,” I said.

“Okay, we'll take him now,” the other said, they picked him up and took him out.

Mikey shut the door.

“Why did you cover for me?” he asked looking confused.

“Because you're my little bro,” I said.

“Thanks Gee,” he said hugging me.

-------------------------------------------Frank's P.O.V-----------------------------------------------

I noticed the police car outside the Way's house, what was going on? I wanted to see if everything was okay but I didn't want to look like the noisy neighbour wanting to know the gossip.

I sat on my bed, thinking about Gerard, that touch, the feeling, it was so good.

“Frank! You home?” Mom asked from downstairs.

“Yeah!” I yelled back.

“Okay, I'm starting dinner then,” she said, I heard he footsteps going into the kitchen.

I sighed as I thought about Gerard, why? Why has he confused me? Feeling his skin against mine, feeling his cold breath against my face. I can't be gay, I am not gay. I will never be gay.
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