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This broken City sky...

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Emma has been in love with her best friend for years, but will things ever work out? Sorry for not being able to add multiple characters and genres ect, I'm uploading from an Ipod touch

Category: My Chemical Romance - Rating: PG-13 - Genres: Romance - Characters: Mikey Way - Published: 2010-11-08 - Updated: 2010-11-08 - 572 words

"Emmmmaaa!" I heard Mum calling from downstairs. The light of my room stung my eyes. I looked at the clock and jumped out of bed, and went straight to have a shower. When I got out I did the usual, got changed, dryer and straightened by black hair, slicked on some eye liner, and packed my bag for school. Mikey would be here in a minute. He lived a few houses down for me, so we walked to school together. He'd always been my best friend, ever since we were little, and I loved him to pieces. I knew he loved me like a sister, but lately I'd felt different towards him. I think I started liking him as more than a friend, and it was confusing. Mikey was my best friend, but his brother gerard, frank, ray and Annabel were my best friends to, but me and mikey had something special.

I heard the doorbellring and looked out of my bedroom window. Mikey was outside the door, my mums car not in the driveway, she'd probably already left for work. I ran down the stairs and let mikey in. 
"Mikey!" i said and pulled him in for a hug. A friendly hug, nothing more
"Hey ems" he replied. I locked the door behind us and we started the 5 minute walk to school. Mikey asked me if I'd caught the smashing pumpkins concert on MTV, and we talked about that for the journey. When we arrived, Frank ray and annabel were already waiting for us. Even though Gerard lived with mikey because they were brothers (duh!) he rarly ever walked with us to school, because he always over slept and was late. We stood around and talked about how great it was that it was Friday. We had a big sleepover around annabels house organised for that night, and we were all excited. Luckily I had all my lessons with mikey. and the other guys in them to. The day flew by really. I kept thinking mikey was about to ask me something, but he didn't. I was just imagining things.

After school we all walked to annabels, which was only a few blocks away. After mucking around for a bit we all decided to play dares. before hand frank pulled me out to talk to me.
"I know how you feel about mikey" he said. I didn't try to deny it
"And he feels the same. So I'm gonna do both of you a favour and dare you to do somethingc okay?" he said. Typical frank trying to be a match maker. I didn't reply and we walked back in. 
"seeing as it's my house, I'll choose first. Ray, I dare you to... go and ring next doors doorbell totally naked, and wait for them to answer." she said and giggled. Ray didn't look pleased, be he was never one to turn down a dare. We watched his as he waiting in the cold, and laughed as he fled back inside. 
"right," ray said after we'd all calmed down "I choose Frank. Frank I dare you... to lick bobs foot!" Frank looked horrified, but bob just laughed and removed one of his socks. we all 'ewwww'ed and laughed. I then realised it was frank. he would pick me or mikey next. what if mikey didn't want to, and he rejected me? 
thoughts started spinning in my head
"MY TURN!" frank shouted
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