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"If we're really quiet, we won't have to do anything"

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Truth or Dare :D

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"Mikey! I dare you to... hmm... I dare you to make out with Emma!" he said. I looked down and blushed 
"come on" he said and rolled his eyes. We pulled me into one of the spare rooms downstairs. I sat on the floor and he stayed by the door. I wanted him to kiss me so much. 
"if we're really quiet we don't have to do anything" I whispered. 
he walked over and sat down infront of me. His arms found my waist, and he pulled my lips to his. He was cautious to start with, but then he became more adventurous, running his Tongue across my teeth, biting my lower lip. I was confused, but It didn't matter, because I was kissing mikey way!!! I'd dreamed about this for year now, and it was amazing. Eventually his lips broke from mine and he smiled.
"We'd better get back" he whispered, pulling me to my feet. We heard shuffling outside the door, and eyed eachother suspiciously. 
We quietly opened the door, and saw frank right in front of us, beaming.
"having fun" he asked
"Yes, actually!" said mikey and walked back to the rest of the guys. I was extreamly confused. Did mikey like me? or was it just because it was a dare? 

Later that evening, everyone was watchig a movie, and I felt something fal into my lap. It was a paper airplane. I unfolded it, and saw there was something written inside.
'will you be my girlfriend?
       love mikey
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