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"hey hey, you you, I like your boyfriend"

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I couldn't help but smile. I got up and walked to where mikey was sitting. I pulled him into a warm hug and whispered "yes" in his ear. we stayed hugging, his arms securly round my waist, mine around his neck. we heard everyone 'awwwww'ing when they realised what had happened. 
That night I slept with my head of mikeys chest, my fingers entwined with his. I woke up and saw him staring down at me, smiling.
"Morning" he mumbled
"Hey" I said and squeezed his hand
"did you sleep okay?" he asked
"Mmmh perfectly, you?" I said
"hmmm, alright I guess, I was too happy to sleep though!" he smiled. I went into the kitchen, and brought him back a cup of coffee. I handed it to him, and he gently patted his lap, looking kind of shy, and oh so cute. I sat on his lap and lay my head against his neck. he was holding my hand and playing with my finger when he asked "how long have you liked me?" 
"erm... well we've been friends friends since we were about 4, so I've liked you for about 13 years, but liked you this way? about 2 years I guess" I said, still watching our hands
"really? it's about the same to me. God, we've both been head over heels in love with eachother for years without knowing it" he laughed, I was still smiling at the subtle way he'd just said he loved me.
"I love you" I whispered and he smiled
I kissed his lips quickly, and then took his empty coffee cup into the kitchen. I came back and he was standing with his arms open.
"I missed you" he whispered into my hair
"i wasn't gone for that long!" I said
"I know, but I still missed you" he mumbled ad I kissed his cheek.

After a while everyone woke up.

weeks past, and before we knew it, it was spring break. One day, we all decided to go to the park. 

I sat on mikeys lap on a swing, and he had his arms around my waist. We saw christina, the school slut, totter in, and she saw me and mikey. 
"Hey Emo... oops sorry, Emma. I like you're new toy, he's yummy." she called to me, then her gaze fell on mikey.
"Hey! your wasted on her, she's damaged goods, how about you come to my house tonight. you don't wanna be with her, she's got problems, just cuz her poor little daddy shot himself" he called. That was it. I pulled myself put of mikeys arms, and stormed towards her.
"You can insult me all you like you fucking bitch, but if you bring him" I said pointing at mikey "or any of those guys into it" I said, signalling to the rest of the guys "then don't expect me to take it so lightly. And if you ever DARE talk about my f-father like that again, then you'll be sorry" I shouted
"Awww, are you still ashamed because your dad was a wimp?" she said
My hand flew to her face. she fell the the floor and then stood up and slapped me. she stormed off laughing and I turned and looked at mikey, with tears in my eyes. I ran towards the trees, flopped down and cried.
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