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Lets All Go To The Lobby

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And then to the bathrooms ~

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MIKEY: "But at the moment I'd rather be at home, with you." Gerard added.
I ate a potato chip and offered him one. He rumaged through the bag and pulled out a green one.
"Just my luck." he muttered, smiling.

"So Gerard, you decided what we're gonna do in the weekend?" I asked out the blue.
"We're eating out tonight, seeing a movie tomorrow but I don't know what we'll do on Saturday or Sunday!" He definately was in love-and-caring overdrive. I grinned. I love it when he's like that, like he can't get enough. It's like I finally mean something.

"And Frank?" I pretty curious, would G not want Frank with him?
"Eh. He can come I guess." He spoke slowly and shrugged.
"That's cool." I bluffed. I still didn't know if I could take being out with the two. I'd feel so guilty all the time! And nervous and jumpy... And a little freaked out becuase of what Gerard seemed to have requested me to do with both of them...

I had two hours before Gerard was taking me out and we lay on the same couch. He didn't want to be too far away. Suddenly, my phone beeped in my back pocket. I slid it out and checked it. From Shane.

I nearly swore and put it back in my pocket. Shane was texting me... I had to reply! I excused myself to the bathroon and opened up my phone.
"Hey Mikey! Mikey-man. Return the favour please! :D"

He had sent two pictures. One of him lying down somewhere and another of just his middle finger.
I smiled shyly into my, to be honest very crappy picture lens and took a couple pictures and sent them without a secnond thought.

"Wow, good! nice! I'll see you at the movies tomorrow at 6:00? I'm staying nearby Belleville."
My jaw pretty much hit the floor. 6:00 tommorrow?! I was going with Gerard at 5:45! I was happy, but I knew Gerard wasn't quite ready to let me do anything yet. I could sneak around though?

"Mikey!" Gerard was yelling for me.
"Yeah?" I hollered back.
"Mom's taking us now." I put on some shoes and went out to the car. We were going to a diner someplace.
The seats were slightly slippy and brightly coloured. I liked it.

GERARD: I ordered cake for our desert though it was far too big. I poked at it with my fork.
"Gerard, when are we going to the movies tomorrow?" Mikey asked. I grinned.
"5:50. Why, is that a bad time for you?" He was unlikely to be doing anything monumentous.
"No! No, that's good." Something was up with him, but I didn't ask.
He turned away and fiddled with his phone, then put it in his pocket again. "Who was that?" I pryed.
"Frank. He... asked how I was."
"No need to turn away, silly." I was jealous, Frank and I hardly ever send messages. I was trying to give Mikey some slack, space to breahte but it;'s in my nature. If I let him go we both get hurt.

FRANK: My phone was ringing, so, knowing nobody else would bother to get it, I made a run for it.

"Hi." It was bloody Shane! How'd he get my house phone number?
"Oh, hi." I went into my room with the chordless phone glues to my ear.
"How are you?" His craoky voice trilled happily.

"Good." I replied. What did he want?
"Nice... So, you want to see a movie tomorrow at, say, 6pm?"
"Y-yeah...Anyone else coming?"

"Mikey is. The other one isn't." The other one....

"Gerard... Hey, so don't you live far away for that?"
"Yes, but I'm on vacation, and it's my last day tomorrow." I could hear the smile of his.
"Oh, okay."
"Where is it you live? So I can pick you up."
"Um, number 6, Parkway drive, Belleville." I recited.
"Sweet. Okay, I'll see you at 5:50 then. Bye!"

Gerard might be ill or something, because when I tried phoning him I got no answer. It'd be Me, Shane, and Mikey alone in the dark... That would be an ample opportunity. A slightly... yummy one. Nobody would need to know. And it could be all over and done with in minutes, and I'd never have to look at Mikey with doubt in my eyes ever again.

My mind went down the track that I'd be doing no harm whatsoever. It was merely a test. A test I now wanted for other reasons. It would be interesting but it was for important reasons, to reassure who I really wanted after all.
For once, I'd be the 'one-on-top' instead of Gerard dominating me stupid.
And if I felt bad for it, I knew what would take my mind off it. Some quality Gerard time.
It would all run smoothly according to me. Kiss, enjoy, no tell, not feel needly or tempted again.


"Frank! Someone's at the door!" My Dad called up to me. Shit, shit. It's Shane, and Mikey! I was excited AND shitting myself. Oh, what was I getting into? If only I knew at the time. "It's a friend Dad. Shane Lawson." I think that's his last name. Without any further questioning, I hurtled out the door, straight into Shane.

"Woah! Hey there." He caught me and turned me around, arm around my shoulder. "Mikey's making his way there. So it's just us."
"Sweet." I didn't want to shrug him off. I got into the front of Shane's small car. It was messy and had newspapers and cups all over. Party car much?

"You have orgies in here?" I joked, picking up an empty Smirnoff bottle. Yummy. Though I usually drink just to make me feel better (like when I ended up at Gerard's house), or to celabrate, or at parties. Hey, that's a few reasons actually!
He laughed, starting the car.

"If I did," He pushed my hand clutching the bottle down. "It would be far worse." He put on shades, despite the weather, and reached across me into the glove compartment. That was messy too. I saw it had sheets of paper, numbers and words that made no sense.

"(C)Dwain 17 (W)Clay 14...."

"Gum?" Shane grinned up at me, practically lying on my lap.
"Yeah, please." I took a stick and chewed on it while Shane drove like a madman.
"We're going to see 'Dead Again', okay?" Shane asked. Half asked, half stated really.
"Oh, great! We'll all love that one!" I meant it. Zombies are freakin' awesome in my book.

We arrived on time, in front of the candy shop/stall but no Mikey. It was because I had expected it to be just him that I missed him and Gerard at the ticket stand.
"Hey, Gerard can come!" I tugged on Shane's jacket. He must be about 6 foot 7! Way taller than me, taller than Gerard as well. Freakin' huge...
"What? Oh, well, Mikey said he can't come. He must be ill." Shane concluded, turning to look behind us, out the lobby windows.
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