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And never take candy from strangers

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*facepalm* classic mistake there Frank...

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Frank: Although, on further reflection, that didn't make sense, I took Shane's words for it.
"Butter on it?" He asked out of the blue.
"Popcorn!" he chuckled darkly.
"Oh! Yes, definately." I frowned and looked at the ground. They'd both come over soon. "Oh and you want a mint?" Shane offered. It was dry and it fizzed away oddly, only a hint of mint in it. Damn cheap-ass Shane. If I had known it's later effects I would have most likely declined and freak out. Though Shane hid it well. Maybe this is wher 'never take candy from strangers' rule comes in ~

Mike rushed over as expected. "Guys, hi. Look, I can't sit with you." He was speaking fast and trying to stay behind us.

"Why not?" Shane stroked his throat, then licked his bottom lip, flicking the silver ring.
"Because I'm going with Gerard! We're seeing 'Dead Again', you must be as well, but there's no way I can sit with you." He explained in a rush.

"Awh!" I groaned, slumping on a pillar. "Why won't Gerard sit with me and Shane?" I whined, tugging on Mikey's sleeve.
"He doesn't want to risk you getting a cold."

"Well, fine. You meet me in the bathrooms at 6:30. No risk of infection there." I pouted, as untrue that last part was. Mikey didn't question my request and went back to his brother.
It isn't all bad to let Gee be with Mikey, or for him to let me be with Shane.

We took our seats in the back corner. It was a bit of a buzzkill to know it was just me and Shane. But only a bit of a buzzkill.
We sat in silence and I was enthralled in the movie. The crazy zombie sex was...Interesting to say the least.
Shane had his knees just touching mine and was bouncing his foot wildly as he chuckled along.

"Jeez, just go fap, sex-machine." I whispered in his ear. My lip caught between two piercings on the top of his ear for a second.
Shane whispered back, "What if I do?" I shivered. I always hate, but absolutely love when someone does that! So close too.

"Ungh, Sh-" I didn't really want Shane to be doing stuff like that near Gee. Something warm and slightly damp, enveloped my earlobe. Followed by sharp, nibbling teeth. Then a velvety tongue lapped lightly on my skin, flicking it.
If such a thing as 'ear fuck' existed, I was no longer a virgin. I shouldn't have given in.
"Shane...!" My protest melted into shameful pleasure. Just this was giving me a boner. Unfortunately for me, when it comes to such thing I'm a 'dick-first' thinker. Best thing was, there was no chance of Gerard ever knowing. I shouldn't think like that but...

I didn't know wheather to move, or to stop it.
No, It's too good to stop! It wouldn't play on my concience later. It's too damn delicious!
I heard a sort of huff of laughter and I opened my rolling-back, orgasmic griven eyes to see Shane. I slid down in my seat a tiny bit upon seeing him sitting across me, sort of. Feet on my right, ass on my left. He was sitting across me adn I almost flipped out to see him.

He caressed my cheek, as if holding onto me while sucking snd licking my earlobe. A hand fell on my shoulder and Shane's hair brushed against me. He was kissing down my neck.

"Shane!" I hissed angrily, mostly angry at myself, "Fu.. Fuck off!" I whined, pulling his face away from me.

... On the other hand, this would do no harm, it's one-off, right? Plus, I may be dreaming. My arms were heavy abd pushing him off was more of a chore than expected.

"And we are off to the bathroom." Shane snatched me up before I knew what was going on. I pretended this didn't count as anything. I just knew I felt almost high and Shane was the cause. I did indeed feel hazy and half asleep. The chemicals were deifnately getting to my head, and I had no idea what the fuck was going on. I was out of it.

He dragged me into a cubicle, snarling a smile. He sat on the toilet, far back, and I wondered what was to become of me now.

"This is just a starter hun." Shane sat me on his thighs, boosting me up a little. I was dizzyish and thirsty like hell.
I slouched onto him lazily, feeling heavy, resting my forehead on top of his head. I shut my eyes, my stomach gargling unhappily as I drew out dry wrteches.
Shane was doing something, nuzzling my chest, but something wasn't right. Apart from the fact this was Shane, not sexy Gerard.

I wanted to throw up too. And it wasn't jsut to do with my behavior. I had really let myself go, leading on Shane.
"Shit! Shane!" I got up but he held my body down to his face. "Get off me!" I hit his back feebly.
"What's wrong?" Shane sat back, holding me firm.
"I... Shit, I wanna throw up!" He got out my way and I crouched over the toilet bowl. I wasn't sick, but at least I had a chance to think. Shane giggled, mumbling something unintelligable.
"Don't do that again." I sighed angrily, pointing at him sternly, my legs heavy as lead and as weak as damn jell-o. It was like the flu, but the colours were not the ones that were to be expected. I fell to the ground and passed out for what must have been all of 10 minutes. I felt like shit, my stomach still curdling. My memory was overidden by my concern for my sudden synptoms.

MIKEY: I was in the bathroom for 6:30 as told. Apart from my trainers squeeking on the floor and people talking....somewhere, it was quiet.
"Frank?" I called out. Only one cubicle was being used and two guys were in it. Dodgy much?

"Yeah, okay, are you good? I'm so stupid..."
"No, it's my fault that I....We know I ain't single." Another voice soothed.
It was Frank and Shane! What the hell was happening?!
Somebody coughed.

I decided not to wait for Frank to emerge. I wanted to know what he wanted to say though! Feeling confused, I went back to Gee. I didn't want to know what was going on. Frank had lost points in my book. Unfaithful maybe? Unfaithful to Gerard was something that I could never bear. If Frank was to be unfaithful I'd go off my head at him for taking such things for granted and whoring himself around.

"Hey." Gerard whispered on my re-arrival.
"Did I miss anything?" I asked, hoping I didn't.
"Uhm, no, not really. Sweets?" he held out the bag.

He didn't have a cold, I just didn't want to offend the other two by saying he hates Shane. Also, it was meant to be just me and Gerard anyways.
I really hoped Gerard will give Shane a chance though. Maybe I could be extra sweet and win him over? He does like it when I get overly-clingy. I could arrange the four of us to meet up again next weekend hopefully. If the friendship should end so suddenly between Shane and Gerard, it should at least end on a nice note.

Many incidents are to ensue this foursome. Well, a forsome because Shane pretty much invited himself in. It's gonna get pretty grizzly from now on, folks. Cheating, violence, angst, drugs, experimentation, guy with a whore-ish indulgence, nasty-man-doing-nasty-things....
It's gonna be hard watching thier lives, but interesting nonetheless.

SHANE: Holy shit, was Frank good! I had him in my grasp, surely. I could tell he felt a bit torn with me and Gerard. He'd be in my appartment soon either way. It would obviously take longer for him to trust me entirely but I could easily prentend he had come down with the flu fomr the way he had been affected.
As for Mikey, well, is he easy? I bet he is.
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