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You amphibious boys, you :D Except Mikey has an odd little phobia goin' on ~

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MIKEY: I wasn't quite sure what Shane and Frank were doing in the bathrooms. I was tempted to tell Gerard, incase it was anything 'bad'. Which it no-doubt was. Frank was exasperating now.
I knew the price I'd have to pay though. Gerard ain't a beliver in the phrase, "Don't shoot the messenger" you see.
Sticking to my 'clinginess' plan, which I usually end up doing naturally anyway, that night I got out Gerard's second matress while he brushed his teeth. I brought in my pillow and duvet and sat there waiting innocently. Gerard had no idea what I was up to.
When Gerard came in, wearing green and bluestripy boxer-shorts and a black vest top, he pointed at me, mouth hanging open. A little grin soon appeared though.

"Mikey...?" He was happy about it. Very pleased.
"Yeah Gee-bear?" I twiddled my thumbs, smiling myself.
"You're sleeping here?"
"Well, it looks like I am."
Gee lit up and pushed my pop-up bed right up to his.
"Wow, that bed's heavy." he muttered under with breath. "Aw, I'm so happy Mike!" he came around to the other side of my bed and reached down to hug me.
"Good boy." he squeezed my sides. "It's been so long since you've done this."

"And.....?" I prompted, tapping my cheek once he let go. He stooped down again to kiss me on the cheek, then crawled into his bed. A definate happy aura filled the room, and Gerard was positively glowing.
"We're not too old for that, are we?" I asked quietly, since I had to ask for one in the first place.
"Certainly not!" Gerard confirmed. "We're different to other brothers. We are.... Stronger, in a way." Holy shit, that made me dizzy, in the best way possible. More than brothers but....Different. That could mean......

He was facing me, hand on his pillow, close to my own hand. I was reminded yet again of his sweet nature, despite everything life was thrown at him. He deserved the best of me. I can always forgive him, because he's been so tortured inside.
He smiled at me broadly then pushed his forehead onto mine gently. I tipped my head back to angle us just so that the air between us was minimal. I shivered at our proximity. So damn close.

Only reminding me of what I wanted of him. Perhaps I was hinting at this when I wrapped my arms around Gerard. I clasped my hands on the bump of bone on the back of his neck.
Everything is so confusing.
"I love you Mikey." No matter when he said that, what he'd be doing to me at the time, it tore me to pieces.
"Swimming tommorrow." Gerard spoke to himself aloud as he often does in a cheery mood.

GERARD: "I'll get you up at about 12." I told Mikey. Swimming was the only thing different to do that was easy to get to and affordable. Besides, I hadn't been swimming in months.
"Cool." Mikey mumbled groggily, weakly. I wasn't sure wheather to let go now. Mikey hugged me tighter so I stayed put. He tipped me over gradually so I was lying on my back, with him half on top of me. We just lay there, quite contempt.
"Gerard." He spoke into my shoulder slowly and breathing hard. "You're the best." I ran my fingers through his hair dreamily. It felt so good to just lie there, so quiet.

I brought him breakfast in the morning, in a great mood. Orange juice and burnt toast. Hey, it's the thought that counts. He sat on his bed, munching away, that sweet smile never once leaving his face. I wasn't hungry myself so just had a few sips of orange juice.

It was the smell of chlorine that welcomed me to the local pool. Strong, chemical goodness. What the school showers and cafeteria smelt like. I breathed it in deep on our way to the changing rooms. I had with me, trunks, my phone and wallet, all rolled up in my signature purple towel.
I got us a locker and we changed in opposite cubicles. I hated the slippy tiles I had to stand on, I was itching to get swimming already. The humidity was agitating me, knowing I could be soaked in minutes. I was finished first and waited for Mikey to emerge. He looked funny in swimming trunks, and he knew it. Mine were a bit better, black with a red stripe down them and just above knee-length.

There were two pools to choose from. A rectangular, normal, proper swimming pool and a deep, thick, figure-8 shaped one, with ledges cut into it to sit on or whatever. They were joined by a small passage that you swam through.
It wasn't too busy at all, mostly serious swimmers and a couple of kids and parents.

MIKEY: Gerard sat on the ledge, semi-immersed in water. I saw his hair spread around, curling and sticking to his head. G looked calm as he surveyed all around himself. I stood there, watching for a second or two.
"Mikey! Jump in. Touch the bottom of the pool for me!" he waved me over.
I hate the deep end of swimming pools. They're just darkness, vast, beneath you. Even with goggles I hate them. Especially if they're patterned. I used to have nightmares about those when I was a kid.
They still freak me out today! It's so strange, I can deal with heights, but not depths!

"C'mon!" he coaxed me over. I ran at him, luckily not falling then, cannonballed over Gerard's head in a swift, gut-wrenching moment.

Holy crap! That water was ice-cold! I kept my eyes tight shut, not wanting to open them and look at the bottom of the pool. My heart throbbed in shock as I sunk further down. I felt too scared to move or let go of my knees! The bottom scared me more than I cared to admit to anyone.
I'd just wait until I touched the bottom, then kick upwards. I must've been close, so I breathed out all my breath in one shot, trusting I was at the bottom judging by how long I had been sinking. I coughed once, as my throat had an annoying tickle all day as it usually does.
The weird thing was, that once I let myself float down, lying flat (ish) even though I couldn't breathe, I felt relaxed. I hit the bottom with a thump then allowed myself to open my eyes.

They stung, but I could see the dark blue tiles stretching all around me. I choke-gasped when I saw lettering. I had forgotten this place had writing on the bottom of the pool. I had also forgotten that gasping, in water, just doesn't work.
I was desparate for air, my ears and lungs hurt! But the lettering petrified me momentarily. I uncurled from my cannonball positon to react in some way.
Someone caught hold of me, around my armpits, and we hurtled upwards towards the surface.
I spluttered and gaped in air before looking to see it was Gerard who had got me. He sat me on the cut in ledge, swimming on level with my stomach. I was so embarassed. I was just going to try swimming up to the surface too...

"Hey, Mikey! What happened? You sorta, froze up!"
"Uhm..." I coughed. "I dunno..." Then I noticed something was missing. Glasses.
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