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Wake Up

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The week was almost up which meant I was still sick; I was nowhere any better. Instead of getting a little better I had gotten sicker, I felt like half of me was dead. I tried my hardest not to let it show how bad I really felt, I didn’t won’t anyone to worry. I knew Alex had done gone into worry stage; I didn’t won’t him to be worry because if he was worry then it would just make me that more scared.

We were playing on stage we were touring with lot of bands, we were the main band to head line the tour. I lost count of now many songs we did played but I knew it wasn’t that many; I was just counting down the hours until the set was over it. Every step I took I got dizzier I kept standing there and not moving so I wouldn’t pass out.

I was so worried about not passing out I didn’t realize I stop playing until I look down, lucky no one realize I had stopped. I begin to play again trying to make the dizzy go away, but nothing seem to help. Usually I was the one who would be crazy on stage, jumping into the crowed and into the air but I knew if I did any of that, I would pass out.

Once the song was over, I headed off stage Alex would be playing Remembering Sunday so I had a little break before going on stage. I lead against the speakers watching Alex play, I was no longer worried about passing out I too busy watching Alex to care, the rest of the world did not exist at the moment.

Five minutes later the rest of us went back on stage, I no longer felt dizzy which I thought it had finally went away. I was going to try my hardest to make it through this show I didn’t won’t any of the fans to stat worrying about me, I was going to push this sickness away for me.

The show was almost over with it I had made it almost I just had to last for one more song, as we being to play that feeling has come back. This time it was stronger I closed my eyes in hoping it would make everything alright, but it seems like it only made it worst. I look out in the crowed everyone was becoming a blur I could feel my heart racing, something was wrong.

I saw Zack look over at me he kept asking me something but I couldn’t make it out, everything was becoming a blur. Before I could even move I hit the ground, I could hear people screaming and calling my name. I was still there I just couldn’t wake up no matter how hard I tried I couldn’t open my eyes, then I heard his voice.

“Jack please wake up, “Alex said. I could hear him crying a little it was breaking my heart to know he was crying. I just lay there I couldn’t wake up no matter how hard I tried, maybe this was it for me.

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