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One More Day,One More Moment

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Alex's Pov

In that moment my heart stop, I felt the world around me stop. Jack had hit the ground and wasn’t getting back up. At first I thought he just feel but after a few seconds, I knew something was wrong. I ran over to his side trying my hardest to wake him up, nothing was happening. I could feel the tears going down my face; I knew something was wrong with him. Before I could even blink we were at the hospital, the guys and I were sitting in the waiting room. I wanted to be by his side I need to be by his side, waiting was the hardest thing I had to do.

“He can’t die, he just can’t, “I said while the tears came down my face.

“His going to be alright, “Zack said while standing by side me. I wouldn’t leave the door I couldn’t sit down; all I could do was stand here and cry.

“How do you know? For all we know he could be dead right now, “I said while facing him.

Zack didn’t say anything he just pulled me into a hug were I broke down even more. It was true Jack could be dead for all we know. Hours went by no doctors had even come by; I hated hospitals they make you wait for days it seem before someone will talk to you. Just as I was about to go find a doctor so I could get some kind of answer, the doctor walk in.

“Are you the guys that came in with Jack “The doctor ask.

“Yes. His he alright, “I ask while scare of what the doctor would say.

“Let’s go into my office to talk, “Doctor replied.

That was never good anytime the doctor tells you to go into his office it’s always bad news. I could feel my heart beating against my chest, it felt as if it was going to jump out. Few minutes later we all walk into his office.

“There’s no easy way to say this, Jack has a tumor on his brain. We did a MRI and we found the tumor, “The doctor said while looking at all of us.

A second time today my world has stopped, I couldn’t believe what I just heard. This had to be a nightmare it couldn’t be real.

“Is he going to die, “I ask while trying not to break down.

“He has a small chance in making it. We would do surgery but it’s too late for that, “The doctor said.

“What if you did the surgery, would he live longer, “I ask.

" If we do the surgery it would 40% chance he would make it through the day or the week. A small chance he would even make it a month, there is no way he would make it a year or even beat this. I'm sorry to that, " Doctor said while looking at me.

“Do the surgery, “I said. I wasn’t going to let him die, not yet.

“There would be no use, it would be a waste of time, “Doctor said once again.

“I don’t care! If it means I can have one more day with you, one more moment then so be it, “I said in angry.

“Alright, we will do the surgery, “Doctor said.

If it meant I could have one moment just one more day with him, then that’s all I cared about.

I change the title. I dont know why I had that other one. Thanks for the reviews. Review?
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