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Don't Leave Me

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Alex's Pov

It seem like yesterday I was having the time of my life, playing in front of millions of fans. Being with the one I love more then anything, living life the way I wanted and just like it all got took away from me. Just a few minutes ago, I just got told the person I love may not see tomorrow, or even make it through. I wasn’t giving up hope I couldn’t; he was going to make it.

Before the doctors took him for surgery I got to see him, this could be the last time I see him. I would never be able to tell him I love him or how much he means to me. I would never be able to see his eyes that I love; I would never be able to hear him talk again. I had to stop thinking like that I had to stay strong I walk into his room.

It was as if he was sleeping, he look so peaceful. I was trying my hardest not to break down, I had to be strong I told myself. I walk over beside his bed this couldn’t be the end. I grab his hand, and whisper.

“I love you. You better not leave me, you can’t, “I whisper.

He couldn’t leave me I wouldn’t let him like there was anything I could do. We had our whole lives to be together I wasn’t going to let this ruin it; he had to fight this I knew he would. Just then, the doctor and the nurses came into the room.

“It’s time for him to leave. When the surgery is over with, I’ll let you know, “The doctor said.

I just nodded I was afraid if I spoke that I might cry, I watch as the nurses push his bed out. I did everything I could not to break down in that moment I had to be strong.

Hours Later

Hours have gone be it seem like it was taking forever, I hated waiting. Every minute going by, I was scared, I didn’t know if he was dead or alive. All I can do was sit here and wait something I hated to do; there was nothing I could do. All the guys were here waiting as well, if it wasn’t from them being here I would have done broke down already.

“What’s taking so long, “I said out loud.

“Doctors take forever to let you know what’s going on, “Zack said.

“It shouldn’t have took this long though, it’s been about four hours or longer, “I replied.

I was getting tired of waiting that’s all I’ve been doing is waiting, I wanted to know if Jack had made it through, not knowing was killing me. Just then the doctor walk in, my heart was racing.

“The surgery went well. His in the ICU he’ll be waking up soon. Now like I said there is no telling how long he will live, but for now his alive, “Doctor said.

“Can we see him, “I ask.

“For a few minutes, I’ll take you to him, “Doctor said.

We all followed the doctor to the ICU he was alive at least for now. I could feel my heart racing along the way, what if he never wakes up.

Again I'm so sorry that its taking me forever to update. Life has been beyond crazy for me,in bad ways and good. But now that I'm on break from classes I'll have more time to update. So thank you for the people who have stuck with me, you guys rock!. Thanks for the review, it means alot. So anyone buy the new MCR cd? I did and I love it!!!!. Review?
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