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Bathroom Floor

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Mikey confronts Frank about him acting like a ho. he doesnt want to hate Frank but hes so damn confused...!

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GERARD: That incident happened on Friday, and I was almost relieved to hear Mikey speak to me normally that same night. I tiptoed past his door when he called me over. I leant on the doorframe and observed, half expecting a pitiful display.

"Gerard. Me, you, Frank and Shane - wanna meet at the park tommorrow? Frank just sent me a message..." He explained, lying on his stomach with his head rested on his folded arms on his pillow.
"Oh! As long as you stick with me... Yeah, fine." I agreed.
"Aw! I love you Gerard!" It was agonisingly strange for Mikey to be so....lovey-dovey after I soft-core violated him. Maybe the little guy didn't understand it at all... I mean, that was a kiss not made of the normal reasons, did he understand that? Or was he so desparate he'd take any simple kiss....? I sat on the side of his bed in silence. Mikey didn't ask why, he even pulled me down gently to lie beside him. His thin hands started to comb through my hair and I relaxed there. It was wrong to kiss him in a mean way. But sometimes I get so paranoid, I can't help it.

Shane was lucky I was giving him another chance, although he didn't know what he had done wrong. I aimed to block out what he would say though anyway. I'd have Frank positively chained to me as well.


Mikey and I waited for the other two to show up at the park. Frank arrived first so I took my chance to leap into him, bringing him to the grassy ground with a sore but satisfying thud.

"Hello, my handsome!" I practically growled, pushing his hair back.
"Nice welcome for me." Frank grinned, looking mildly concussed. He seemed happy though. I pecked him on the lips and hauled him up. I held him around the waist, swaying us slightly. I rubbed the top of his jeans, working my way to softly stroking his hip, nuzzling Frank as well. He had no idea why I was being so obivously possessive. Not that it was all a display, by any means.

Inevitably, and obviously logically, Shane was last to appear. He rolled up in a small car and sauntered out.
As much as I wanted to rape or kill the bastard (still very pissed off) I let him walk with us. In our line of four it went, Mikey, Shane, Frank then me at the end. It was okay... Being furthest away from Shane was a plus point. For us both.
He was talking pervy again though, so occasionally I would tug at Frank's arm to show my place.
I once stopped us, just to pull him in for a passionate kiss. But that was mainly because Frank was asking for it and I felt I needed it.

FRANK: I'd get Mikey today, now or never. I was sweating form the thought. It was something I had to do, get it done so I can focus only on Gerard to stop my scary doubting. It was drawn to my attention that whenever Shane and I talked innuendo/pervishly, Mikey would leer at me angrily. So I wound him up by replying to things such as;
"I'd sommersault into your pants."
and "You don't need whippy cream on that!" etc. Gerard seemed only half as annoyed. That was saying something! He'd increase his hold on me if I ignored him too long by pulling me in for a kiss or licking me out of the blue.

It would be a chance to somehow reel Mikey in if I infuriated him enough. It felt so odd and empowering to be angering the usually well-natured guy. It showed how much more human he was. Normally, Mikey seemes restricted, and pained in being so. It sucks to be honest to see that. It's like he's locked up, only feet from the key.

It was at Shane's comment of:
"What would you do if I fell dick-first into honey then?" (to which I replied 'clean you up'.) that Mikey lost it with me.

He huffed and halted us. Gerard looked as astonished as I felt.
"Hey, you are dating Gerard!!" Mikey came up to me fires in his usually cold eyes, "If you're with him, stop fucking around! Give some respect! You're being such a slut!!" He slapped me across the cheek fast. Mikey yelled in a pained way, angry but also whiney.

This could be a chance to get him alone! Even if it didn't result in what I thought would happen, a good talk could extinguish all my fears. I drew us out of the group, to the public and often missused bathrooms.

"You wanting a fight?" I resisted touching my cheek to soothe the warm sting. I was infuriated but still trying to focus on my goal.

GERARD: I wanted to follow the two but Shane held me back by my scarf, choking me momentarily. He's really quite strong... I staggered into him to elbow him in the ribs. Shane didn't react but held onto my jacket tightly.

"Let them sort it out." He placed his hands on my shoulders and I merely twitched trying not to shrug him off. If I let out my anger now, I'd be in serious serious shit.

MIKEY: It really hurt me how Frank would leave me hanging. Not defining our relationship to me, just playing around. Playing around with everyeon! Now using Shane to taunt me. Well I'd had enough of him teasing me and ignoring Gerard.

Frank stalked up to me and I stood at the back wall of the bathrooms, ready.

"Slut am I? You think I cheat, do I?" Frank spoke in a tone I couldn't quite identify. He was about to kick me so I threw a punch to his chin.
Frank gasped as blood seeped from his mouth. I didn't want to fight him but I was so angry I didn't know what to do with it all.

I just wanted closure on this...Bait he had me by!
He pinned me to the wall and jabbed at my side with his knee. In response I used all my strength to pull us of the wall and wrestled him onto the floor. There was little meaning to the struggle that was spoken, I just needed a release on him. He just tortured me inside, the way he was with me. Is Frank coming or going with me?
Perhaps he deserved a lesson of some calibre...?

I was so angry but so tired of it all. I let it all out too, feeling the tears of hatred and exasperation well up. Why was he being so horrible to me?

We were all friends, so why did we have to fight anyway?!
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