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Plans never go right

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Oh shit... Frank lets his emotions go haywire and Mikey gets all confused ~

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Closure. It can be different for two people involved in the same thing. It can mean walking away coldly to one, or, having a discussion calmly to the other. Mikey and Frank's temporary closure on thier feelings for each other would also be varying. Especially since the circumstances would be rather ironic, that began with a confrontation on cheating.

MIKEY: I had Frank on the cold tiles. This is what it felt like, to be the one in power? This wasn't about power though, this was about him fucking around with me, and he knew it.

I straddled his stomach and pressed a knee down onto his chest. I wanted an appology, or confession from him. Aything to satisfy me. He knew why I was so angry. He had to by now.

"Stop!" Frank started hammering my chest with fists like iron. Iron like his heart, in my view.

"Don't act like a fucking slut." I felt miserable, doing this. Frank struggled and managed to roll me off him. We both got up again and I was driven to a wall. I wasn't up for this as much as I had been when I challenged him.
"Frank!" I lashed out hoplessly, deciding to adopt a defensive state as Frank clsoed in. "No more, please?" I muttered. The fighting was not helping at all. I wanted to talk to him, not have to fight hopelessly.

"Slut?" Frank murmured, slumping against me. Still, he was fucking me around!
Frank was listening to my breathing now, peaceful. As glad as I was for teh fighting to stop, I was more concerned for Frank's still leaning on me.

"Frank?" I didn't move.

Frank dragged me to sit on a urinal so we were more level. He a bit was taller than me now.

"Go ahead; Experiment." He whispered confidently and teasingly in my ear. He spread my legs and stood between them, tugging on my hair to bring me close to his lips.
"Mikey, I want you to kiss me." He growled angrily.

I couldn't! I wanted to, but....
His lips met mine, in an instant, sending chills down my spine. It was wrong, I had been kissed by both the guys I've forbidden myself to love in this way! But I let my own lips part foolishly.
Why have none when you can have both??

I'm a selfish bastard. And I enjoyed it, because I knew this would not last long. He's Gerard's to love...
It was a hunger different from one craving Gerard's disciplinary love. It was a selfish guilty secret to me now. I didn't bother to consider Frank's reasons for this.
Something cold fought it's way into my mouth and I yelped.

"Shh..." Frank held my head steady, brushing his nose against my cheek. "Sorry there." I felt his hips sway from side to side, trancing me onwards.
I opened my mouth again and thankfully Frank kept his tongue to himself. I allowed myself to go with it, but still trying to kiss back right.
I was aware of Frank was pulling me forward, unbalancing me somewhat from my weird, unsanitary seat.
I heard him huff into my mouth before he spoke, lips still on mine.

"See? Just friends. God I'm glad we cleared it up."

The hell to friends! I thought this meant we were more... I growled but carried on, kissing as though fighting him into him saying he loved me. Or at least liked me more than a damn friend! Frank broke off, coughing madly.

"What about Gerard now?" I got up, pushing him away gently. It's bad enough loving two people at once, but making out with your boyfriend's brother...That's something else! And especially when the other person is your brother!

"Nothing. I'm sorry if I ever led you on."

I moaned, feeling unfufilled as we made our way outside. I like Frankie, I really do, but I'm undecided about letting him 'play' with me. I liked kissing him just then but it inevitably made me feel bad. I know that him appologising for leading me on meant that that was just his way of having some closure on all this but I wasn't too sure.

What makes him unsatisfied with Gerard though... It'd be my heaven and piece of hell if I could be involved with G!

But the world hates two brothers who'd say they loved each other so.

....I hate genetics. So... Therfore I hate myself. That's not odd to admit. I hate myself for falling for what I can't have and for begin so contradictory.

I'm sexually wrong...
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