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A collection of Aladdin short stories. AladdinxJasmine, GeniexEden, IagoxThundra

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Egg Sitting

Eden held the fragile little egg in a bundle of blankets in her arms with gentle care. As she rocked it slowly like a baby and started to hum a soft lullaby. The action continued for a few minutes until she paused. "What is it little one? Don't you want to take your nap?" She asked the egg, which of course did not reply. "Here Jasmine, you try it." The green genie who was visiting Agrabah, carefully handed the egg to the queen.

Jasmine received the little egg with outmost care. She smiled in a motherly fashion and started cradling it and singing to it. Finally after a few minutes of lullabies she concluded by motherly instinct that the egg was 'sleeping'. "He's sleeping now," she said in a whisper.

Eden smiled and replied with a quiet "aw".

Jasmine proceeded to gently place the 'sleeping' egg in a soft pillow in a baby crib and made sure to cover it well with the blankets. Only a small portion of the egg could be seen from under the blankets so that it would still have some fresh air without getting cold.

"Eden!" Genie called as he, Aladdin and Abu entered the room. The green genie had said something about helping Jasmine put the egg for a nap and had not returned for a while.

"Be quiet!" Eden instantly appeared next to the blue genie and slapped a hand over his mouth none too gently.

Aladdin blinked in confusion and making sure to keep his voice to a whisper, he asked. "What's going on?"

"The baby is sleeping," Jasmine replied with an equality quiet whisper.

Aladdin approached silently and stood next to Jasmine looking at the egg in the baby crib. While Thundra and Iago had a little vacation, the rain bird had asked Jasmine if she would babysit her young child and the queen was all too happy to help.

"Sorry, I didn't mean to wake it up," Genie apologized, though Eden's look didn't soften as he expected. "What's wrong?"

"A baby is not an it," Eden pointed out and Genie was left to wonder how Thundra, Eden and Jasmine could tell the gender of an egg.

Aladdin cautiously examined his situation. He was curious about the egg’s gender and how they knew what it was, but he would have to ask gently and indirectly. He carefully placed an arm around Jasmine's shoulders and spoke softly, "the baby is really cute."

"Yes, isn't he?" Jasmine, who was expecting a child of he own, sighed happily.

Bingo, it was a he! "Yes he is," Aladdin smiled victoriously since he had obtained the information he needed to avoid calling the egg wrongly and upseting the girls.

"Our daughter will be cute too," Jasmine added.

Aladdin tried to hide his confusion and nodded. He didn't know he was having a daughter, he knew he would be a father but didn't know if the baby would be a boy or a girl. If Jasmine said it was a girl, then he would believe her. "She'll look just like you." Jasmine smiled and hugged her husband.

While Aladdin spoke, Genie observed. A smooth talker he was that boy, a smooth talker indeed. Genie was tempted to poof up a notepad and pen but that would look too obvious in front of Eden.

"Your highness," Razoul stood at the door, which had been left open.

"Shh!" Jasmine and Eden hissed at the same time at the guard who didn't keep his voice down.

For a split second Razoul was surprised until he realized that they were checking the baby crib. From his place at the door he couldn't see what was in the crib and no one had told him there would be a baby around. Jasmine was still pregnant so it couldn't be her baby. Besides, when the heir to the throne of Agrabah was born, everyone would know. Razoul decided it wasn't his place to inquire about the contents of the crib and simply apologized in a whisper.

"It's alright he didn't wake up," Jasmine looked relieved.

Razoul nodded, not knowing how to respond to that. If there was a baby in there he must be really small. The palace guard stood at the door for a moment before remembering why he was there in the first place. "Sultan, your presence is required to discuss certain things with the advisors." There was a pause in which nobody moved or said anything. Razoul waited a little longer and repeated. "Your highness, will you be attending?"

Another pause followed until Aladdin realized that everyone was looking at him. "You mean me?" He asked, to which Jasmine nodded her head.

Sometimes the queen ended up doing the majority, if not all of the ruling. Aladdin meant well, he really did, he had the subjects’ best interest in mind and he tried his best, but he lacked the experience of governing a kingdom which Jasmine had been raised on. "You're the sultan now, do your best."

"Thanks," sometimes Aladdin needed to be reminded that after his marriage to Jasmine, her father had retired to an easy life of sleeping in and playing with toys, leaving the kingdom in their hands. "I'll do my best!" With those final words and smiles of encouragement from his wife and friends, Aladdin was off, following Razoul to the room where the meeting with his advisors would take place.

Abu who had been surprisingly quiet the entire time, hopped from Aladdin’s shoulder to Genie's and peeked at the egg curiously. He wondered what his 'nephew' would be like when he was born.

"So Jasmine, do you have a plan?" Eden got the conversation going again after the silence.

"Not yet, but I want it to be something small with just my closest friends. Maybe you can help me plan it." Jasmine obviously knew exactly what Eden was talking about, unlike Genie and Abu.

"Can I help?" Genie asked completely ignorant to what he was getting himself into. Abu's monkey sounds followed in agreement.

"Well I'm not sure if you'd like to tag along," Eden laughed.

"You know what? I feel like getting started on choosing the supplies and everything right now. I would like something rare from a far away land." It seemed that whatever message Jasmine was trying to communicate was received quite clearly by the green genie, but the blue one remained clueless as to what the topic of their conversation was.

"I can get you there in a second," Eden offered.

Genie just looked confused, as did Abu. Were they going somewhere? Where and why?

"What about the baby? Why did I have to get the urge to get started today? I want to stay with the baby too," Jasmine voiced.

"Don't worry we'll make it really quick and check on the baby every few minutes. I'm pretty good at teleportation," Eden assured.

"If you put it that way, how could I say no?" Jasmine agreed, and it had been decided. But what exactly was decided?

"Take care of the baby, while Jasmine and I go baby shower shopping," Eden informed.

Genie was surprised and could only respond with a "huh?" While Abu remained completely speechless. Thus Genie, Abu and Rajah, who was conveniently trying to keep his presence from being noticed, became the little egg's babysitters after Jasmine and Eden left.

Abu made his optimistic monkey noises and Genie nodded. "You're right. It can't be too hard since it's just an egg. Rajah!"

The tiger gave an annoyed growl, he wanted to continue his nap without interruptions.

"Guard the egg while Abu and I raid the royal kitchen and we'll bring you a snack." The blue genie's offer effectively caught the attention of the tiger, who nodded eagerly.

A few minutes passed in silence after Genie and Abu disappeared to the kitchen and Rajah dozed off once again, now dreaming of the snack he had been promised. The tiger didn't notice the green genie and the queen poof back into the room. "Just as I thought," Jasmine looked upset.

"I can't believe Genie isn't watching him," Eden was just as upset as Jasmine.

The queen gently picked up the little egg. "Don't worry, we'll take you with us." It had been decided, so Eden and Jasmine teleported away once again.

Seconds later, Genie and Abu returned with plenty of food for themselves and for Rajah. The tiger was woken up by the scent of the meal and sat with the other two to eat. "Someone should check on the baby," Genie suggested.

Rajah continued eating then joined Genie in staring at Abu. The monkey caught the hint making an "ee" sound while pointing at him self in question. The other two nodded and Abu climbed to the crib to check on the baby. The egg was quite small so he didn't find it strange that he couldn't spot it right away. Panic began to settle in when Abu lifted the blankets and still couldn't find the egg. "Uh uh ee!"

"Don't be so loud Abu or you'll wake up the egg and make it, I mean him, cry. Wait eggs don't cry." While Genie analyzed the possible consequences of making the egg 'wake up', Abu continued to panic.

Curios about what had the monkey so worried, Rajah walked over to the crib and looked. The egg was gone and it had disappeared on his watch no less. Alarmed, the tiger started searching.

Genie paused and looked at the two animals. "What's wrong?" Abu pointed an accusing finger at Rajah while the tiger shook his head. Genie took a look into the empty crib and it was his turn to panic. "The egg! Where's the egg?" In a matter of seconds, he had turned the room upside down searching for the missing egg but found nothing. "The egg! It's gone!" Moving with a speed that only a genie could achieve, he searched the entire palace in seconds. "I didn't find him!" Then he searched all of Agrabah. "I didn't find him!" Then he panicked even more and ran around in circles.

Abu jumped on Genie's shoulder and quickly became dizzy while trying to calm him. Then he stopped running and both the genie and the dizzy monkey pointed accusing fingers at the tiger. "You lost the egg!" They each said at the same time with words and monkey sounds respectively.

Rajah shook his head. How was he supposed to know that the egg would disappear? Then he began explaining a theory in his own tiger language.

Genie looked thoughtful. "You say that the egg might have hatched and the baby flew away? Well he was a baby bird so it's possible. Then we have to find him before the girls come back!”

"Find who?" A voice came from the door where Aladdin stood. "The meeting ended earlier than expected. Who do you need to find?"

Genie froze as Aladdin approached and looked at the mess he had made searching. "We need to clean this up. Where did Jasmine and Eden go?" He looked at the baby crib. "Where’s the egg?"

"Um... well... Rajah lost him!" Genie accused and Abu gave his agreement.

"It's lost?" Now it was Aladdin's turn to panic. "Find the egg, quick!"

A poof of green smoke appeared in the room and Jasmine was back holding the egg followed, by a dozen Eden clones carrying many shopping bags. "Find what egg?"

Jasmine and Eden did not look happy at all. Aladdin, Genie, Abu and Rajah backed away slowly, fearing for their lives.


Disclaimer, I do not own Aladdin. This is my first Aladdin fanfic.
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