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Chapter 1

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Halley is a quiet shy girl, who gets a visitor from the past that she tried to forget.

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Heyy this is my first ever fanfic, I came up with the idea when I was sat in class. Anyways please R & R xxxxxx much love and thanks xxxxxx Ellie Frank

She lay on her blue cotten duvet, looking up at the faded posters of rock stars on her bedroom ceiling. Posters smothered her bedroom walls and door, hiding the once electric blue colour it once was. She turned the volume of her ipod to full max, listening to Bring me the horizon scream their heartfelt words down her earphones, it was times like this she was at peace. Her eyes became heavy and she slowly drifted into a deep resentful sleep. She woke up to the feel of a cool night breeze comming from her bedroom window, the purple curtains danced wildly as she focused on the window. Suddenly a shadow of a person flickered behind the curtain, she blinked and focused again.
" Whose there !? " She demanded, no trace of fear in her voice. She stood up with the back of her shins to the side of her bed. " I said, whose there !? " she slid her hand slowly across her cabinet and picked up her swiss army knife, she flicked the knife up and held it tight in her hand. Still clenching the knife, she stepped towards the curtains. She closed her eyes and braced herself before ripping the curtains open to reveal her pale reflection in her window. She closed the window and turn to go back to bed she gasped at the sight before her. There sat on her bed was a young man, he looked about seventeen. His pale porcelian skin glowed in the moonlight, he wore a pair of black skinny jeans, with a black V neck tshirt with a red hoodie and a black leather jacket on top. His black hair was brushed over his eyes, but she could still see a twinkle of hazel pools shine through. A crooked smile grew across his face, he was beautiful, but why the hell was he in her room !?

"Who the fuck are you?" she spat, glaring at him with her knife pointed towards his chest. He tilted his head to the side and bit his lip whilst glancing up and down at her. She suddenly felt self concious with just wearing her short black cotton shorts and an loose fitting iron maiden tshirt. She glared at him, " My face is up here, now answer my question."
To say she was sixteen and a generally shy girl, she seemed completely in control over the fact a stranger was in her room in the dead of night. His smile grew, as he replied. " I'm Gerard." He looked down at his hand and picked at a bit of loose skin next to his finger nail. The anger grew inside of her aswell as the urge to throw the knife right at him.
" Well, "Gerard", why are you in my room in the middle of the night !?" He picked at his loose skin a bit longer before smirking,"Don't you remember ? I always said I would be back for you Halley."

Halley froze. Her heart pounding, " How do you know my name !?" She growled, it seemed, the more angry she got, the bigger his smirk grew. He stood up, she was about 5''2 and the top of her head reached his Hazel eyes. He slowly stepped towards her, he slowly traced his fingers along her jaw and down her neck to her collar bone, where he stopped and went back up her neck to her jaw. " Don't you remember me baby ? " He asked, surprised. She swiped his fingers away from her neck and glared at him. " First off, I'm not your "baby", Second, I have never met you so why the fuck would I remember you ?" He smirked and moved closer to her, less than an inch away from her pale, angry face. " Are you sure you don't remember, 'cos I do, I remember it all" He breathed against her lips, she closed her eyes and tried against all her will not to give into him. Halley shook her head pushed herself away, " Just tell me who you are." she demmanded, twirling the knife in her hand by her side. She was starting to get seriously pissed off, but whenever she looked into his fallen angel face, all her anger melted away.

"Well," He began

********** START OF FLASH BACK **************

Halley stumbled through the park, tears streaming down her pale cheeks, she was thirteen and had ran away from home. her parents hadn't noticed she was gone yet as she had escaped through her bedroom window.
Halley had reached the forest area of the little park, small twigs ripped at her skin like razor sharp teeth, she finally reached an opening in the trees and slumped herself againt an old tree trunk and cried. She cried for what seemed like hours, until she heard a twig snap. Her head shot up and her eyes cautiously scanned her surroundings, she reasurred herself it was just an animal of somesort.
She stood herself up and dusted her jeans down, she took a step to go when something grabbed her wrist, she turned around sharply to see a young man looking at her. His pale skin glowed in the moonlight, he was beautiful, his skin like a china dolls, dressed in black leather pants and jacket with a dark grey tshirt underneath. His black hair was sweeped over his face and his hazel eyes shimmered underneath the black strands of his fringe.
" Don't go," He whisered, his eyes felt like they were staring straight into her soul.
" I don't know you though," she replied calmly, as if it was normal for her to talk to a stranger in the woods at night.
He smiled, " Well you can get to know me, " he sat down on the tree trunk and patted the space next to him, signalling for her to sit down. She did as he said and sat and chatted with him until the sun started to rise.
" I really have to go now," Halley stated, whilst grabbing her bag. "It was nice meeting you." She smiled and shook his hand. She was just about to leave the opening when she heard someone call her name. " Halley !" She turned to see Gerard running after her, "Halley, promise me we will meet again, promise." She looked straight into his eyes and saw the pleading look. " I promise." She vowed as she walked back home.

*********** END OF FLASH BACK ************

" G Gerard ?" She stammered, in complete shock. He looked at her and smiled. " Yes, it's me." She stood still in complete shock, staring at his feet. " I, I thought you weren't real, I thought I had imagined it, I ---" He darted forward and hugged her tightly, she inhaled his scent of aftershave and peppermint. " It's been along time, but at least you kept your promise." He smiled.
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