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Chapter 2

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Halley gets a look on her past promises.

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They stood in their embrace for what seemed like years until finally Halley pulled away. She looked up at him with her big blue eyes. " Gerard, don't leave." She begged gripping her hands into his shoulders. He gazed at her fondly and smiled, " If you want me to stay, I will." It seemed strange that just over a half hour ago he had been a stranger in her room and yet now, she felt as though she had knew him all her life and was asking him to stay instead of leaving. Halley still had the swiss army knife in her hand, she may have seemed completely off guard but one step over line and he would have that blade right in him.

"Do you remember what we said that night ?" He asked sitting back down on her bed, she sat next to him and played with a bit of loose thread on her cotton shorts.
"No, not really, I remember parts of it."

He looked at her slightly shocked," I remember every word," He leaned towards her and whispered into her ear, " And every promise."

She felt the skin around her ear prickle and she turned her head to face him. " What promises ?"
She furrowed her brow and tried to remember that night.

A smirk spread across his face, " You promised me you, and if I can't have you, I will have your soul." His eyes glimmered blood red, as he smirk grew.

Halley stood up, it was all comming back to her.

*********** START OF FLASHBACK *************

She sobbed into his chest as he held his arm around her protectively.
"It's not fair!" She cried, sharing her problems to Gerard. He rocked her gently, humming quietly trying to soothe her. "Dont cry Halley," He whispered.
" I'll sell my soul to the devil, if it means I can leave the shit life I have now." She cursed, her tears drying up. Gerard stopped rocking her and looked down with a grin,
" You promise ?"
" I promise." She replied, not thinking clearly of what she was saying.
" You know, now you have said that - you can't go back on your word."
She nodded bravely, not thinking of what she had gotten herself into.
" Well then, that means we will meet again." He interrupted her thoughts.
She smiled at the thought of meeting him again.
They carried on chatting until the sun started to tise in the hazy sky.
" I really have to go now," Halley stated, whilst grabbing her bag.
"It was nice meeting you." She smiled and shook his hand. She was just about to leave the opening when she heard someone call her name.
" Halley !" She turned to see Gerard running after her, "Halley, promise me we will meet again, promise." She looked straight into his eyes and saw the pleading look. " I promise." She vowed as she walked back home.
A smirk was set on Gerard's face as he watched his victim walk away.
" Whether you promise or not, " he muttered to himself, " I will have you either way."

********** END OF FLASHBACK ***************

" It's just a saying Gerard." She slowly walked away from the smirking monster.
" Aw baby," He walked towards her and cupped her chin, " I told you, you can't go back on your word." He tilted his head and watched her thoughtfully.
" You have three days." He stated. "Three days to pack your things and meet me in the opening in the forest on that tree trunk where we first met."
Halley couldn't take it anymore, she stabbed him in the neck with all her might.
Gerard smiled and shook his head, "Fuck me, Halley, you don't remember anything." He grinned and pulled the knife out of his neck, the wound was healed within seconds.
"Goodbye my love." He kissed her gently on the lips, a wave of excitement ran through her body just as he pulled away. " I will see you soon " He grinned as he reopened the window and jumped out of it and into the dark night.

Halley stood there in utter shock. What the fuck just happened !? She thought to herself as she sat on her bed, her back against the wall. Thats how she stayed the rest of that night, her eyes glued to the window, poised and ready to attack anymore unwanted visitors.

[* Heyy, I dont know if I'm satisfied with these two chapters, I might scrap them and start again xxx what do you think ? R&R xxxxxx much love xxxx ellie frank xxxx
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