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Chapter 3

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Three days later Halley goes to proove to herself it was all a dream...but was it ?

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Please not that the story idea and story line is copy right to myself, as i have wrote this story ( but with different character names ) and is currently being published. Many thanks

It had been three days since that night. Halley had convinced herself it was some messed up dream, and to proove herself right, she would go to the opening in the forest and sit at that tree trunk where she met the so called "Gerard" and fufill her "promises". She glanced at herself in the mirror, she was skinny but curvy and was wearing a long black sleeved top with a ripped turquoise vest ontop, she had grey skinny jeans on with purple converses. Her brown hair was down just past her shoulders, with the ends dyed bright red. Halley grabbed a black hoodie and walked out her bedroom.
"Goin out for a bit! " She yelled, to anyone who was listening.
The cold night air pinched her skin as she made her way towards the park, it was about ten minutes away but it felt further away than usual. The dark streets were empty with the echo of children laughing in the distance
Finally Halley reached the park, it was empty with only a young couple playing tonsil tennis with eachother on the rusty swings. She walked straight towards the forest, it was winter so the trees were bare and the dead leaves made an unusual carpet. The old branches scratched and cut her pale flawless face as she stubbornly marched further into the woods. An old root hooked itself around her foot and sent her flying face down into the forest floor. After a few seconds of realising she had fallen over, she lifted herself up and looked around. Halley had reach the opening. She walked over and sat on the withered tree trunk, surprisingly after all these years, it still held her weight.
Half an hour passed and there was no sign of the mysterious stranger. I knew I had dreamt it she thought to herself as she stood up and dusted her jeans. She made her way to the exit of the opening when suddenly something grabbed her arm, she turned around quickly to see a beautiful face of the boy she had seen twice before.
" Don't go." He whispered, still holding onto her wrist.
Her mouth dropped as realisation hit her.
He craned his neck to see her back.
"I see you didn't pack anything like I told you to ? " He frowned at her, his brow covering his beautiful eyes.
She slowly closed her mouth, only to reopen it to whisper, " I thought it was a dream."
He smirked and wrapped his arms around her waste, " Aw baby, don't you mean nightmare ?"
Halley turned her face away from him, no matter how attractive he was, the desire to punch him was unbelieveably strong.
She pulled herself away from him, staring at the ground trying to think what was going on.
"Wait," She broke the silence, "If it wasn't a dream, then that means," Her face was drained of it's colour, "You - You really are expecting me to come with you?"
He took a step towards her and smirked,"I'm not expecting you to come," He tilted his head and studied her face, he leaned towards her until his forehead was resting against hers and whispered "I'll make you come."

Heyy, sorry it's so short, I just wanted to do a little filler before I got to the important stuff xxxxx thanks so much to the people who have reviewed my story, it's really appreciated and means alot to me that people are enjoying what I put xxxxxxx please R&R and I might be needing new characters further in the story, so if you want to be in it, send a review with you name ( or nickname ) what you or your character have and what age you would like to be in my story xxxxxxxx much love and again please R&R xxxxx Ellie Frank xxxxx
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