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Chapter 4

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Halley stumbled backwards against the trees, her head spinning. "No," She started to mutter, "No, No, No, No, NO!" Tears started to pour down her drained face as she broke down and collapsed onto the forest floor. The leaves crunched with every sob she cried, her tears making the dry leaves damp and soft.
Gerard tutted softly and walked towards the weeping mess, he wrapped his arms around her and cradled her slowly and he carried her to the tree stump. He sat himself down and rocked her gently while soothing her. " Sh, sh shhh." He soothed as he nuzzled his nose into her fringe covered forehead. He stroked her outer arm gently and carried on rocking her.
" Listen sweetheart, you can cry as much as you want, but you promised me, i tried to warn you, but you persisted. So you gotta keep it." She cried harder as she buried her face into his chest, her tears started to run out as she inhaled his beautiful scent of peppermint and aftershave. As hard as he tried, he couldn't wipe the smug grin from his face.
Finally he had her. After all these years of waiting he had gotten what he had been living for. The Halley Angel.
Whether little Halley knew it or not, she and Gerard were destined to be together. She was an angel, he was the devils' son. It was written in the scriptures and in all sacred books. The joining of good and evil to start the beginning of the apocalypse.
Halley's breathing finally slowed down as all her tears and been washed away. Soon her snivelling stopped and she was relaxed in Gerard's arms.
She wondered why it was her that had been chosen, out of all the people in the whole world, Halley Ryam the misunderstood girl.
He slowly stopped rocking and sat still, he lifted her up and moved her leg around him so she was straddling him. He held his pale cold hands against the small of her back, making sure she didn't fall.
Gerard studied her yet again, her big blue eyes twinkled in the moonlight, her brown hair was wavy from the dampness in the air, her skin was pale and her face was flawless, her nose was turning a pale rose pink from the cold night air, her lips were a pale pink, she had a small mouth which was in a thoughtful pose. She was beautiful, he loved her.

Halley lifted her gaze from the ground to the mysterious guy. His black hair looked messy but perfect at the same time, his flawless skin glowed in the night air, his pools of hazel reflected the moonlight and one glance could hypnotize you, his perfect lips were a pale pink and were in a crooked smile. He was beautiful and whether she wanted to or not, Halley loved him.

They carried on gazing into eachothers eyes until slowly but surely, they began to lean in towards eachother. Finally their foreheads were resting against eachother, their gaze still fixed.
Halley let out a deep breath and let the warm air dance along Gerard's face, he could feel his skin start to prickle from it. Neither of them could bear it any longer, they lean't in further and kissed. It was a solid five minutes before they broke away and they only did for Gerard to say.
"Halley, I love you."
She stared up at him and smiled, she pecked his lips once again and added,
"Shall we go and let me get packed ?" She smirked and stood up to go, just then she felt him spin her around and wrap his hands around her waist.
"Wait," He said, puzzled, "Don't you love me too ?"
She smiled at the little bit of power she had over him, she wrapped her arms around the back of his neck and leaned up and whispered into his ear.,
"Course I do baby, it's not like your kidnapping me or anything."
A wave of excitement rushed through him, but it was quickly cut off by a knee stabbing him in the groin. He keeled over in pain as he looked up weakly and watched her walk away.
"Dick." She spat as she made her way through the forest.
She had been walking for through the forest and it was taking longer than it had ever took before.
Suddenly she heard a twig snap, she spun around to see Gerard standing right behind her.
"Fuck!" She cursed, glaring at him.
"Miss me baby?" He smirked leaning in for another kiss. Halley pushed him away in disgust.
" Aw, come on babe, you didn't think you were getting away that easily did you?"
He shook his head and smirked, " Lets get outta here."
And with that he grabbed her onto his back and disappeared into the night.

Ooooooh is Halley going to eventually give into him? and where is he taking her? I don't know who I am asking these questions to but please share your thoughts and ideas with me :-) please R&R hope your enjoying it xxxxxxxxxxxx much love and kisses xxxxx Ellie Frank xxx
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