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Chapter 5

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Halley kept her eyes closed as she felt the cold air whip her face. She gripped gerards neck and shoulders, and squeezed her legs further into his hips so she wouldn't fall off. She buried her face into the back of his neck and played with a strand of his long black hair, they had been travelling for what seemed like hours, and yet Gerard's breathing and speed never changed, he kept at the fast blurring speed.
Another hour seemed to pass and Halley's leg was starting to cramp from being in the same position for ages.
" Gerard," She began," Gerard can we stop for a bit, i have cramp in my leg."
She could feel his smirk growing as his pace slowed down.
"Sure beautiful." His paced slowed to a steady walk through a dark misty field. Halley wriggled from his back and stretched her leg trying to ease the pain of the cramp, she scrunched her face up in pain as she carried on stretching and exercising her leg.
Soon the pain began to ease, she looked around for gerard and found him sat down with his back against a williow tree, watching her with anticipated eyes. She hid her smile as she made her way towards him. She sat on the dark green grass next to him stared at the scenary. It was a huge dark green field, with willow trees dotted everywhere. In the distance there were huge black moutains that glittered with frost.
A cold breeze blew against her, she buried herself deeper into her black hoodie and leaned back against the tree.
She closed her eyes and relaxed, she let her arms fall against her sides. She was interrupted by Gerard clearing his throat.
Halley opened her eyes and found him staring straight at her. She immediately looked away, embarrassed.
" Halley," He asked, looking at her softly, "Do you love me ? You didn't answer properly last time."
Halley looked up and smiled, she felt herself starting to blush so she pulled the front of her jacket up under her nose.
"Well," She paused and thought about it, whenever she looked at his face her heart melted and she had the urge to kiss him. And in a twisted sense, she wanted to be kidnapped by him, to be with him forever. And after that kiss she shared with him, she wanted nothing more than to do it again and in a soppy romantic way she felt like she belonged with him - like they were destined to be with eachother.
She looked up and smiled at him, "Yes, Yes I do, I love you."
He beamed down at her, it was the first time someone had ever said that.
"Do you love me Gerard ?" She looked up at him with hopeful eyes and bit her lip in anticipation.
"Yes, Yes I do Halley, I adore you."
No matter how hard she tried, Halley could not wipe the huge grin from her beautiful face. Gerard's smile matched hers completely as they leaned in towards eachother.
Once again their foreheads were against eachothers'. Gerard lifted his hands and entwined them with hers, both keeping their eyes locked with the other.
Slowly Halley leaned up and kissed him passionately, she moved nearer to him and she wrapped her fingers in his jet black hair as he ran his hands up her back.
Slowly they broke away with their big grins appearing on their faces once more. He cupped her soft chin in his hands and stroked his thumbs against her cheeks. He stared thoughtfully into her eyes, " I really do love you Halley, we were mean't to be together," His grin grew bigger, " Really we were, let me tell you." He wrapped his arm around her and slumped slightly so she could curl up next to him and rest her head on his chest. She held the hand attatched to the arm wrapped around her and gently traced her finger on the palm.
" Well, " He began, "You Halley are an angel, really you are, you were sent down from heaven to fulfill your destiny." She listened intently and squeezed his hand for him to carry on. "And, I- " He paused and bowed his head slightly, " I - I am Satan's son." He paused expecting her to jump away in alarm, instead she smirked and buried her head deeper into his chest.
He smiled and carried on with his story.
"And we were destined to be with eachother, it's in our blood, we were both sent into this world to love eachother. It was our purposes in life." He looked down at her as she carried on listening carefully. "But to completely fulfill our purposes, we need to be fully in love and--", "Which we are." Halley interupted as she smiled and kissed his hand and carried on tracing the lines on his palm with her finger. He chuckled to himself, "Yes, which we are, but we need to be married and do all that couple stuff." He paused and bit his lip as he didn't know how to word one of the most important parts of his story. "Well, the reason we have been destined to be together, is to mark the beginning of the end." He closed his eyes waiting for her to go on a rant. Instead, Halley calmly sat up and stared at him curiously, "So the apocalypse ?" He nodded flinching slightly. She swayed her head to the side and stared at him dreamily, "Thats fucking romantic to me."
Gerard let out a sigh of relief as their matching grins returned to their faces. They leaned in and kissed eachother again, Gerard rolled her over so he was on top, his arms on either side of her shoulders keeping him about a foot above her, his black hair hung down as he stared longingly at her. They leaned in to kiss again before Halley paused, she leaned back as he started to kiss her collar bone, slowly making his way up her neck. "Gerard?" She breathed. "Mmmm?" He replied still slowly making his way up her neck.
" Gerard, what will happen to us when the apocalypse comes ? I don't want to loose you."
Gerard carried on kissing her, he was just below her jawline. "I already asked the old man about that, he said you can move in with me. I would never want to loose you babe." He smirked, praying she wouldn't mind.
Halley grinned, "Sounds good to me."
Gerard smiled and resumed kissing her.
Apocalypse or no apocalypse they were mean't to be together.

Heyy, hope you all like it :-) n'awww its gettin all sweet inbetween Halley and a dark twisted kinda way xxxxxx please share your thoughts and opinions with me xxxxxxx R&R xxx much lovee xxxxxxxxx Ellie Frank xxxxxx
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