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Chapter 6

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Halley woke up to find herself wrapped in Gerard's arms, her head resting on his chest. She sat up carefully, hoping not to wake him. Her heart melted once she saw him, his face was beautiful and flawless, how could such a beautiful creature come from the fiery pits of hell? His eyes began to flutter as he slowly woke up, soon she could see the beautiful hazel pools that glittered with his crooked smile.
"Morning Beautiful." He whispered, gazing at her contently. Halley's heart nearly skipped a beat,
"Morning Handsome." She smiled as she lean't in and kissed him.
For once in their messed up lives, they were both happy. Halley broke away from their kissing and stared at his pale porcelian face, " Gerard, am I really an angel? Or was it some sort of dodgy chat up line?" Gerard chuckled and pulled her to his side, he turned from being on his back to his side so he could look at her. He caressed her soft face with his finger, " You have so much faith in my chat up lines," He smiled whilst tracing her jaw line, " And no it wasn't, it's the truth, as unbelieveable as it sounds, you are an angel sent from heaven."
Halley blushed slightly, and stared back at him with her saphire eyes," Why did you kind of kidnap me, instead of just getting to know me first ?"
He tried to hide his smirk and talk to her seriously, "I did get to know you and just to be sure you would be mine and come with me, i made you promise." He smiled and shuffled nearer to her until he was an inch away from her face, " And besides, I'm not kidnapping you, if you want to go you can." He tried to swallow the lump in his throat as he realised what he had just said. Surely she wouldn't leave him !?
Halley stared at him, shocked at the opportunity he had given her. She stood up slowly and stretched her arms. She looked down at Gerard, her heart smashed into a thousand pieces when she saw the look of pain in his eyes..
She started to walk down the hill, immediately she heard his breathing become heavier and could see from the corner of her eye that he had began to wipe tears from his eyes.


Halley turned around and smiled at him, "Did you actually think I was going to leave the most important person in my life !?"
Gerard's head shot up shocked, he wiped the final tears from his eyes. He frowned at her, trying to hide his massive grin, "S-So you're not going !?" He asked hopefully.
His question was answered with Halley running up the hill and kissing him passionately, "Of course I'm not going ! I could never leave you. Ever."
He held her in his arms as she nuzzled his face into her neck.
"You know, I thought I really was gonna loose you then," He got choked up, "Honestly as soon as I saw you walk away, it felt like my heart was going with you."
He wiped a tear from his eye and squeezed her tighter. He felt warm patches grow on his shoulder.
She was crying !
" Gerard, it broke my heart too when I saw you crying, I don't know why i tricked you, I think I just wanted to see if you would keep your word." She wrapped her arms around his neck and leaned her forehead against his.
" I will love you forever Gerard."
" I will love you forever too Halley." He replied, they slowly leaned into eachother and kissed passionately.
Halley felt his tongue slide along her bottom lip, she let him in as they fought for dominance in her mouth, eventually he won as he searched every nook and cranny of her mouth with his tongue, she played with his hair on the back of his head. He rubbed his hands up and down her back as he started to kiss his way down to her collar bone, every once in a while he would bite her inbetween kisses which made her moan in pleasure.
Finally he made his way back up to her lips and carried on kissing her passionately, she pulled away and softly bit his lower lip.
They lay on the grass with his arm wrapped around her, watching the sun in the bright blue sky.
"Gerard, does this mean the world is going to end soon ?" She snuggled into his side, completely in bliss.
"No, it's when we get married and confirm it, thats when the world will end." She traced her finger along his stomach, humming a tune to herself.
"So when are we gonna get married ?" She smiled squeezing his hand in excitement. "Well," Gerard began, " I haven't proposed yet, so you will have to be patient beautiful."
She sighed and carried on humming, happy and content.
"Come on," He said helping her up off the ground, "We best get home." She looked at him confused. " I thought your home was in hell ?" She held his hand that was attatched to the arm wrapped around her and they walked down the little hill.
"Yeh it is, but I have somewhere to live when I'm not at home home."
"Oh." She replied, feeling stupid, "So what does it look like ?"
He smirked and walked further his arm around her securely. " Well," He said as he led her down a steeper hill. They walked for another five minutes until they came to an old edwardian style house, with an iron gate and fencing. "It looks exactly like this." He finished as he led her up the path. She stared in awe at the amazing building. " Oh Wow, Gerard your house is amazing!" She gasped her eyes widening the closer they got to it.
" It's not my house, it's our house." He smiled as he swooped her into his arms and carried her like they were a newly wedded couple.
They finally reached the door step and Gerard lightly kicked the huge oak door open.
"Welcome home baby" He grinned as he carried her into their new house.

Hey everyone ! (-: i have been off ill today so i was planning on writing two chapters but since there was a whole day of rock hits on tv, i decided to do two tomorrow as i have a virus stomach bug thing-oh joy! Anyways thankyou soo much for your comments ! :D muchly appreciated xxxxx and please carry on R&R and sharing you thoughts and ideas with me ! :) xxxxxxx oh and if i don't use any extra characters in this story, i will definately use them in another story - thats if you want me to write another one, and if im not old and grey when i finish this one, ( which by the looks of my typing skills seems possible) anywhoo much love and thanks as always ! xxxxxxx Ellie Frank xxxxx
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