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Chapter 7

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The house was decorated beautifully, the walls were half mohogany and the upper half a blood red, most of the walls were covered with paintings and pictures. In the centre of the reception was a dark mahogany staircase, which wound up to the first floor. On the way up to the stairs was a huge stain glass window with a picture of an angel and a demon, "Is that us ?" Halley asked hopefully gazing at the beautiful piece of artwork. Gerard blushed before replying," Yes, it is, I have known about you and our destiny since I was born." Halley grinned before hugging him. He took her hand and led her up the wooden staircase, nom atter how hard she tried, Hally couldn't take her eyes off the stain glass window, the angel looked exactly like her as did the demon looked like Gerard. It was simply beautiful. She held Gerard's hand as he led her down a painting covered hallway and to a door at the very end of the hall. He turned and smiled at her, his small white teeth like pearls. He walked into the room backwards, so he could see her first impression.
Halley's jaw dropped.
The room was amazing.
The walls where deep blood red, with on black wall where the mahogany fire place was, on it was carved angels and demons entwined in roses. The floor was the same shade as the fire place, in the centre of the room was a king sized bed. The head board was black iron roses weaving around the bed, on the bed was black and deep red silk duvets and pillows. In the corner was a dark oak dressing table, and to the right of it was a door leading to the clothes clauset. To the left of the bed were glass doors leading onto a balcony, onlooking fields upon fields of grass and in the near distance was a deep blue lake. Above the fire place were hundred of candles, their wax oozing onto the wood. Above that was an empty space, "I'm going to put a picture of us there." Gerard broke the silence.
"S-so do you like it ?" He asked with a worried look in his eyes.
Halley closed her mouth from the huge gawp she had had on her face. "I love it! It's amazing !" She cried wrapping her arms around him and kissing him passionately.
"Gerard," Halley began after she had broke away, " Is this our room?"
He chuckled at her question, " Obviously !" He beamed.
She walked over to the silk bed and sat down, she sunk into the soft mattress, she was in complete bliss until a thought struck her.
"Wait, What about all my stuff at home ? Like my clothes, I can't wear this for the rest of my life." She looked down at her outfit, as much as she loved it, she didn't want to wear it forever.
Gerard tilted his head to the side and smiled, " We can go back for your things."
Halley nodded, but there was one problem with that eating away at her. Even though her foster parents didn't give a crap about her, they would still want to know where she had gone and would be suspicious if she just walked in - took her stuff and then left, without saying a word about where she had gone or where she was going. It wasn't like they abused her, they neglected her, they weren't bothered if she was failing in one of her classes or if she came home at half twelve at night with a busted nose. Just as long as the police weren't involved they didn't care.
Still no matter how much they didn't care, they would still want some sort of explanation on why she had vanished after saying she was just going to the park.
Gerard came and sat next to her wrapped his arms around her, "Listen, if your nervous about going back to get your things, we can just go and buy you some new clothes ?"
"No, no it's fine, it's just I know I will be interrogated by them on my disappearance." She sighed and traced a vain on his hand with her finger. She looked at his troubled expression,
" Don't worry, they will probably be out drinking." She smiled at him, he looked down and gave her a small smile.
"Whats wrong ?" She asked wrapping her arms around him and sitting side ways onto his knee.
"I just, I just don't want them to take you away from me." He sighed, looking down into her eyes.
"Listen, we can go when they are at work which is any time inbetween 10 and half 5." He glanced at his watch it read 12:15PM.
"We should set off then." He suggested, he took her hand and lead her down the stairs and through a a door disguised as a clauset. It lead to a garage, in the garage was a black jaguar. It's number plate read : 54TAN 666
Halley shook her head and smiled, "Loving your registration plate." Gerard chuckled and opened the passanger door for her, inside the interior was soft black leather with a deep burgandy dash board.
The garage door was an eletric one, which automatically opened when Gerard pressed a button on his car keys. He started he engine and raced out and down a private path.


Finally they reached the house. Halley took a deep breath and got out of the car. She heard the other car door slam shut and Gerard had his arm around her waist within seconds, the pair slowly walked up the house. When they reached the door, Halley reached under the welcome mat and picked up a silver key and unlocked the door. The smell of stale beer hit their nostrils as they stepped into the hall, the place was a tip. Halley gently took Gerard's hand and took him up to her room, she opened the door and found her room just as she had left it that evening. She walked over to her wardrobe and grabbed a ruck sack and a travel bag, she threw all her clothes and underwear and toilettries into both of the bags, she also put her ipod, CD's and her swiss army knife into her ruck sack. Gerard stood and watched unsure of how he could help, Halley seemed to have everytihng under control so he was happy to just stand out of the way. She zipped her rucksack up, " Done." She said proudly, she managed to pack everything in just ten minutes. Gerard picked up the travel bag, which was the biggest out of the two and headed for the door.
They had gotten to the bottom of the stairs when the door swung open, and stood before them were Halley's foster parents, clearly drunk.
"Fuck." Halley whispered.
Mrs dunla squinted her eyes at the angel and demon, "Halley ? " She slurred, taking a step towards her. "Halley is that you ?!" Halley turned her face away and nodded. Before she knew it a drunken hand slapped her cheek, she stumbled slightly into Gerard - whose anger was slowly boiling.
"Where the fuck have you been ?" She shouted, the smell of beer hung on her every word.
"Why would you care, you have never given a shit about me before ?" Halley spat holding her cheek with her hand.
"Incase you haven't noticed we're your parents." Mr Dunla butted in, he was drunk but not as drunk as his wife, who could barely stand up.
"You aren't my parents, your scum compared to them." Halley hissed, whilst making her way to the door with Gerard.
She went to push the door open when she felt a shaky hand grab her shoulder, she turned to see Mrs Dunla looking at her.
" Halley, please don't go," She slurred / begged, "We know we haven't been good foster parents, but we regret it now, we promise to do better, just please, don't go." They clearly hadn't noticed Gerard was he stood politely behind Halley, his temper raging.
Halley glanced at Gerard and then back at her foster family, so many memories were in this house. Then reality hit her like the slap she had got minutes ago from Mrs Dunla.
" Keep your fucking lies to yourself." Halley growled and with that she walked out the door with Gerard, keeping her back to the house htat held so many unwanted memories.
He wrapped his arm around her shoulders and kissed her forehead, "I'm so proud of you baby." He whispered as he opened the car door for her and put the bags in the back of the car.
"Now," He said as he sat back in the car and started the engine, " Lets go home." He looked over and smiled at Halley, she grinned back as they sped away from the drunken couple trapped in their building of hopelessness.

[heyy hope you all enjoyed this chapter, it might not be very good, but im ill so i did as best as i could :-) xxxxxxx please share your thoughts ideas views with me and R&R xxxxx much love as always Ellie Frank xxxxxxx]
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