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Chapter 8

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They pulled up into the garage, Gerard was the first to get out and open Halley's door for her. She took his hand and smiled as he politely pulled her to her feet. She went to the trunk of the car and got out her bags and followed him back into their new home. Well it was new to Halley anyway, she didn't know how long Gerard had been living there.
They made their way through the doorway from the garage and up the wooden stairs and down the hallway to their bedroom. Halley dropped her bags on the the floor and flopped onto her back onto the bed and let out a sigh of relief.
Gerard ran his fingers through his black hair.
"I wish I knew they were like that with you - I could have saved you sooner, I - "
"Gerard it's not your fault they're like that !" Halley reasurred him.
"Look, some kids get lucky with their foster families but I was one of the few that get shitty carers, but," She smiled and wrapped her hands around his waist, " Looking back and thinking of what I have now, it was definately worth the suffering and wait."
Gerard smiled and leant his head backwards onto the side of her neck, he stared at her and smiled to himself, she was right. What they had now was definately worth the wait.
"I really do love you Gerard." Halley whispered after a while of embracing eachother in silence. Her warm breath caressed his cheek and sent warm shivers through his body.
He turn around slowly and rested his forehead against hers. He stared down at her with loving eyes. It was troubling him how much pain one angel had been through, he was the son of satan and he had never been in any sort of pain or discomfort from his parents. He couldn't understand how she was still whole and not broken. Halley noticed the trouble in his eyes,
"Gerard, are you okay ?"
Gerard looked down at the beautiful girl, his heart fluttered around his ribcage whenever he set eyes on her.
" Yeh, I guess, your foster parents have just pissed me off" His rage started to build the more he relived the moment. "She fucking slapped you Halley, slapped you !" He broke away from their hug and paced back and forth from the clauset to the glass doors.
"No one deserves to be treated like that, especially not you! If only they knew what you really were." He smiled as he finished off his sentence.
He turned to see Halley sat on the edge of the bed playing with the end of her skinny jeans, she had a look of concentration on her face as he made his way towards her.
He sat set to her on the edge of the bed and wrapped his arm around her and pulled her into his chest.
" Im sorry if I have upset you babe," He began as he could hear her breathing grow thicker and her nose start to snivel. " It's just, I love you too much and I can't stand the thought of people hurting you." He rocked her gently and kissed her forehead.
" I had to put up with it for my whole life, thinking it was normal and I deserved to be treated like that." She sobbed, "And I guess, going back and realising how much pain I went through, it just - I don't know it just makes me feel like fucking shit." She sobbed into his chest until all her tears were gone. Halley looked up at Gerard with blue watery eyes, she smiled weakly and he wiped the last tear from her cheek with his finger.
"Gerard, you're the first person whose ever loved me." She whispered.
Gerard's heart melted as soon as he heard those words, "You're the first person I have ever loved." He replied, leaning towards her and kissing her softly. As soon as their lips touched it sent butterfies rushing through their bodies.
Gerard lay back pulling Halley with him, she rested her head on his chest and wrapped her arms around his waist and she wrapped his arms around her. She drifted into a deep sleep listening to Gerard's quick heart beat as her lullaby.

6 months later

Halley and Gerard have been living with eachother in absaloute bliss with eachother. Spending most of their days at the lake, or under the willow tree they sat under on the night they had ran away with eachother. Halley also celebrated her 17th birthday and her present from Gerard was a painting version of their stained glass picture, which they proudly hung about the fireplace in their bedroom.


Halley rolled over to her side, she slowly stirred and pulled the silk sheets nearer to her neck. She opened her eyes expecting to see her beautiful boyfriend staring back at her, instead she found a slight indent in the mattress. Halley sat up and rubbed her eyes, she placed her bare feet on the floor and looked around. Hanging at her dressing table was a beautiful deep blue dress with black velvet heels. Halley smiled and walked over, she put the dress on - it fit her perfectly. She wore her hair down in loose curls, she slid black onyx earrings and a matching ring on. She put a dark grey and black eye shadow on with a ruby red lip stick. She turned to the side and looked at her dress. It was backless and low cut with a midnight blue strap wrapping around the back of her neck and detailed weaving at the front, their was a small black ribbon underneath the chest. The skirt was a ruffled pencil skirt which reached just above her knees. The plain black velvet platform heels tied the outfit together perfectly, she smiled and opened the bedroom door.
She couldn't help grinning when she found hundreds of candles leading along the hallway and down the stairs, she followed the candles until it reached the backdoor.
The warm night air wrapped itself around Halley as she followed the beautiful lit candles through the garden and out iup to the hill. She walked up the steep hill until she found a rose at the top, she picked it up and smiled. She could see a small light comming from the willow tree hill, she walked to wards it excitedly.
Its like alice in wonderland ! She thought to herself as she walked down the hill. Her mouth dropped when she got to the bottom of the willow tree hill.
There, under the memory filled willow tree, was a little black iron table and two chairs, with a red gingham table cloth. On the table cloth was a bottle of champagne with two crystal glasses, with a bowl of strawberries and chocolate. Fairy lights were decorated in the branches and they were a small canopy around the table.
Halley couldn't believe her eyes, she looked to her right and in the shadows leaning against the tree was the love of her life Gerard. He smirked and walked out of the shadows.
"Do you like it Babe ?" He asked grinning.
Halley ran up the small hill and wrapped her arms around Gerard,
" Gerard I love it !" She grinned as her eyes teared up, "It's so romantic and thoughtful of you !" Halley kissed him passionately, before he pulled away to pull her chair out for her.
She blushed and sat down opposite him.
She lean't on her hand and rested her elbow on the table, she put her hand in his and stared at him dreamily.
"Gerard, I absaloutely love you, no one has ever done this for me - ever !" She grinned uncontrollably and squeezed his hand tighter.
"I love you too!" He smiled before pouring them both a drink. He held his glass up for a toast.
" For us, for our never ending love to eachother." Halley tapped the rim of her glass against his.
" For us !" She smiled.
They chatted and expressed their love for eachother the whole night.
They lay on the hill their arms wrapped around eachother staring at the night sky.
"This night has been absaloutely perfect." Halley whispered to him whilst tracing a heart on his left arm with her finger.
"I don't think it could be any better." She smiled, burying her face into his neck.
"Let me see if I can change that." He whispered, he stood up and helped a confused Halley to her feet. He sat her on her seat and turned it to the side so she was at a 90* degree turn to the right from the table. She looked at him confused, what was he doing ?
He was wearing a black tuxedo with a white shirt and deep blue tie, so he matched his girl friend in a cute way.
He put his hand in his pocket as he got down on one knee.
Halley's mouth dropped as she realised what he was doing.
He retrieved wooden box, carved with an angel and demon on the front, he opened it to see the top half of the box lined with white silk, and base of the box lined and cushioned with black silk. Inside the black silk was the most unique and beautiful ring she had ever laid eyes upon. It was pure white gold, but blackened, the ring itself was two rose stalks wrapped around eachother, the decoration on the top was a huge oval blood red ruby, the flowers of the rose were wrapped around the ruby enclosing it on to the ring.
Halley's eyes filled with tears of joy and as she stared at the ring then back to Gerard then back to the ring then back to Gerard.
"Halley Ryam would you give me absaloute pleasure and honor of marrying me ?" Gerard asked, his hazel eyes glimmered with hope through his black fringe.
Halley beamed with happiness as she wiped away tears in her eyes.
"Oh my god Gerard, yes ! Yes of course I will! " She squealed with happiness as he slid the ring onto her wedding finger. She couldn't control her happiness any longer. She leapt from her chair and onto her fiancé, she knocked him of balance, which caused them to both roll down the hill and land in a pile at the bottom. Halley had landed ontop of Gerard and started to kiss him passionately, he ran his fingers through her hair as their tongues fought for dominance in her mouth. Gerard rolled over so he was ontop, he hovered over her and kissed her neck upto her mouth where they resumed kissing passionately.
Finally Gerard stood up and swooped up Halley in his arms,
"Lets get you home Future Mrs Way." He whispered whilst making his way towards the house. When they had got home the candles had nearly all burn't out, they were merely little dots of glowing amber in swamps of wax.

They walked into the bed room where he placed her onto the king sized bed. He started kissing her neck making his way up to her mouth again, he reached her jaw and bit it slightly. A slight moan escaped her lips which made him smirk and carry on.
Whilst he was doing this Halley played with strands of his hair on the back of his head. She caught a glimpse of her ring and a huge smile spread across her lips.
Slowly they began to remove eachothers clothes, not leaving eachothers lips for a second. He lifted her over further up the bed, "I'm gunna make you scream my name tonight baby." He smirked and he resumed to the passionate kiss.


Halley woke the next morning feeling sore, it was a good kind of pain as she had lost her innocence to one person she had truly ever loved. She turned to her side and met the beautiful hazel eyes she adored, he had also gave his innocence up last night, but he was positive it was worth it. They both smiled before Halley looked at her hand and an even bigger grin spread across her face as the big gothic piece of jewellry confirmed it wasn't all a dream. Gerard beamed as he saw the ring on her finger. It was made specially for her - whether she knew or not.
"Morning beautiful." He whispered, stroking the fringe out of her eyes. She pecked him on the lips softly, "Morning my handsome fiancé." She beamed.
Gerard smiled and kissed her again.
"I was thinking," He said whilst he stroked her cheek with the backs of his finger tips, "We should go and meet my parents." He smirked.
Halley looked at him and a smile appeared on her face, " Yeh I would love to meet them, but is he like the bible says, you know, like a bull with horns ?"
Gerard chuckled to himself,
"Wait and see." He said and he kissed her forehead.
He got out of the bed and made his way to the clauset.
"You know, I think what your wearing now is just fine." Halley commented whilst biting her lip playfully. Gerard smirked at her before replying, "Raunchy girl !" and with that he slipped into the clauset to choose clothe himself.

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