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Chapter 9

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Gerard sat on the plush leather sofa in the living room while he waited for his fiancé to get ready. As he sat there he had time to think of what had happened over these past few months. Maybe it was too soon to introduce her to his parents, what if she didn't like them ? What if she judged him and his parents because they were branded with the demonic / satan role. He bit his already short thumb nail as he stared out the window opposite him. He knew Halley too well, judging people was something she did not do. She accepted them for who they were and appreciated it - one of the many reasons he loved her.
Half an hoour later Halley lean't against the doorway to the living room, she was wearing her hair down and straight, a little dark grey vest with "DEATH" written across the chest, it was tucked into a black pencil skirt and gathered just above the hem and reached from just under her cleavage to just above her knee.
She wore a deep red shirt unbuttoned ontop of her vest, like a jacket, the back of the shirt had a tattoo style skull embroideried on it. Her legs looked even longer from her pencil skirt and the black velvet heels she wore.
"Ready?" She asked as she turned towards the door. Gerard walked up and wrapped his arms around her waist.
"You look beautiful," He whispered as they walked to the car, he opened the door and let her into the passenger seat. He walked aroound the vehicle and sat himself in the car behind the steering wheel.
They had been driving for about an hour, Gerard's hand resting on the gear stick, Halley's hand resting lightly ontop of his. Both were content in the pleasant silence they shared, as they gave eachother love filled smiles every few minutes ( more like seconds ). It seemed strange as they were normally sucking eachothers faces off every second of the day, it was like stopping smoking after having a cigarette every minute of every day.
Gerard's mind was still racing over the fact the love of his life was about to meet the devil - which just happened to be his dad. Maybe it was too soon to get them introduced - then again she didn't seen phased when he told her she was an angel and he was a demon, but still there had been so many tales about the devil which could already have lead her to judge him. And no matter what deeds his dad might have done, he was still his dad and he loved him no matter what.
He took a sharp turn off the highway and onto a sandy road. All the surroundings had started to turn plain, like a desert as the temperature slowly began to rise. Halley looked in the glove compartment in the dash board to find a bit of old paper with a little doodle on, she repeatedly folded it and then gathered it at the end to make a fan. Just after she had laboured over the little fan, Gerard flicked the air con on with a little chuckle. Halley shoved his arm playfully and carried on using her little high tec fan.
Gerard smiled at her, and then switched his eyes back to the road.
"Look beautiful," He began, keeping his gaze on the road, every few seconds he would switch back to Halley and then back to the road. "We don't have to meet my parents just yet, if you think it might be to soon we ca---"
"No Gerard, I want to meet them now!" Halley cut him off and smiled.

"Are you sure ? I don't want you to feel like you have to because of me."

Halley stared at him and noticed the worried look in his eyes, "Gerard whats wrong ? I thought you wanted me to meet your parents ?"

"Yeh I do want you to, but it's just, he's the devil - ya know, and it's just, well," He looked around like he was searching for the right words to say, failing to find them he said for he had origionally planned.

"It's just I'm worried you might think he's evil or bad or judge him before you have met him."

Halley looked at him a little shocked, it hurt her to think that he thought she might be one to judge.

"Gerard you know I'm not one to judge!" She replied looking out of the window with her confused eyes.

"I know, I'm not saying you are, it's just if we were going to meet God, you judge him to be a great and mighty man. And well when you think of meeting the devil, you think of an evil heartless man and I'm just worried you will think that of him before you know him."

" He is the devil, you can;t help but think the things that people put into your head."

"So you do think he's evil ! " Gerard cried, glancing at her sadly.

"No I never said that !" She raised her voice slightly causing Gerard to jump.

"Then what are you saying ??" He questioned raising his voice to the same level as hers.

"I don't know ! Your putting words into my mouth and acting as though I have judged your parents before I have the chance to meet them. And by the sounds of what you said before you don't want me to fucking meet them !" She yelled, tears gathering in her eyes.

" I do want you to fucking meet them, I'm just sick of my family and I being branded as fucking heartless souls ! " He shouted, his knuckles even whiter as he gripped the driving wheel angrily.

Halley let out a scream of frustration, causing Gerard to pull the car over. They both sat there in silence as tears poured down Halley's face - Thank the Lord for waterproof mascara.

"Look Halley-" Gerard began, guilt instantly filling him.

"Look Gerard, I understand if you don't want me to meet your parents, we can just go home. I know I'm not an ideal piece of 'arm candy'. " Halley interupted him staring straight ahead as the tears ran down her cheeks.

Gerard's mouth dropped open, " What do you mean 'arm candy' !? I'm not a fucking pimp. And Haley I want you to meet my parents more than anything. Your the most beautiful girl / angel I have ever laid eyes upon."

Halley sniveled and moved her eyes to look at him, " R-Really ?" She asked, staring at him with her big blue eyes.

"Yes," He whispered as he leaned in and kissed her softly.

Halley couldn't take it anymore, it had been more than two hours since she had last made contact with her fiancé. She pounced on him and passionately kissed him.


Halley looked in the wing mirror as she fixed her hair and reapplied her makeup. Gerard started the engine and carried on driving, a smirk on his lipstick smeared lips.
"Oh shit Gerard, " Halley giggled, " I just has sex with you in your car on the way to meeting your parents for the first time!" Halley tried to keep a serious face but a smirk appeared as soon as the words left her mouth.
Gerard chuckled to himself and turned to her with a fake frown, "Bad girl!" He winked and carried on driving.

Soon they were at the top of a dusty, steep, sandy hill. Gerard parked the car and helped Halley out. He wrapped his arm around her waist, she smiled as she wiped the smeared makeup of his lips. They walked towards what seemed to be a lift, Gerard pressed the button and waited.

"you ready sexy ?" He asked with a smile.

"I was born ready babe." She replied pecking his lips, just then the lift opened as the couple stepped inside.


They seemed to be in the lift for what seemed like forever, until finally the bell pinged. Halley held onto Gerard's hand as he wrapped it around he waist and kissed her neck softly.

Slowly the elevator doors opened to reveal what seemed to look like a regualar office floor. Gerard guided Halley to the main desk where a young woman was sat busily typing. She looked up to see Gerard and smiled.

"Hello Mr.Way, how may I help you ?" She finished off typing on her computer and looked up at them both with her green eyes. She was wearing a formal suit, with a name tag that read :
EMILY SADE. ( pronounced sharday ).

"I was wondering when I could see the the old man and his missis."

Emily Sade shook her head and smiled, "Just go through to the main office and they should be in there."

Gerard nodded in appreciation and walked with a confused Halley towards the main meeting room. He smirked at the confused look on her face, " I will explain after, now are you ready?"
He asked again. Halley nodded and smiled her big blue eyes like saphires.

" I'm ready as I'll ever be."

Gerard knocked on the door twice before walking in slowly, he went in first leading Halley in whilst holding her hand tightly.

"Ah son ! " A deep voice welcomed.
"So lovely to see you! " A female voice added, "And who do we have here ?"

Halley was still behind Gerard and couldn't see faces to match the voices.

"Mum, Dad, " Gerard started ,"This is Halley - my fiancé." and with that, Gerard stepped aside so the little angel could be seen.

Hey hope your all enjoying the story ! :D For my secretary character, I combined the names of two people who have always given really nice R&R's to my story ! :-) Also, if you have any religious views on how I describe the devil, please keep them to youself as I am a catholic girl and my views on the devil are not shown in this story. ( sorry i had to put that as my friend got dissed for her story from people with strong religious views). Anyways please R&R and share your thoughts and opinions with me :D xxxxxxxxxx much love as always ~ Ellie Frank xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
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