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Chapter 10

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Halley raised her head, she could feel her cheeks burning as she gazed at Gerard's parents. She kept her mouth closed when in reality she was dying to gawp.
They were just normal looking. Mr way had jet black hair that was short and gelled into a comb-over. He was wearing a black pin stripe suit, with a grey shirt and a black tie with silver skulls on. His features were sharp and pale and his eyes were a dark colour which glimmered red. He was sat in a black leather chair behind an oak desk. He had his hand curled up and wrapped inside his right hand. On his wedding finger was a giant silver skull and cross bones ring. He had a kind smile on his face as he gestured for the the couple to sit down.

Gerard sat down calmly and watched Halley with nothing but adoration in his eyes. She went to sit down on the chair next to him but he pulled her lightly onto her knee. She stared into his hazel eyes and giggled.

Halley turned her head to look at Mr. Way, " Hello, I'm Halley, it's really nice to finally meet you." She smiled politely.

"It's so nice to meet you too!" The woman leaning against the desk replied. Her hair was jet black and reached just past her shoulders. Her face was thin and had pale skin, her eyes were bright blue and she was wearing a black suit with a red blouse and matching heels. Her nails were painted black and her teeth were pearly white.

"So are you the Halley angel ?" Mr.way asked leaning back in his chair. Halley smiled as Gerard wrapped his arms around her waist and nuzzled his face in her neck.
" Yes, I believe I am sir." She replied politely, trying not to burst out laughing from Gerard tickling her by breathing on her neck.
Mrs Way, the woman leaning on the desk, shook her head and smiled, " Gerard my child, shes going to laugh any minute if you carry on !"
Gerard raised his head and looked at his mother innocently before wrapping his arms tighter around Halley and smirking.
"Shes enjoying it though !" He protested, Halley giggled quietly and tried to focus.
Mrs. Way smiled and tutted at her son, she was so pleased to see him so happy with one girl.

"So how did you two meet ?" Mrs Way asked, trying to get Halley's attention.

"Well," Halley began, "I had Gerard a while ago when I was about 13, I'm not sure how old Gerard was but he looked exactly the same as how he does now. Anyway, we got chatting and we promised to meet again. " Halley felt Gerard squeeze her hips secretly causing her to blush. "Then about six or seven months ago, I met him again and we promised to run away with eachother."

"Thankyou." Gerard whispered into her ear, so quietly only she could hear him.

Mrs Way clasped her hands together and sighed happily, "That's so romantic !" She smiled looking at the couple. "I'm so glad you found eachother."

Halley looked up and smiled, "I have been meaning to ask, when will the apocalypse begin ? Do me and Gerard have to be married or...?" She trailed off unsure what to say.

"Ah," Mr Way said as he shuffled in his chair, "From what it says in the scriptures and all the prophecies, is that the Halley angel, which is you" He stated waving his hand at Halley, " And the son of satan, which is that handsome fellow over there, " He nodded and winked at Gerard who was currently nuzzling his head into Halley's shoulder, but looked up once he heard his title.
"Must join together as one, which means marriage, and create the apocalypse."
Halley thought for a moment.
"Wait, so we could just have a child and call it the apocalypse - and that be the prophecy completed ? Or will there be an apocalypse to mankind once we get married ?"

Mr Way chuckled at her questions. " I have never thought of it like that but from what the scriptures read - I think its the end of mankind and not the welcoming of a child. Speaking of children though - are you two thinking of making a family ?" Gerard and Halley froze and looked at eachother.
Mrs Way slapped her husbands arm, " Don't say that! Even if they were it's non of our business!"
Mr Way held his hands up in defence, "I was just asking ! Keep calm." Mrs Way shook her head and looked at her now nervous son and his fiancé.
"Maybe you two should go, and we can meet up again soon." Mrs Way stated more than asked. Gerard nodded quickly before helping Halley to her feet. He guided her towards the door.
" It was lovely meeting you Mr and Mrs Way ! " She called and waved with a smile on her face as they walked out of the office.

Mrs Way chuckled once the door had closed. "Honey ! you weren't mean't to mention having kids yet! They just got engaged !!"
Mr Way chuckled before pulling his wife into a kiss.

Gerard and Halley stood in the elevator quietly, both clearly embarrassed on what had been asked. Gerard slowly pulled Halley into a hug, inhaling her scent, she smelt of vanilla and mango.

"Look, I'm really sorry if what my Dad said embarrassed you, it did to me." He broke the silence.

"It did a bit, I think it was more because I wasn't expecting it." She smiled.

"And you!" She cried slapping his chest playfully, "Do you know how hard it was for me to try and focus on your what your parents were saying while you were nuzzling your face into my neck !"

Gerard pulled a fake look of shock of his face, "Me ?! I never did that !"

"Did too!" She protested, "You did this exactly." She leaned forward and nuzzled her face into his neck and then bit it softly. He moaned and then added, "Hey I didn't bite you!"

"Ah hah! so you admit to it.!" She smiled over the fact she had one the pathetic debate.

"So what do you think?" He asked as he snaked his arms around her waste.

"Think about what?" She replied casually.

"About my parents."

"Ohh, they're really nice people and I loved the fact they didn't mind how you had me sat on your knee and was loving me up!"

Gerard chuckled lightly, "Yeh well they really like you too, I can tell." He smiled and kissed her softly just as the bell from the elevator went.

The doors opened to reveal the night sky, Halley glanced back at Gerard confused as they walked towards the car.

"It might have felt like a short chat to us, but really we were about five hours. Halley's mouth swung open as she sat herself in the car.

"Time flies when you having fun," She smiled as Gerard started the car and began the long drive home.

Heyy sorry it's short but I have been busy all day ( for once ). I would like to say a big thanks to everyone who is R&R'ing your comments and views mean so much to me ! :D Please send me your thoughts and views and R&R xxxxxxx oh i would also like to say that whoever is saying that someone is copying my idea, i would like you to quit it. They are clearly not and I am a huge fan of their work and if thats your pathetic excuse of jealously then so be it, but you might as well stop because your not changing either of our storylines. Anyways much love as always xxxxxxxxxxx Ellie Frank xxxxxx
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