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Chapter 11

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~~~~~~~~~~~~ 1 year later ~~~~~~~~~~~~

Halley and Gerard had been together for 12 months or so now, and for 6 of them they had been engaged. It was now a week before the wedding, Halley was out shopping for her wedding dress with Gerard's mother Mrs Way, whilst he went shopping for his tuxedo accompanied by his two best men; his brother Mikey Way and his best friend Frank Iero. Halley on the other hand had become close to Frank and Mikey's girlfriends, Sade and Emily and they were to be her bridesmaids.

Halley turned and looked at herself sideways in the mirror, the dress was beautiful, but wasn't right. She stepped out from behind the curtain to be welcomed by an array or 'ooohs', 'awws' and a few tears of happiness. "I still dont think it's the right one." She sighed, looking down disappointed yet again.
"Well, " Said Mrs Way, " How about this one?" Halley gasped and ran into the changing room yet again. She put on the dress and stepped back to look at herself. It was perfect ! She stepped out with tears of joy welling up in her eyes. Mrs Way clasped her hands together and beamed, whilst Emily and Sade rushed over to swarm Halley in hugs.
"This, " Halley said looking at herself in the mirror once again. "This is the one."

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ 1 week later ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~*~

Gerard stood infront of the priest in the old church. Row after row of pews were filled with friends and family, most of them Gerard's. He glanced back nervously, he was wearing a black tuxedo with a deep red shirt and a black tie, he wore smartly polished black leather shoes and a blood red rose on his blazer. His black hair was tousled and looked as though it hadn't been touched when really he had spent nearly two hours perfecting the look. He held is hands behind his back and looked down nervously, his heart nearly missed a beat when the old organ started to play.

First down the isle was Frank, he had his arm linked with his beautiful girlfriend Emily. Soon to follow were Mikey and Sade. Both best men had black tuxedos with deep red shirts and black ties with the a white rose on the blazer. The bridesmaids wore scarlett strapless dresses that were a silk tunic, both were carrying a black rose each and hair their hair pinned up in loose curls.

Finally the guest everyone had been waiting for. Halley took a deep breath and stepped down the isle. Since she had no one with her that day she walked down by herself. Everyone turned and gasped at the beautiful site before them.

Halley wore a pure white corset that was covered in lace and ribbon, she wore a netted skirt covered in crystals and lace, it was strapless with a low back. She wore white lace fingerless gloves and her beautiful engagement ring. Her hair was down in loose curls with little crystals in, she wore a simple vail over her head. On her wrist she had a blood red rose.

Finally she reached the altar next to her adoring husband. He slowly lifted her veil up so he could her beautiful face. "I love you." He mouthed, "Love you too." She mouthed back and with that the ceremony began.

It was no ordinary ceremony, everyone there knew the importance of this marriage, including the priest. Who wasn't an everyday vicar / priest, he was a highly important man that was worshipped by good and evil - but by no means anymore better than God.

"You may now kiss the bride." Gerard and Halley beamed and kissed passionately. The rings they had exchanged were beautiful, they were the blackened white gold ( like Halley's engagement ring) but had Black and blood red rubies encrusted in them. And would slide into eachother to make one large ring. Halley walked down the isle with her new husband.

Halley Way! She thought to herself happily, as they made their way to outside of the church.

They posed for photos and pictures and shared glasses of champagne until they finally made their way to the reception.


After the speeches and meal, it was time for the first dance. Halley was petrified as she had never been able to dance - well more she had never been taught.
They reached the middle of the dance floor, Halley could feel the guests form a circle around them both. "Gerard," She whispered as he gently leaned his forehead against hers and lowered his hands to the small of her back. "mmm," He replied looking at her smiling.
" I - I can't dance." She confessed, blushing slightly.
Gerard shook his head and chuckled, "Aw babe why didn't you say sooner ?" He smiled and lifted her so her feet were resting on his. A few 'aww's' escaped from the guests watching them lovingly.

Slowly they swayed side to side, they looked so beautiful and perfect together. Soon Frank slowly took Emily's hand and then started dancing, a signal for everyone to join in. Mikey guided Sade onto the ballroom floor and started to gracefully sway side to side with her.

"I do love you Gerard." Halley whispered.
"I love you too Mrs Way." Gerard smiled before kissing her.


Finally the party was over and it was time for Gerard and Halley to leave. Neither of them wanted to go on a honey moon and instead decided to just enjoy eachothers company at home.

They jumped int the back of the wedding car and drove home. When they finally reached their house Gerard got out of the back of the car opened the door for Halley and swooped her into his arms before running towards the house. He closed the door with his foot and ran up the stairs to their bedroom with her still in his arms.

He lay her on the bed and began taking her dress off, as she began taking his tux off.

"No more pre marital stuff for us." Gerard breathed into her ear.

"We better confirm it them shouldn't we ?" Halley whispered.

Gerard let a soft moan escape from his lips as the couple began to passionately kiss.


Gerard woke up with a huge grin on his face as he watched his new wife sleep soundly. Yesterday had been amazing for both of them and now they were an official married couple. He kissed her lips softly as she slowly began to stir.

"Morning Husband." She whispered.

"Morning Wife." He whispered back.

Heyyy ! hope you are all enjoying my story, n'awwww Gerard and Halley are married ! :D Yay.. I think - in a certain sense. Thankyou to everyone who had R&R'ed and given me their opinions and views ~ muchly appreciated ! xxxxx Please keep on R&R'ing and sending me your thoughts and opinions as I really enjoy reading them ! :D Much love as always xxxxxxxxx Ellie Frank xxxxxx
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