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Chapter 12

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~~~~~~~~ Eight weeks later ~~~~~~~~*~

Halley rushed to the toilet, only to be sick again. Gerard held her hair away from her face and rubbed her back gently. It had been like this every morning for two weeks.

" I don't think this is a stomach bug honey," Gerard soothed, whilst rubbing her back.
" Me neither."
Gerard opened the cabinet above the sink and pulled out a pregnancy test, he handed it to her and walked out of the bathroom to give her some privacy.
Halley took a deep breath and took out the pregnancy test.


"I'm pregnant." She whispered looking up at Gerard. A huge grin spread across both of their faces and he swept her into his arms.
"Fuck ! We're gunna be parents !" Gerard cried happily.
They slowly stopped spinning and started to kiss passionately. Halley was the first to pull away and looked up at him with her big blue eyes.
" Wait, what if ur baby is the apocalypse ?" She said worridley while looking down at her flat stomach.
"Don't worry about it, whatever happens we will be together. For eternity..."
Halley looked up, waiting for him to finish his sentence.
"If you listened to the vows properly, the ceremony wasn't just us getting married, we were being frozen in time. So we will live together forever."
Halley smiled and kissed him again, the way he said things made her heart flutter.
"We should tell the old man and his missis." Gerard smiled and kissed her forehead and guided her out of the bathroom and back to the bedroom to get dressed.


They sat in the car, Gerard wearing a pair of black ripped jeans, green converses, an iron maiden tshirt and a black hoodie with green stripes, his hair was the ruffled mess that took ages to style. Halley was wearing a long black tshirt with grey jeans and navy converse heels, she wore Gerard's leather jacket on top. Their rings glittered in the sun light as he started the engine and set off the drive to hell.

The drive was consumed with the sound of their little conversations, all evolved around the baby.

"Our baby will be so lucky, I mean to have your parents as their grandparents!? I mean wow, and to have you as their Dad, It's gonna be so lucky !!" She beamed and rubbed her stomach lovingly.
Gerard leaned over and placed his hand on her stomach too, "They are gunna be lucky to have you as their Momma." Halley smiled at his comment and leaned in and kissed him on his lips.

"So what do you want to call the baby?" She asked as she looked down at her stomach thoughtfully.
"I think we should wait until we see their face, and what sex they are before we decide." Gerard smiled at the thought of holding his own child in his arms.

Gerard drove the car up the hill and parked up. He walked around the car and helped his wife out of the car, he wrapped his arm around her waist and guided her into the lift. A few minutes after they stepped into the regular busy office recpetion desk. Emily Sade looked up and smiled,

"Ah Mr and Mrs Way, You parents have been meaning to talk to you."

Gerard smiled and nodded and the couple walked into the office.

"Ah son!" The deep voice cried, " We have been meaning to talk to you both."

Gerard sat down and pulled Halley onto his knee, Mrs Way was perched on the edge of her husbands desk, to the right of her husband who was sat smartly in his leather chair, his hands poised as if he were about to crack his knuckles.

"Remember when you asked me if the apocalypse could be the name of your child ?" Mr Way asked, a tone of serious in his voice. Halley nodded and listened carefully, whilst Gerard began trying to distract her with neck nuzzling and kissing her neck.

"Well, in a sense, you were correct but." He closed his eyes and prepared himself for what he was about to say, "But for the prophecy to be fully completed - which it must - you must bare a child, take it to the altar of equality in hope and loss and.. you must sacrifice them to the power of God and satan."
Halley froze, she could feel Gerard stop kissing her neck and sit up straight.

"Now you don't need to worry, as you both know at the wedding you were sealed into the bodies you have now. You will both be as young and beautiful as you are, forever, which means the prophecy can be fulfilled whenever you want or feel the time is right."

Halley and Gerard carried on staring straight at Mr Way, he took it as though they were taking it all in and concentrating.

"But," Mrs Way added, " The child knows it's importance and must be sacraficed at the age of thirteen months exactly, but once the child is conceived, you cannot go back. No abortions ! Not that I would think you would. Also, it must be the first child you have together and sadly it can be your only one."

"But once the traumatic time is over, you will both be able to rule the world together. It will start afresh, a new world, for you to create and watch as it grows." Interupted Mr Way, trying to get the pair to smile again.

"So what was it you came down to say?" Mr Way asked casually.

"I'm Pregnant." Halley whispered squeezing Gerard's hand tightly.

DUN DUN DUUUUNNNNNN.... We all knew she was going to get knocked up sooner or later ~ but I bet you didn't expect that cold hearted twist from me ??? :D xxxxx thankyou everyone who is R&R'ing and sending me their thoughts and views xxxxxx Please send me more of yur thoughts and views and R&R xxxxx Also has everyone got the new MCR CD ?? freakin awesome I have been listening to it for the past two days xxxxx Much love and rainbows ( don't ask lol ) xxxxx Ellie Frank xxxxxx
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