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Chapter 13

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~~~~~~~~~~~ 5 1/2 months later ~~~~~~~~~~~*~

Halley lay on the black leather sofa and rubbed her swollen belly slowly. Gerard and Halley hadn't spoken about the true meaning of the apocalypse since they told their baby news to their parents.
Since then Gerard and Halley had been living life normally, as if they were the same married couple expecting their first child together. She traced her finger gently around her belly button and stared at her stomach contently whilst humming a lullaby. Gerard walked into the room with a smile on his face, he leaned over and kissed his wife on the lips before sitting at her feet on the end of the sofa. He crouched forward and softly put his hands on either side of her stomach. He brought his face towards her belly and kissed it lightly. She smiled at his endearing embrace, but that smile was wiped into a face of shock and pain. For as soon as he had kissed their child, a small foot was visible to the surface of her stomach, next was a fist. Halley screamed in pain as they watched their child thrash, kick and ... bite.

Halley cried in pain as Gerard wrapped his arms around her protectively. The baby still thrashed inside her. Finally, it soon stopped moving, the only movements were from Halley - as she gulped for air in her tears.

"That's the second time its done that." She sobbed, Gerard held her at arms length and looked at her in confusion.

"What do you mean ?" He asked confused with a hint of worry.

"Well earlier today I was sat humming to it, and I kissed my stomach lightly and it - it went insane!" She wiped her tears away and stared up at Gerard.

"I don't think this is a normal baby." She whispered, her eyes wide with fear and filled with tears.

Gerard nodded and stared down at her stomach, "Well, its parents are an angel and a demon." He smirked, leaning his forehead against hers. "At first I thought it didn't like me." He smiled lightly, his eyes filled with small tears.

"Aw babe don't cry ! How could the baby not like you !? Your the most amazing Dad in the world ! I think we just have a different child, like your parents said - it knows its different and that its well... erm..." She trailed off the last few words as the pair knew what they were.

Gerard kissed her gently on her forehead and wiped the tears away from her eyes.

"Maybe, the child is smarter than we think and distancing itself from us so that we wont feel pain when it's gone."

Halley looked down at her stomach and sighed, what he said could possibly be true. "Yes, but our child or not, we're still killing a life - to kill many more !"

Gerard tilted his head to the side and clicked his tongue in his mouth, he hadn't thought about it fully. Tears started to grow in his eyes.

"It's not like I want to kill any lives, but it's our fucking purpose and if we don't complete it then the people of the world will suffer alot more than they should!" He stood up and put his head in his hands, he slowly rubbed his temples. He looked back down at his wife who was staring blankly ahead.

"Gerard," She called out quietly, " I'm going to love this child, like I have never loved something of my own before - apart from you. And thats it."

Gerard nodded and hugged her again, "So will i beautiful, its our first child!"

Halley looked up and kissed him passionately.

As the final months passed, Gerard and Halley prepared for their baby as if it were like any other child. They painted its nursery, cream and gold, with mahogany furniture - a moses blanket with a patch work quilt made by Mrs Way, with a matching rocking chair. The baby still thrashed, bit and kicked its Mother with as much strength as it had, but it couldn't stop the pain its parents shared for it.

~~~~~~~~~~ Two Months Later ~~~~~~~~~~*~

Halley took deep breaths and Gerard panicked and paced round the room dialling on his phone.

"Hello Dad !?! It's Halley ! ... Yeah ... Okay ... Come Quick ! ... Okay bye." He hung up quickly and scooped his wife into his arms. He ran with her up to their room and lay her down onto the bed, he placed a cold, wet flannel onto her forehead and put a glass of water on the bedside cabinet.

She breathed heavily and grabbed onto the iron headboard. "Geeeeee!" She cried, her knuckles turning white.
"I'm coming sweetheart ! Just getting the door!" He opened the door and yelped a quick "Come in!" Before running back upstairs to his wife. A few minutes after the bedroom door opened to reveal Mr and Mrs Way, with excited and worried expressions. Behind them came what seemed to be a house doctor."

He placed his bag on the floor and pulled out a pair of gloves. Gerard ran beside her and squeezed her hand and kissed her neck, lips and forehead.

"Now Halley," The doctor said , " I need you to concentrate for me."


A blood curdling scream filled and drowned the whole house. It was not from Halley, Gerard, the doctor or Mr and Mrs Way. No it was from the little baby girl Halley held in her arms.
She was beautiful.
Her skin was so pale and flawless like her parents. She had beautiful hazel hair like her Mother and big Hazel eyes like her Father. She had a little button nose like her father and a perfect small rose pink mouth like her mother. Her gums were sharp like teeth were about to grow any minute.

Halley rocked her gently, tears of joy and guily pouring down her face. She passed her up to proud looking Gerard, who burst into tears when he held her. Soon she stopped crying and looked around with her big eyes, there were no looks of happiness or love in those innocent eyes. Just empty and focused as if she knew what was going to happen.

"I think we should name her Caly, " Gerard whispered, " Short for apocalypse." Halley nodded and smiled as he sat down next to her and held one arm around his wife and one around their beautiful daughter.

The house doctor had gone and Mr and Mrs Way stood proudly at the foot of the bed.
"Congratulations ! " They both cried as Mrs Way held their grand-daughter in her arms. Mr Way stroked her cheek and kissed her forehead gently.

Mrs Way sighed, "She seems so set on whats about to come - like she has no time for being loved and cared for."

The four of them stared at the child as she lay still and calm in the arms of now her grandfather.

"Well done beautiful." Gerard whispered as he leaned over to Halley's ear and let his words caress her skin. She smiled as her heart skipped a beat and leaned in to kiss him passionately.

Mr and Mrs Way had gone into the nursery with their grand daughter so the couple were alone in the bedroom. He started to kiss her neck slowly as she let a slight groan escape her lips.

"Gerard as much as I fucking want to, I've just given birth, so we will have to do this later." She smiled and kissed him once more before going for a shower.


Halley had just finished drying her hair and putting on a pair of black sweat pants and one of Gerard's black tshirts before she went into the nursery. Inside were her Parents in law, her adoring husband and her beautiful daughter. She smiled and walked inside. She watched as the three of them leaned over the cradle, trying their hardest to make Caly smile. It was no use.

They sighed in defeat as Halley walked over and picked her baby up to feed her her first bottle of milk. Caly gulped the milk down and closed her heavy lids, Halley kissed her on her forehead before placing her back into her cradle.

"Night beautiful." She whispered gently before walking out of the nursery with the rest of the family.


"Now, I know she's just come into our world, but we need to discuss Caly and well - y'know - what will happen a month next year. "
Halley and Gerard nodded as they began to discuss the issue.
"What we noticed was when Halley was approaching the birth date, any movements Caly would do, would be like vicious attacks ; kicking, biting and scratching, as though she was distancing herself so neither of us would feel like we lost something when the time comes."

Mr Way nodded in concentration, " Yes, she seems to be very focused on this day, I guess it's because of whats written in her genes."

They carried on the serious discussion until Mr and Mrs Way decided to head home.
"Honey call me if you need anything !" Mrs Way called as they walked out the door. Halley smiled and waved them both goodbye with one hand whilst the other was wrapped around Gerard's waist.

He turned to her slowly, "Well Mrs Way, I think you did an amazing job earlier today and if your feeling well enough, we should finish off what we started before." He started to kiss and nibble her neck slowly.

Surprisingly, she felt fine as if she hadn't given birth to their daughter five hours ago.

"Yes Mr Way, I think we should finish off those matters, right now." She giggled as he swooped her into his arms and carried her up the stairs.

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