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Chapter 14.

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It was the night before the 13th month exactly. Gerard was cradling Caly as Halley searched through book after book trying to find a loop hole. They couldn't - wouldn't let their daughter die, no matter how much the baby distance herself from her loving parents, they couldn't let her die!
Halley slammed the last book close in distress, there was nothing that could be reinterpretated. It was set. Caly had to die, whether Gerard and Halley wanted her to or not. She wiped the growing tears in her eyes and made her way to the nursery to meet her little family. Gerard was sat in the rocking chair trying his hardest to make his daughter chuckle, "Please, " He pleaded, "Just once, smile - for me." The baby stared at him with big blank hazel eyes. He sighed in defeat and carried on rocking her slowly. Halley perched herself on the arm of the chair and stroked her daughter's cheek lightly.

"She can't go." Halley mumbled, "She's too young, she's--- "

" I know I don't want her to go either, but she seems so set on it and we have to do it." He closed his eyes tightly and then the pair looked down at Caly. She seemed to be nodded fiercely as if she agreed with what her Father had said.

Halley sighed in defeat - he was right. No force could stop what was mean't to be and what had been anticipated for years.

She lean't down and kissed her baby, "She needs her sleep." She whispered. Gerard nodded and kissed his daughter on her forehead and placed her in her cradle. The couple walked downstairs into the living room and sat in silence.

It wasn't an awkward silence, the air was filled with unspoken thoughts that raced through the couples heads. Gerard stood up and walked over to his wife. He put his arm aroound her and leaned his head ontop of hers.

"Babe, I know its hurrendous for both of us, but Caly knows what she must do and shes prepared herself for it all her life now." Gerard stopped talking as he started to get choked up. Halley snivelled and wiped a few stray tears from both of their eyes.

"We should head up to bed." She whispered, She kissed her husband passionately as they made their upstairs to bed to sleep.


Halley dressed herself in a little black, strapless, above the knee dress. She wore the black velvet heels gerard had bought her, with her hair down in loose curls. She walked out to Gerard who was wearing a blax tuxeudo, with a white shirt and thin black tie with black leather shoes. He wrapped his arms around her and hugged her lovingly. A few minutes after she broke away and started to walk into their daughter's nursery room.

When Halley walked in, she found Caly sat upright in her cot. Her stare was plain and focused and set straight at the wall infront of her. Halley sighed and picked her daughter up, " Come on beautiful lets get you changed." She lay her on the worktop and pulled out a silk white gown - it was similar to her christening dress. It was a special dress that had been requested by her mother and father inlaws, Mr & Mrs Way. She slid on some white opaque tights and little soft white ballet pumps. Then, on her neck, Halley put a little gold locket and chain and inside was a picture of Gerard and Halley. On the front of the locket ( The side Halley's photo was on ) there was an angel engraved on and on the the left of the locket ( the side Gerard's photo was on ) there was a demon engraved on it. A few tears rolled down her cheeks as she carried her daughter over to her husband. He rubbed her back gently and kissed her on the lips, before taking Caly and rocking her gently. There was a knock on the door and Mr and Mrs Way walked in - they too were dressed in black. Fit for the funeral.

After sharing their quick hellos and comfortings, they made their way towards Mr and Mrs Way's car. Mr and Mrs Way sat in the front and Gerard, Halley and Caly sat in the back. Gerard had his arm around Halley as they both cradled Caly.


The car drive was long and silent, none of them knew what to say and instead just stared at Caly. Apart from Mr Way who glanced at her every once in a while since he was driving.

Finally the car pulled up infront of a huge field. They got out and walked towards a forest until they finally came to an uphill path, it was made of pebbles and surrounded with trees. A few fire flies dances around in the air. They trudged up the path solomly, in a sort of funeral procession, until slowly they came to an opening and there stood before them a huge stone tower.

A priest dressed all in black made his way from the oak door at the bottom of the tower. He nodded sympathetically and turned around slowly and glided back into the tower - a sign for the family to follow. Mr and Mrs Way walked ahead of Gerard and Halley as they began the trek up the stairs. Gerard held onto Halley tightly with the other arm securely wrapped around Halley.

With everystep Halley and Gerard took the knots in their stomachs began tighter.

They had been climbing up stairs for about half an hour when a cold breeze started to hit them. They were near the top.

Soon enough a bright light could be seen as they made their way out into the opening. Once at the top Halley looked at her surroundings. They were just below the clouds and could see for miles. In the centre of the tower there was a grey marble altar, with engravings of demons and angels around the side. On the altar there was a small pure white silk cloth and ontop of it laid a blood red ruby. In the shape of a stake.

The priest nodded once more and Mr and Mrs Way turned towards Gerard and kissed Caly who was in his arms. Gerard slowly turned to Halley, his emotions matched hers exactly. Gerard kissed his daughter and mumbled his love to her before slowly passing her to Halley.

Halley took Caly gently and rocked her slowly. She kissed her forehead and stroked her chin lightly. She wiped her tears that had fallen onto her face.
"I love you so much beautiful, you are the most amazing thing that has happened to your Father and I. Never ever forget that." She kissed her again before slowly passing her to Mr Way. He slowly passed her to the priest who nodded solemly.

The priest lay her onto the white silk sheet on the altar. He took the ruby stake and held it above him in his hands and began the ceremony.

" After years of waiting, the prophecy of the apocalypse will now be complete. "

"From the fruit and womb from the Halley Angel and Satan's son."

" We now place her soul in the hands of The Lord and satan."

"Blessed be little one."

He raised the stake higher and braced himself.

"Mama!" Caly cried her frist word just as the stake sunk into her chest.

Caly's body started to writhe about on the altar and started to glow. Suddenly a ghostly version of herself rose from her body. They watched as it started to grow.
Two year old .... Three year old ....
Her parents and grandparents watched her grow from a beautiful teenager into a stunning young woman. Then, very slowly she began to turn old and shrivel into an old woman. She started to glow brightly and in a expolded into a ball of light. Halley shielded her eyes until the light eventually died down.

She remooved her hand and looked around. Everything ( apart from herself, Gerard and Mr and Mrs Way ) had died, the priest was collapsed on the floor, the trees and grass around the tower were dead and nothing more than mere rubble. And still lay on the table was a small little pale body with a ruby stake inside her chest. The little body went with the name Caly.

Halley burst into tears and cradled her dead daughter in her arms. She collapsed onto her knees and threw her head back as tears poured down her face. She screamed in pain and sadness at the heavens - still clutching her baby. Gerard was sobbing behind her, he slowly walked towards her and kneeled down beside her before slowly wrapping his arms around her. She screamed into his chest as he soothed her gently.

"Shhh shhhh." He whispered.

"She was too young. She cried her first words to me. She SHE " Halley broke down once again. leaning her forehead against the altar, she could feel the cold tip of the stake against her. If she could she would kill herself at this moment in time, but she was immortal - nothing could kill her. Nothing at all.


Caly's funeral was small and simple. The church was lined with pure white roses and all of the immortal guests were instructed to wear white. Her small coffin slowly left the church and went outside. Before it was laid into her small grave. Her headstone was a beautiful angel and demon. The gravestone read :

Here Sleeps Little Caly Way.
She Will Be Forever Watched Over And Reminded That She Will Always Be Loved.

They placed a small white rose on the coffin and walked away.

~~~~~~~~~~~ Two Years Later ~~~~~~~~~~~~*~

Since the death of their child, Halley and Gerard had been ruling their new world. They spent some time creating the people - but decided to keep them the same. Infact they kept everything the same apart from one thing.

The new world's god was a little angel named Caly Way.

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