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Things are moving swiftly on ~ Mikey falls victim to the same as Frank. And gets it worse.

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Mikey checks his phone inbox. 5 from Shane. Jesus!
"you deserve more attention than Gerard..."
"short notice: can i stay over tonite? have band auditions 2morrow"
"coming tonite at 9? thank! S"

Mikey shook his head in disbelief. Shane says he's better than his brother. AND asks to stay overnight! He was flattered and flustered at the same time. He was scared. Mikey fell so easily for such sweet words, never having experienced them from an outsider.

Mikey was sent a couple of pictures again so he smiled into the camera lens, a million words all over written over his curled lips and furrowed brow.

It's so strange how emotions can just be compressed into meaningless data...
Mikey twiddled a spoon and looked at his bowl of soup. "Mom? Can a friend come over for the night?" He didn't want to ask but he had to. He rubbed an arm in agitation awaiting his reply and kept his head down, speaking fas t to get it out the way.

"Who?" His Mom glanced at his Dad and Gerard.
"A friend, Shane. He has an audition tomorrow and lives quite far off." Gerard straightened up and his eyes nearly fell out thier sockets. If he had sat closer, he would have nudged Mikey under the table, or worse maybe. Mom shot another glance at Dad uneasily.
"So how old's he then?" Dad said, helping himself to more bread, pretending to be uninterested.
Gerard merely gaped at Mikey as this went on, calculating all his questions to come later. Actions, expressions.

"20 in December, I think. Or 21...?"
"Isn't that just a bit too...?" Mom stopped herself, she too looking down at her dinner as if cut off all of a sudden.

"What Mikey?! Shane is coming? That bastard?" Gerard questioned, following Mikey upstairs.
"At 9." Mikey replied cooly, as if it were nothing.
"Wha - Why?!"
"Because. Anyway, if it bothers you so much G, stay at Frank's? He can entertain you tonight unless you wish to join us sleeping." Then Mikey did something he seldom did - shut the door on his stuttering brother after such a subtly cold comment.

Shane arrived an hour late, but he was still greeted happily by Mikey.
"Hi Shane!" Shane stepped in to give both Mikey and Gerard unexpected hugs. Mikey stole him away to his room, mainly to keep the tow from clashing.
Gerard stayed to himself, being polite. He though of how Mikey's so desparate for love it seemed. A love-fool. Only happy for Shane..... Gerard had such a bad feeling about that guy. He wanted to ind a reason to make him go away.

MIKEY: Shane helped with sorting out our matresses, hair spilling over his face. I felt so happy. I've never shared my room with anyone but Gerard.
Shane crashed on his bed and opened his faded rucksack.
"Shots, Mikey?" He revealed a big bottle of cheapy looking spirit. It looked a deep rich colour in it's bottle. I stared at him. Obviously, he was one for the chemical type of fun.

"No way!" I whispered, impressed.
He also produced 2 shot-cups with it.
"C'mon! Try it." he implemented. I lay on my stomach beside him and watched as he poured some out. It didn't cross my mind how it was illegal or damaging, I just wanted to have fun and seem daring.
I drank it down in one. It tasted a bit watery yet dry. It was a mix of flavours and the burning tickled my thoat, telling me to see how much of the burn I could bear.

"Carry on?" He took my hand momentarily.
"More!" I nodded. Shane added another liquid, which was a mixer, apparently, to each of my shots. It tasted better with it too. Stronger and ssomehow acidic.
It's fair to say I was drunk after half a bottle of the stuff. After we had finished the lot and various pills in between I giggled and leaned on Shane. I rolled over to lie acorss his back where I writhed uncontrollably. I was eager to get up and do things but my body did otherwise.

"Let's change." I mumbled, shaking us on purpose, tugging lightly on Shane's matted hair.
"Good idea Mikey-boy." Shane shrugged my hands out his hair and got up.
I stripped to my boxers, doing the hula to get my jeans off.
I was fucking out of it! Crazy high, horny and ready for anything. All I knew were the lies Shane told me as things got blurrier and fuzzier. My vision dipped in and out of murky to reasonalbt clear, it mad eme feel dizzy and I kept stumbling over for no reason.

I stretched out on my bed, not wanting to fall more and feeling tired.
"Pictures?" Shane suggested.
"Oh, hella yeah!" He held out the camera above us. It was a sweet polaroid one too!
I hugged his side, posed and grinning at the sinister dark lens. He took more of just me though. Pictures littered my carpet by time we were done. Half of them I wasn't even sure if he was taking them or not, the way he darted around, mumbling out prasie and instructions. I lay on my back, yawning a lot of the time.

Things were getting real hazy, like a dream. I figured Shane may well be an android for all it mattered. That's what it was like, one of those dreams you find weird that the people involved don't ask you about when you wake up.

Though it still doesn't explain why I had the courage to jump onto Shane. I sat on his stomach and spread my hands on each side of his ribs.
"Mikey..." Shane's hands crept up on me, stroking my sides, making me shiver. He stroked his thumbs on the recesses on the inside of my hips. Shane pressed harder and I squirmed.
"Aw Mike... If only we were at my place." He studied me thoughtfully, moving his hands down again, pushing down the elastic waistband on my boxers ever-so-slightly. I was hardly listening to his soft, sinister voice.

"Because," Shane found the end of my sensitive tailbone, where the spine ends.
"Nobody would be able to hear you." He suddenly pushed down on my tailbone hard with both hands. It was if he was pushing me down, like I had lost control of myself for a second. I bucked my hips as if it were an instant reflex and moaned.
"Or find you." he whispered.

As Shane pushed more bit by bit, I grinded my hips on him harder.
At last, he released me and I breathed a sigh.
"What - What was that for...? I mean, how come you're so damn -" I asked, scratching my shoulder then coughing wildly as if fumes had just travelled up my nose.

"You liked it. You'll love what I have planned."

I got off from him and he turned over to rummage in his bag.
"One more, to help you sleep." He poured me a drink from a small bottle and I took it. The liquid was thick and had off-white froth on the top. It wasn't a beer of any sort, but more like dissolved pills?
Without a thought I drained any shots handed to me, no matter how frothy, and curled up beside Shane, totally trusting in my doped up state, totallu unaware of everything.

I lay awake, trying to fall asleep but feeling wide-awake and helpless about it.
I felt the strange sensation that I couldn't move. I was drifting off and didn't want to disrupt that, but I bet if I did try to move...
I was out like a light in a matter of minutes with nothing else to do but lie down in that position. Shane was right, it helped me sleep like a charm, but a scary charm at that.
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