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Parent free, mall and makeovers

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the next morning, my mum rang me at about 8, telling me that her and dad were going away for the week on a spontaneous holiday, and could I find myself somewhere to stay. all of the guys agreed to have me over, and It looked like we were having a sleepover every night for the rest of the week. pure heaven.

that day, the boys had band practice, and me and Kate decided to go shopping.
just as we were leaving, Frank grabbed my hand and pulled me into a tight hug.
"we're going on a date tonight," he said "a proper date. I'll take you out for dinner, okay?"
I smiled and nodded at him

Me and Kate reached the mall, and decided to get a coffee from starbucks before hitting the shops.
we sat at a quiet little table in the corner.
"how are things going with Frank? you two just seem so happy!" she said
"things are great," I beamed "it's crazy, when my ex dumped me I thought I'd never love anyone again, but what I feel for Frank, it's more that just love. it's this need to be with him, I'd do anything for him. it's kinda crazy really, how much your life can change in two weeks. how about you, you got your eye on anyone?" I questioned her
"I do kinda like gerard..." she said and trailed off
"I knew it! i knew you liked him! To be honest, I think he likes you to Kate. I know what we should do! I need something to wear tonight for this date with Frank, how about we both get total makeovers, Gerard won't be able to resist you!" I said with a glint in my eye
"oh my god that sounds great!!!"

we went to get outfits first. I was kinda stuck, Frank hadn't given me any details about where he was taking me, so I settled on a black and red dress, that went to just above my knees, with black leggins, and some new red converses. Kate bought herself a new pair of neon blue footless tights, ripped black skinny jeans to wear over them, and a we plain White t-shirt, which we were planning to customize with the help of a few sharpies. she also get herself some black and white checked bans, again to me doodled on.

we then went to the hair salon. I was shocked when Kate decided to dye hers compleatly black, and have it cute in a short, cute pixie style. I was hesitant about what to do. I loved my long hair, but a change couldn't hurt. I got it cute to just a few inches below my shoulders, with lots of choppy layers, and random coloured streaks running through it. when we were done, we both looked at each other and squealed. we both looked so different!

then we went and got one final surprise for Frank...
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