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I can play a little too rough every now an again...

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when we got back, we made sure the guys where still in the basement. we left them a note on the table, telling them 'not to come upstairs and disturb us or Charley will kill you with her eyeliner. and she means it this time'
we ran upstairs giggling and started getting Ready. it was 5 o'clock, and obviously taking our makeup murder threats seriously, Frank texted and told me to be downstairs at half 6. I put my outfit on and Kate did my hair. she curled it into soft ringlets, my neon streaks occasionally peaking through, and then did my makeup. We grabbed her White shirt, and decided to write "MY CHEMICAL ROMANCE" one it, and doodle all over it. we coloured in the White squares on her vans in random colours, and all she had to do was slick on some eyeliner, and run her hand through her newly styled hair. at 6:30 we walked down the stairs, arm linked.

I saw gerard staring at Kate, her new hair really opened up her face, and all he could say was "wow". I have a feeling my plan worked. then my eyes found Franks. he was wearing his usual black skinny jeans, and a black button down shirt with a red tie strung loosely round his neck. his hair was the same as usual, gorgous as ever, and his eyes had a light smudge of black eyeliner around them. He looked perfect. a huge grin spread across his face, and he wrapped me in his arms. he then held me at arms length, as if to get a proper look at me
"Woah Charley, you look, wow, I mean you always look beautiful but, wow..." he said stumbling over his words.
"notice anything different?" I questioned him
"well, I haven't seen this before" he said pointing at the dress
"anything else?"
"your hairs shorter, and you've had colours in it, he said twirling one strand around his fingers
"good boy" I smiled
he kissed me softly, his hand lightly on my waist.
"right, we're going out" he called behind us. Gerard still couldn't take his eyes off Kate
"play safe!" he called with a laugh over his shoulder
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