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errm.this is about eva

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Evangeline Zhang or Eva
Navy blue hair with bright blue fringe. She has brown eyes. Shes quite short, very slim, tanned skin. She has a lip ring and she has 3 tattoos. She is half Japanese. She sings a lot and lives with her best friends Gerard and Amy .

Amy Smith or Mimi
Black hair with blonde streaks. She has green eyes. Shes medium sized, tubby, she is English. She has one stud in her ear and 1 tattoo (2 stars with Evangeline and Gerard's name in the centre). She works in a coffee shop. And lives with Gerard and Evangeline.

Eva's p.o.v

"Gerard ! get me a beer too, please".
We were watching t.v and I was sitting down on the couch waiting for Gerard to come back with my beer.
Gerard came back , handed me a beer and sat down.
"this is boring. Change the channel" I said it in the sweetest voice I could do.
"eerrmm. no" he lit up a cigarette.
I was quitting and doing very well. but nooooooo he had to go and light one up in front of me. One wont hurt. Will it ?
"give me that!" I snatched the cigarette out of his mouth and slipped it in between my lips I took a long drag.
"mmmmmmm. Its been so long"
"yah. Two days" Gerard looked at me and we both giggled a little. Then there was a strange silence.
"oh yeah, im in a band!" Gerard's bands never last.
"what's your name?"
"my chemical romance"
"you got a good name" how did they think of that.
"I know!!"
he seemed to be very excited about it.
"who's in it?"
"me, mikey, ray and two guys that you don't know"
"well I invited one of them over tonight!" oh great.i was wearing baggy jeans and a green t-shirt my hair was tied up in a messy pony-tail.
"do I need to get changed?"
"only if you wa-change"
I got up and walked to my room.
Hhmmmm what shall I wear? I know.
I changed into my black hello kitty top, a dull green skirt with silver chains, pink leopard skin print tights, my bunny rabbit slippers and I left my hair down.
"Gerard are you gonna get that......

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