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so cute

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eva thinks out loud

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"Gerard are you gonna get that?"
I heard the door open. Gerard and this person were talking.
I ran the brush through my hair a couple of times and walked out of my room.
Gerard's friend just stared at me. I ignored him and walked over to the kitchen.

Franks p.o.v

The most beautiful girl I had ever seen just walked out of Gerard's room. I felt my jaw dropping. She stared at me and walked away. How did he get so lucky?
"Gerard your girlfriends cute" .
"dude, I don't have a lady-friend".
"who's that then?" I pointed to the kitchen area
"oh um that's Eva i've known her for like forever, why do you like her? "
I nodded so much that my brain started to jiggle.
"she's hot!!!!!!!"
I think I may have said that a little to loudly.
'Eva' walked over to where me and Gerard were sitting.
"I heard that!!!" she raised both eyebrow. Her voice was pretty squeaky.
That was a little embarrassing.
She sat down next to me.
"hey! Im frank"
"Eva" she held her hand out. I shook it.

Eva's pov

He shook my hand. I looked up at him, he had beautiful eyes. I was now just holding his hand the shaking stopped. He was..
"so cute" oh gosh. I quickly put my hand over my mouth.
"really?" he heard me. Im such an idiot.
" f**k!!!!!!" I got up and ran to my room.
I ran over to my CD player put in my blink 182 album and pressed 'play'
I jumped on my bed and buried my head in my pillow.
'click' hhmm what was that? I lifted my face out of the pillow and looked around my room.
There was nothing there. I turned my body over so that I was laying on my back and closed my eyes.
I felt the edge of my bed sink I opened my eyes and sat up and there was Frank .
"your cute too" his cheeks were turning red.
"um thanks"
" hey do you like wanna go out with me and uh me?"
"id love too!"
wow!!!!!!! That was the 1st time that id ever been asked out by a guy.
He stood up and held his hand out I grabbed it and he pulled me up.
He pulled me up a little too hard and I fell into him.
my arms were around his neck.
"its ok" he was kind.
My arms were still around his neck.
He bent down a little (she's really short).
Our lips touched, they stayed like that for a minute or so then he pulled away and said
I put my hands down by my sides. There was a knock on my door.
"hey Eva its me mimi!! Can I come in?"
"eerrmm no"
sometimes she can be sooooo nosy.
I opened my mouth to say something but frank was already speaking.
"were busy!!"
she opened the door and walked in.
"oh my god, my baby's all grown up!!"
so embarrassing.
I pushed her out and slammed the door.
Frank was still standing there.
"I uh gotta go!!"
he rushed out of my room.
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