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eva and frank get 'closer'....

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"gggggggggggrrrrrrrrrrrrrr" I scrunched up my fists so tight that I thought that my skin was going to split.
Why do I always have to have the annoying friends.
I jumped on my bed and closed my eyes.
"stupid, stupid, stupid, STUPID!!".
I was mumbling. My face was buried in my cushion . I laid there for what seemed like an age but was probably 5 minutes. My door opened.
"go away" I didn't feel like talking.
"why?" the voice sounded like the voice of someone I knew.
"because I want you to".
Whoever was there closed the door.
"hmmm" I started to hum a song that my mother used to sing to me.
I felt someone lay down next to me. I pulled my face up, out of the cushion. My hair was in my face.
" I said go away!!".
A hand moved the hair out of my face. Frank was laying down next to me.
"oh.. its you" I felt bad for being so moody.
"are you okay?"
"no. I thought that you left because Amy freaked you out"
"I went to the bathroom"
im such an idiot.
" oh my god, im sorry"
" for being so lame--"
I frowned and sat up.
"--so tell me about yourself"
"I like eggplant!" Frank smiled and turned over so he was lying on his back.
"cool, what else do you like?"
"harry potter"
I smiled, and a little giggle emerged from my mouth.
" you dont even know me that well"
"I know but your smile tells me everything that I need to know" he moved his face closer to mine.
"the last time I checked my smile couldn't talk, and I would really love to talk to a smile so tell me what does it tell you?"
"it tells me-" he moved really close our noses were almost touching "that you are-" he quickly kissed me "beautiful on the outside-" he kissed me again this time it lasted for a lot longer, he moved his hands round my waist and I held his face. He pulled me on top of him. Then rolled me off the other side, our lips tore apart. "and on the inside" he said it softly and grabbed my hand.
We layed there for about 2 minutes.
"hehehehehe" there was a giggling noise coming from outside the door.
"er frank did you hear that?"
"yes. Its probably Gerard"
" yeh and mimi"
frank let go of my hand and got up.
"where are you going?" god. I sounded like a little kid.
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