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The Story Behind The Front Man, From a Loved Ones Eyes

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Chapter 1

Axl Rose.The frontman.The egomaniac.The douchebag.The boss.The reason why.The problem.The difficult.My dad. Many things are said about my dad. That isnt a good man,hes the reason why Guns fell apart,hes insane.He is a great man,he went on hiatus to raise me,and hes tried to bring Guns together for years, and he is the most sane man i know.

My mom is some whore from Lafayette that my dad met while on tour in 92.Nine months later Axly Jean Rose was born.I was sent to live with my dad in 95 when he got home from tour.I havent heard from my mom since then. Diary, Im writing to you my story,HIS story,so I can set the record straight, and clear the Rose family name.
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