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Chapter 2

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Chapter 2

I’ll give you a brief history. In 1987 the world’s best band put out the world’s best rock album, Appetite For Destruction. In 1989 my dad and the band fired Steven Adler for drugs, but I’m sure everyone knows that by now. They hired Matt Sorum (everyone knows that too). They made an amazing double album, and started a world tour. On that world tour Uncle Izzy convinced dad to do a show in Lafayette for their friends and family. It was 1992, backstage when they met.

I often fantasize what it was like. Her beautiful long flowing brown hair, with baby blue eyes. Dad says she had doll eyes. I think he loved her. They lock eyes, a sea of blue crashing into the vibrant green eyes of my father. They left the venue and went to the hotel, and became more than friends. The next morning, when my dad woke up, she was gone. Without so much as a goodbye. Dad and the band packed up, and went on to the next show, without giving her another thought. Until in 1995, after Slash had left the band, my dad was going through a really bad depression, I showed up.

My mom sent me on an airplane to Axl Rose’s front door. With a note saying “She’s yours Axl, and when you see her, I hope you think of me. Love, Allison” Most rock stars, like David Lee Roth, would have thought ‘this kids not mine.’ And sent me on my way, but I was undeniably Axl’s daughter. I had the same pale skin, same piercing green eyes, and long red hair. Axl didn’t answer the door, Beta did. (Beta is dad’s assistant. Dad gave her a job after Stephanie Seymour; dad’s ex-girlfriend, fired her.) Beta brought me inside, sat me on the couch, and gave me some cookies. She called Axl down stairs, and when he finally came down, and read the note, he was on the verge of tears. Duff and Matt were there helping record the Spaghetti Incident, and were amazed that a little three year old girl could bring the temperamental, fiery red head to tears.
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